UKIPT Dublin Day 1: Level 1 & 2 updates (50-100)

ukiptthumb.JPG6.27pm: Break time
Players have gone on a 15-minute break.

We caught up with Mick Graydon, aka BIGMICKG, as he was walking to the break. Things aren't going well for the Irishman at the moment as he's down to 7,500 but with plenty of time on the clock he doesn't need to start looking to EPT London quite yet. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1_mick graydon.jpg

Mick Graydon: still has plenty of time to run well

6.15pm: Thew takes a hit
"You turned up at just the wrong time," said Julian Thew as he was passing two thirds of his stack over to Johannes Jensen. The flop was 4♦4♣3♦, Team PokerStars Pro Thew had bet 2,000, Jensen made it 5,000, Thew raised again and Jensen moved all in for around 7,000. Call.

"You got a four?" asked Jensen. Thew hadn't. He showed Q♥Q♠ but Jensen had A♣A♠. He stayed ahead on the 8♠ turn and K♦ river to win the pot and send Thew down to 8,000. -- SY

6.05pm: Rousso getting free info
Vanessa Rousso had three-bet preflop and was four-bet heavily by the initial raiser. Rousso said: "I've got a sneaking suspicion that you've got ace-king," and then passed her 9♣9♠ face-up. Her opponent showed her two red kings giving her some free info although a four-bet from what appeared to be a regular live player had pretty much narrowed it down to one of three or four hands anyway.

Rousso has built up a large stack already, in terms of the black 100 and green 25 chips anyway. It's fair to say that she's the most active player at her table so far. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1_vanessa rousso.jpg

Vanessa Rousso building a tasty stack

5.55pm: Cascarino's eyes aren't what they used to be
Tony Cascarino's eye for goal was always pretty sharp back in his Millwall and Republic of Ireland football days but he's not as young as he used to be. Facing a small 1,000 bet into a pot of 2,950 on a board of 7♥K♠8♥9♦A♥ Cascarino didn't look thrilled to be calling and was shown a weak K♦Q♥. "Is that a king?" asked Cascari, leaning across the table.

The lighting isn't the strongest here on the tournament floor and Cascarino was obviously trying to see if both cards were hearts. They weren't and he showed 8♦9♥ for a winning two-pair. There was a huff that hinted of an accusation of slow play which Cascarino was quick to quell: "Hey, I can't see that far." It is quite dim in here. -- RD

5.52pm: Moving pictures
We're in a hi-tech world here on PokerStars Blog -we have videos and everything. Here's one I just happen to have right now... -- SY

5.50pm: Lody loaded
Peter Lody doubled up when Nicky Sinnott missed all his outs on a monster draw. The hand started innocently enough, with Lody limping and Dan Heimiller calling along with Sinnott in the small blind. Maurice Silke checked his option in the big blind. The flop came 9♥A♦[10d] and it was checked around to Heimiller - who cashed in the WCOOP heads-up event last night - and he tossed in 250. Now Sinnott bumped it up to 1,900 before Lody moved all-in. Heimiller got out of the way, but Sinnott called in a flash:

Lody: A♣[10h] for top two pair
Sinnott: K♦Q♦ for the royal flush and straight draw

Sinnott needed to catch but had a lot of outs. But the 4♠ turn and [10c] river were not any of them. He's out and Lody is up to 30,000.

Also at this table is Ken Doherty, the former world snooker champion, who is being sponsored at this tournament by PokerStars. -- SY

5.45pm: What's that noise?
The volume level in one corner of this cavernous poker room has shot up markedly. The reason? Ireland's Andy Black has taken his seat. There's not really much need to blog Mr Black - we can here everything he does from our seats. -- SY


Andy Black arrives to the Burlington on his bike

5.40pm: Corrigan on the scoreboard
Former Ireland rugby international Reggie Corrigan opened with a raise to 275 and got two calls. Kerrigan check-called a 425 bet on the 2♠7♥Q♠ flop and then both players checked down the 2♥ turn and Q♥ river.

"Just an ace," shrugged Corrigan, turning over A♦ sheepishly. But his ace high was good, and he turned over the J♥ for good measure to collect the pot. -- SY

5.34pm: Cibak picks one up
Tomas Cibak loves chips. Any chance he gets he hoovers them up. The button raised and Cibak called before firing 425 at the 9♥9♣8♠6♥ turn. No bets on the 7♠ river and Cibak's A♠8♦ was good enough to take the pot. -- RD

5.25pm: Bedi all-in
Just before the end of the last level Rupinder Bedi - George to his friends - was given a decent sweat with his stack all-in across the line for 10,475 on a 4♠7♣8♦2♣ board. The four-way flop had checked all the way round before it all kicked off on the turn with the action sparking with a player in late position betting 650 into the 1,200 pot. Both Johan Annerstedt and Bedi called before Richard Hinds, the preflop aggressor, raised it up to 2,200.

