UKIPT Dublin Day 1: Levels 5, 6 & 7 updates (200-400, 50 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG12.45am: End of play
That's it for the day. We've been trying to chase down the chip leader and will bring you confirmation and a summary of the day's action oh-so-soon. -- RD

12.40am: JP Kelly fighting back
Kelly has had a terrific level and has taken a mediocre stack all the way up to a booming 90,000 stack. Gavin Joyce just donated 20,000 to him. Kelly opened for 1,000 and was three-bet to 3,500 before Kelly four-bet to 8,500. Joyce made the call. Kelly led the 2♦Q♥3♣ flop for 6,000 and Joyce raised to 15,500. Kelly moved all-in. Joyce passed and Kelly flashed A♦K♥. -- RD

12.30am: Last few hands
Deales are playing the last few hands before the bagging and tagging.

12.12am: Bernstern stretching out
Dutchman Simon Bernstern has burst the six-figure mark with a heaving 105,000 stack. We spoke to his friend, Sjors Harmens, who said they were part of a bunch of five-players that came over to the event. Bernstern is studying in Amsterdam and recently final tabled a Sunday Warm-Up event. -- RD

12.01am: Big stacks
Simon Bernsten is looking like our chip leader at the moment with some 85,000 and Connor Phelan is a little behind him with 72,000. -- RD

11.52pm: Burke makes a big fold
On a 4♠A♥A♦7♦5♠ river Jeffrey Burke was put in a pickle by Mark Flanagan who put a 15,000 bet out. Burke said: "I think I'm going to have to pass here." And passs he did exposing the A♠ and was shown A♣ in return. Burke showed a nine to go with it and was told he was out kicked. -- RD

11.40pm: Level up
We're in to level 7, the last level of the day. Blinds are now 200-400 with a 50 ante. -- SY

11.35pm: Rousso back
Vanessa Rousso is back up to 18,000 after apparently doubling up in this level. -- SY

11.32pm: Cascarino scores
Tony Cascarino opened with a raise to 750 and faced a three-bet to 2,025 from the button. It was folded back to the former Ireland international footballer who wasted no time in bumping it up again, to 5,750 total. That was enough to force a muck from his challenger, and Cascarino moves up to 34,000. -- SY


Tony Cascarino

11.30pm: Heimiller multi-tabling
Dan Heimiller is playing a hand at his table then shifting to his laptop to play a hand in PokerStars WCOOP. He's currently in Event #15, the $215 Razz. He's up to 37,000 in Dublin, and 5,540 in the Razz! "Yup, I'm up in both," he said proudly. -- SY


Dan Heimiller

11.20pm: Herbert doubles up
"You're not Hollywooding me, are you?" asked Jason Herbert when Anthony Young moved all-in on him. Young had opened the action for 1,075 from middle position and had been called by Keith McInerney in the hijack. Herbert squeezed to 3,100 from the button with 7,000 behind. Young quizzed Herbert: "Queens?" before being quickly reminded by the dealer that speech play was not permitted in multi-way pots. Young moved all-in and McInerney passed.

Although Herbert asked Young if he'd been Hollywooding he didn't look like he was passing at any point and made the call with K♥K♦. The board ran out 3♥9♦7♣6♠9♣ and Herbert doubled up to 22,000. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1_jason herbert.jpg

Jason Herbert rocking the Ed Hardy jedi look

11.10pm: Ainsworth back from dinner, out
Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth came back from dinner with 11,000 chips, but then lost them all within minutes. First he raised under the gun with A-K and it was folded around to the big blind who moved all-in for around 8,000. Ainsworth called, found he was up against Q-Q - and lost the race. He got a walk in the big blind on the next hand, and when he was in the small blind next he shoved for his last few thousand with A-8 and was called by the big blind with 4-4.

"I hit my ace on the flop, which was nice," Ainsworth said. "But he hit a four on the turn and that was not so nice. Oh well, it just wasn't my night."

With that, Mr Ainsworth tucked in to his pint of Guinness. Life is not all that bad. -- SY

ukipt dublin_day 1_jude ainsworth.jpg

Jude Ainsworth

11.05pm: Prehm makes a good call
Darren Thompson opened the action for 700 from middle position and Oskar Prehm, a ginger-headed German, three-bet to 2,000. Thompson made the call. Both players checked the 9♦8♥K♥ flop before Prehm fired 2,500 at the 2♠ turn and Thompson check-raised to 6,200. Prehm called. Thompson quickly pushed out a 7,800 bet on the river which the German called.

Thompson: A♣T♣
Prehm: J♠J♦

Solid call from Prehm. -- RD

10.52pm: Hair today, gone tomorrow?
Vincent Patrick Rubianes must claim the prize for best hair here - and if not best then biggest at the very least. Rubianes looks to be on only a little more than his starting stack but just added a little to his stack by three-betting Charlotte Van Brabander's 700 cut-off raise to 2,000.

Van Brabander quickly passed. Rubianes will need to keep building if he's to make it past Day 2 though. -- RD


Patrick Rubianes

10.45pm: Dillon has a tell
Here's a lesson in chip management, folks. Mark Dillon opened with a raise but Dan Heimiller re-raised to 1,850. Dillon thought he was making a call, but instead of putting in the required chips, he got his 500 mixed up with a 5,000 chip and effectively re-re-raised to 6,850. Rather than cover up his mistake he said: "Oops that's meant to be a call." Obviously his 'raise stood.

Heimiller licked his lips and announced he was all-in - around 25,000 chips moved over the line. Dillon mucked quickly and Heimiller showed K♣Q♦.

