UKIPT Dublin Day 1: Level 3 & 4 updates (100-200)

ukiptthumb.JPG8.35pm: Semi-dinner
That's the end of level four, meaning half the field has gone off for dinner, while the other half moves on to level 5. -- SY

8.30pm: Grinding back
Vanessa Rousso is setting about rebuilding her stack after being down to 6,000. She's now up to 11,500, picking up a few thousand just now. The board was 9♠9♦9♥A♥2♣ (the second time today I have seen three nines on the flop) and Rousso had bet 3,000 with around 5,000 in the middle. That was good for the pot. -- SY

8.25pm: Value betting
On a [10d]4♣K♦3♦9♠ board Chris Brammer had bet 1,600 to take the pot. "That was a really thin value bet," he claimed. Last time we saw Brammer was at EPT Vilamoura last week, where he shed a few tears when his mate Toby Lewis won the event. -- SY

8.22pm: Graydon playing cash
The title would suggest that Mick Graydon, Ireland's first Supernova elite no less, is out of the tournament. That would be true but given his quality he stands a good chance at winning his buy-in back and more at the cash tables. -- RD

8.18pm: Risky business
Nick Abou Risk is our reigning UKIPT champion having taken the title at UKIPT Edinburgh last month. He's grinding away with an average looking stack at the moment but the man described by Jesse May as 'terrifying' should start making waves before long. -- RD

8.08pm: Setback for Kelly
Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly was showing a lot of strength check-raising a J♠5♣2♠T♠ board from 1,200 to 4,200. He wasn't as strong as he claimed though because he quickly mucked when faced with an all-in. -- RD


JP Kelly

8.05pm: Dinner soon... for some
There will be a split dinner break here tonight. After this level all players on tables 1-25 will be on a one-hour break, while the remainder will take their break when the others return. -- SY

8pm: Flip goes wrong
Anthony Rafter open-raised from the button and Laurence O'Kane re-raised from the big blind. Rafter only had around 4,000 left behind so really only had two choices - shove or fold. Trouble is, he couldn't make up his mind. After a few minutes, during which he asked if O'Kane had a pair or not (no answer), he decided to flip a coin. It came down tails, and Rafter let out a groan - he folded 2♠2♣ face up. O'Kane showed him A♥J♣, much to Rafter's disappointment. -- SY

7.55pm: Here's Erik Gaiovnik
This may be the UKIPT tour, but we have players from much further afield, such as PokerStars qualifier Erik from the USA. He's loving his first trip to Europe, as he tells our video team... -- SY

7.45pm: Ainsworth found
It's taken us the best part of three levels to find Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth. While that may sound a bit shabby on our part, you'll have to accept that there are more than 600 players at the tables at the moment, and finding any individual is a trial. Anyway, he's on 11,500. -- SY

ukipt dublin_day 1_jude ainsworth.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth


7.38pm: Thew's knockout
It turns out that Vladimir Sehmohradsky was the man that claimed the Thew scalp with the fairly standard ace-king into kings set-up. Thew obviously didn't hit his ace and tumbled out but has happily sat down to play WCOOP #14 instead under the name Yo-Yo dawg JulianThew. -- RD

7.32pm: Julian Thew out
Details to come.

7.31pm: Hill rivered
Mike Hill tells us of a nasty spot where he got away lightly on the river. He flopped a set of twos on a ten-high flop, the turn was another ten filling his full house, and the river was an ace. It transpires his opponent had A-10, therefore rivering the bigger full house, but Hill got away with not putting in his entire stack. He's down to 7.000. -- SY

7.26pm: Value town
Tomas Cibak's aggressive image has paid him off again betting three streets of value with Q♥Q♠ on a 7♦4♥J♥4♠2♥ board. His opponent, Richard Haille, thought for a short while before calling the final 5,275 bet on the river. -- RD

7.20pm: Doherty loses a small one
Dan Heimiller opened with a raise to 350, called by snooker ace Ken Doherty (1997 world champion) in the small blind and Nicky Sinnott checked in the big. They all checked the 3♠A♥[10s] flop, then on the 3♥ turn Doherty fired out 700, Sinnott folded but Heimiller raised it up to 1,800. That was too rich for Doherty, who folded. Heimiller is up to 17,000, while Doherty is around the same mark. -- SY

7.15pm: Rousso down, but not out
Team PokerStars Rousso in nursing a stack of 7,000. We'll try and find out where the other 10,000 went. -- SY

7.10pm: 'Thank God for that!'
Johannes Meyer opened with a raise to 350 and Johannes Jensen bumped it up to 1,050. Then John Spillane made it 3,500. Both the others got out of the way. "Thank God for that! I can't believe I was ahead," said Spillane, showing A♠J♦. -- SY

7.07pm: Flood swept away early
Liam Flood is another one of our early casualties having run aces into Shane Crosby's top set. There had been "a little history" between the top, claimed Flood, who had dumped ace-king preflop to Crosby in an earlier hand. In perhaps one of the most bizarre recounting of hands I've ever listened to Flood, with his shirt open and was showing a PokerStars colleague his pacemaker, said: "On a ten, six, three board he led into me and I moved all-in with aces. He had top set." Ahhh, well, there's always next year, Liam. Now please do your shirt up. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1_liam flood.jpg

Liam Flood has gone deep in other UKIPTs, but won't be doing so here

6.56pm: The Swede that wasn't a Swede
James Rann was mistaken for being Swedish at UKIPT Edinburgh by Julian Thew (who Rann knocked out). It's no surprise that the Brit was taken for a scandi given his blond hair but he's moving in the direction at the moment scoring another 1,000 pot on a 8♥T♠J♣T♦Q♣ board. Rann has Rupinder Bedi two seats to his right and is likely to be the rock upon which Bedi's waves of aggression will break across. -- RD

6.47pm: Morgan an early chip leader?
Dan Morgan is one of the early chip leaders with a stack close to 40,000. He's at a table with a couple of other grinders, such as American Pat Carron, who he's quizzing as to whether they're playing the $1,000 WCOOP heads up event. That's certainly not an event for the fainthearted. -- RD

6.45pm: That's my boy
Marc Convey, usually part of our blogging team, is up to around 17,000. But it could have been much less. He told us at the break how he laid down K-9 on a K-K-5 flop - very disciplined as his opponent had pocket fives. Maybe Convey can play after all! -- SY


Marc Convey

6.40pm: Herd heads back in
That's the end of the break and the players are scrambling to get back to their seats before the action kicks off again. Blinds are now 75-150.

How did they spend their 15 minutes away from the tables? Well, some headed straight to the bar, while many more went outside for a smoke bit of fresh air. Here's the proof, folks... -- SY



While they were doing that, this dealer button was doing this...


PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of current physical state): Simon Young (mildly unfit) and Rick Dacey (limping badly after a sports injury earlier this week). Photos by Mickey May

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in UKIPT