The action passed to Annerstedt who three-bet it up to 6,200 and Bedi moved all-in. Hinds passed leaving the Swede with a 4,000 call into a 20,000 pot. He decided against it and passed. As I asked Annerstedt for his name and where he was from Bedi giggled when he answered "Sweden." "I knew that," said Bedi staking a claim for his shove being based on isolating an aggressive Swede. And why not. -- RD


5.15pm: Early numbers
It's not official yet, but it looks like we have broken the 600 mark for players here. 601 is the latest I have heard and registration is open until the end of level 3. That's an excellent turnout which cements the PokerStars UKIPT as a hugely popular tour. If you're reading this, and you live in Dublin, get down to the Burlington Hotel sharpish and cough up €500. -- SY

5.10pm: Squashed Marrow
Paul Marrow is out. He is now very much out of the running to replicate his second place finish that he scored in the first event of the UKIPT season back in December in Galway. On the upside he's got more time to tuck into the bar and the side events. Sounds like a reason to celebrate to me. -- RD

5.05pm: Happy days for Duggen
The board was 8♥Q♠4♣5♣ and Richard Duggen had bet 3,500. Arash Bahrami check-called. On the 4♥ river, Bahrami led out for 6,000 - and Duggen, from Ireland, announced calmly that he was all-in for around 16,000. Bahrami looked a little aghast, but made the call - only to be shown Q♦Q♥ by Duggen. Bahrami mucked in disgust, and as he left told Duggen he had pocket fives for the smaller full house.

That send Duggen up to around 36,000 and the early chip lead. -- SY

4.47pm: Bad start for Zandvliet
This is Joeri Zandvliet's fourth UKIPT. He won his first (UKIPT Manchester), bust his second (Nottingham), final tabled his third (UKIPT Edinburgh) but his fourth one isn't going so well. We got to the action late only to see Zandvliet's A♥A♦ looking in bad shape on a [k][k][8][8][6] board against [7][8]. Zandvliet turned round and said to us: "Ah well, **** happens." -- RD

4.40pm: Rousso chipping up
Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso is active in the early going. She open-limped for 50 and got three callers, as well as Daniel Dodet in the big blind. All checked the 4♣4♦7♥ flop, and again they kept their powder dry on the J♠ turn. But on the 9♣ river Rousso took a stab for 100. It was passed around to Dodet, who said: "Just because I want to see," as he tossed in 100 for the call.

"I have a nine," Rousso said, turning over Q♠9♠.
"Your nine is good," said Dodet and the small pot went to Rousso.

We first met Dodet, a PokerStars player from Belgium, at EPT Baden back in season 3, where he finished fourth for €110,000. He's a talented player and will be relishing the chance of taking on Rousso. -- SY

4.45pm: Get back to work - oh, wait
I normally have the pleasure of ordering Marc Convey about. He's one of my regular bloggers on the European Poker Tour circuit, but he's playing this event after luckboxing skilfully winning his seat in a satellite. He's actually a decent player, despite us regularly whipping his backside in the Team PokerStars Blog sit an goes, and has the credentials to go deep. If he does, maybe he'll (finally) buy the bloggers a beer. -- SY

4.37pm: Cibak and Augustus
Gilles Augustus, winner of UKIPT Coventry, was sat filling in his waiver form when Tomas Cibak planted himself down on the Belgian's left. Not good news fof Augustus. Cibak was runner-up at UKIPT Brighton and styles a hyper-aggressive form of tournament poker. Augustus is going to have his hands full here today in Dublin. -- RD

4.32pm: "Table of sexy death"
There is a tough looking table that includes Nick Heather, Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso and Sofia Lovgren. "It's a table of sexy death," commented UKIPT host Nick Wealthall. I'm presuming he wasn't talking about Nick Heather anyway. -- RD

4.28pm: Seating issues
Some players are still trying to find their ways to their seats including Chris Brammer and Kevin Williams. How are things, Kevin? we asked. "Fine, thanks. Except that I don't seem to have a seat at the moment," said Williams. "At least I won't bust in the first five minutes," he added. -- RD

4.21pm: And we're off!
Play is now under way. -- SY

4.10pm: Nearly there
Quite frankly, this place is rammed. We'll get you numbers as soon as we can, but this is a bumper field. The seat draw has just been posted on the big screen and the players are now wandering around finding their seats. There's also still a fairly lengthy line at the registration desk. I reckon cards will be in the air within ten minutes. Maybe. -- SY

3.55pm: Getting ready
Play is due to start at 4pm, but as ever with these things we'll be unlikely to get off bang on time. But the dealers have had their briefing, the tables are waiting and registration of players is being completed at a double-quick pace.

We'll be up and running soon.

While you wait, be sure to check out our intro post from Dublin. -- SY


The Guinness brewery in Dublin

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of weird pizza eaten last night): Simon Young (lamb massala - really) and Rick Dacey (Capricciosa - salami, mushroom and pepper). Photos by Mickey May

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in UKIPT