"I suppose it made your all-in move much easier when you heard me say can I take back my chips," Dillon laughed.
"Well, let's just say you had a bit of a tell on that hand," replied Heimiller.
Vanessa Rousso, sitting a few seats along, asked Heimiller: "We're you not worried it was it was a bluff move?"
"Wait, I don't think that deeply," interjected Dillon. "I just look at my cards and bet if they're pretty."

Anyway, that little episode put Heimiller up to 30,000. He told me during the break he may stop early tonight so he can play a WCOOP event on PokerStars. -- SY

10.40pm: More for Cibak
Tomas Cibak has moved up to 58,000 after winning another chunky pot, this time against Ljsbrand. On the 5♦4♠3♥ flop Cibak made it 6,600 and got a call. The same happened when he bet 8,500 at the turn, but when he moved all in for his remaining 25,000 on the 6♣ river Ljsbrand quickly got out of the way. -- SY

ukipt dublin_day 1_tomas cibak.jpg

Tomas Cibak is steamrolling his way through Day 1


10.32pm: Rugby legend knocked out... by a girl!
Reggie Corrigan has just been knocked out by Tina Bandyle who is now sat on a healthy looking 40,000 stack. Corrigan had raised preflop and been called in two spots, one of which was Bandyle with A♥5♥. We caught up here to find out what happened: "I flopped two hearts and an inside straight draw and he (Corrigan) moved all-in for 5,000. The other player flatted with pocket tens allowing me to call and I hit the nut flush." Must be nice. -- RD

10.23pm: To Mrs Herbert... (part 2)
He hasn't really. He's on 14,000. -- RD

10.22pm: To Mrs Herbert...
Your husband has gone bust. -- RD

10.15pm: Cibak keeps banging away
Tomas Cibak proved himself to be quite the tournament grinder at UKIPT Brighton where he finished runner-up to Jamie Burland. He's up to 46,000 and even though he just had to let a button raise go to a three-bet we can't see himi slowing down at any point soon. Good, he's fun to watch. -- RD

10.03pm: Don't mess with the Corrigan
Reggie Corrigan may not be a professional rugby player anymore but, believe me, he's still pretty massive. Corrigan opened from early position to 750 and was three-bet to 2,250. Corrigan made the call before both players checked the 5♦6♥4♥ flop. Whether Corrigan took this as a sign of weakness or just had a decent hand we can't say but he shoved the T♠ turn for 6,200 and took the pot there and then. He's back up to 11,000. -- RD

9.53pm: Belgian sweetie
Charlotte Van Brabander is up to 25,000 here at the UKIPT Dublin and although the 20-year old may look a sweet girl let me tell you she is famous in Belgium for killing people. Okay, I'm over-egging things here a little. Van Brabander is a well known gamer who specialises in the game Counter Strike and has recently turned her attentions to the virtual felt. Above average at the moment. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1_charlotte van brabander.jpg

Charlotte Van Brabander: infamous for shooting people

9.42pm: Introducing Shane Crosby
Shane Crosby is riding high on 60,000 after "flopping a couple of sets" early on, one of which was top set against Liam Flood's aces which toppled the Irish legend. We'll be keeping an eye on him from hereon in. -- RD

9.35pm: SWITCH!
Thats's the end of level 5 for half of the field and the beginning for the rest who return from the dinner break. -- RD

9.30pm: Tables breaking
As the blinds creep up and the Guinness sets we're seeing more players fall and that means more tables breaking. Vanessa Rousso, as mentioned, has been reseated with Dan Heimiller while Sofia Lovgren is now facing down Oskar Prehm. -- RD

9.25pm: Rousso struggling again
After getting back up to 11,500, Vanessa Rousso is back down to 4,500. Her table has broken and she is now been moved to Dan Heimiller's table. It won't be any easier there. -- SY

9.20pm: Doherty snookered
Former snooker world champion Ken Doherty, sponsored here by PokerStars, is out. He shoved from under the gun for 4,150 with 5♣5♠ but was called by Mark Dillon with K♠K♥. Doherty needed the equivalent luck of pocketing a red after rebounding off five cushions, but the 7♦Q♠J♥[10s]2♦ board was no help. He's off. -- SY


Ken Doherty

9pm: Rob Yong in the house
While watching the hand below, I noticed the fellow in seat 1 - it was none other than Rob Yong, the owner of Dusk Till Dawn, which hosted UKIPT Nottingham a little earlier this year. -- SY

8.55pm: Ouch
Brendon O'Boyle moves up to 45,000 after busting a player on the river. The flop was 8♥5♠6♠ and O'Boyle had bet 1,500 only for the other player to move all-in for 5,800 total. O'Boyle didn't like it very much, but made the call. He had top pair with A♦8♦ but was behind to pocket kings. While the 9♠ turn was no help, the A♥ river certainly was. -- SY

8.50pm: Slick gets there
Neil McCambridge is up to 40,000 after his A♣K♠ won the race against an all-in player's [10d][10c]. The board was J♥3♠kh]5♣7♥. -- SY

8.42pm: Another champ falls
Gilles Augustus is another of our UKIPT champs to fall (following Joeri Zandvliet) but there are others hanging in there. Femi Fakinle, winner of UKIPT Killarney, is one of the tables that has broken for dinner so he's safe from bustinig for some time... --RD

8.36pm: New level
It's a split dinner break so half of the players are grinding on while the other half are looking to chow down on the free buffet that's been laid out in Bellini's bar. Guinness wil be put an arm's length away so we're fully expecting to see more lubricated action starting in an hour's time.

ukipt dublin_day 1_augustus and cibak.jpg

Gilles Augustus and Tomas Cibak

Here, folks, is a video with Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso...

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Dublin (in order of team backed for the Gaelic football All Ireland final): Rick Dacey (Cork) and Simon Young (Down). Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT