UKIPT Dublin Day 3: Level 15, 16 & 17 updates (blinds 3,000-6,000, 500 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG4.23pm: Break
That's it for level 17. We're on a 15-minute break. When the remaining 30 players return they will face blinds of 4,000-8,000 with a 500 ante. -- SY

4.20pm: Double Dutch
Arnoud Van Der Werf from Holland has doubled up with Q-Q against Daniel Smyth's K-Q suited. Van Der Werf's stack was counted, and Smyth looked increasingly upset. "You told me you only had 180,000," he said, as the dealer passed that and ended with a figure of 251,500. "I'm sorry," said the Dutchman, apparently sincerely. -- SY

4.15pm: Brutal beat for Keys
James Keys has just been knocked out after jamming a 7♣6♥3♥ flop for 160,000 over Jaroslaw Lipien's 33,000 lead. The Pole took some time to make the call and eventually did so with 9♠9♦ to Keys' top two-pair. The turn gave instant service with the 9♣ and Keys was left to walk unhappily away from the table. -- RD

4.10pm: Busto #2
This time it was 'Miami John' Cernuto left asking where the payout desk is. He was all-in with pocket fours but up against PokerStars qualifier Stephen Dunnett's K♠K♦. "You have a lot of outs," Dunnett said, not very convicingly. Cernuto had two outs, to be fair, but the 7♣9♥2♦[10d]Q♥ board provided neither of them. -- SY

4.08pm: Busto #1
Peter Sansom is out after getting all-in with K♦Q♥ against Ryan McCaul's A♠[10d]. The board ran an unsavory 4♣3♠J♣[10s]7♣, and that, as they say, was that. -- SY

4pm: All-in Allen
Kevin Allen raised from the cut-off and was called by Ronan Gilligan in the big blind. Allen c-bet 14,500 into the A♦J♠8♠ flop and was check-raised to 40,000 by Gilligan. Allen moved all-in and Gilligan looked more than a little deflated. He passed as Allen moved up to 250,000. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 3_ronan gilligan.jpg

"Why did I check-raise that?"

3.50pm: Hayes takes hit
Noel Hayes is down to 100,000 after being floored by the river. Kevin Allen was all-in for 104,000 pre-flop with A♦J♠ against Hayes' 7♣7♥, and it looked good for Hayes on the 8♥9♦6♠ flop, which added a straight draw. The K♣ turn was fine but the A♥ river swung it Allen's way. -- SY

3.47pm: Just four tables left
We're down to four tables and 36 players. That's half of today's starting field and we're into the four digit payouts now. -- RD

3.44pm: Brammer doubles through Fox
Chris Brammer shoved 38,000 from the button with J♠5♠ and was called by Lorcan Fox in the small blind with A♦3♣. Brammer was on his feet before the 6♦8♦K♥ flop was dealt and despite hitting the J♣ on the turn he didn't sit down until the 4♦ river blanked out. Brammer is back up to 90,000. -- RD

3.40pm: It's Vanessa Rousso
Here's the Team PokerStars Pro having a laugh with UKIPT host Nick Wealthall...

3.38pm: Taggart, there's been a murder, episode II
Ciaran Taggart is piling up the chips, now on more than 720,000 after busting David Eames in unlikely fashion. It was folded around to Eames in the small blind who raised it up to 15,000. Taggart re-raised to 40,000 from the big blind, Eames moved all-in for around 130,000 total - and Taggart made the call.

Eames was in great shape with K♣K♦ against Taggart's Q♥7♥. The flop was A♥A♠7♦, keeping him ahead but giving Taggart a smaller pair. The turn was J♥ opening a flush draw for Taggart - and he filled up on the 2♥ river. Ouch. -- SY

3.33pm: More that have met a grisly end
Here are the confirmed list of the most recent fallers (some, such as James Hayes are yet to check in at the cash desk).

45. Chris Conlon, UK, PokerStars qualifier, €1,150
46. Richard Landy, Ireland, €1,000
47. Paul Lenfestey, UK, €1,000
48. Christopher Barron, UK, PokerStars qualifier, €1,000
49. Kevin Hoctor, Ireland, €1,000
50. Anthony Young, Ireland, €1,000
51. Konstantin Teresko, Ireland, €1,000
52. Anthony Friel, UK, PokerStars qualifier, €1,000
53. Michalis Andreas Michael, UK, €1,000
54. Dermot Jacob, Ireland, €1,000
55. Adrian Walshe, Ireland, PokerStars qualifier, €850

You can click on this page to see who else has pocketed tournament cash. -- RD

3.25pm: Level up
We've moved into level 17, and that means blinds are now 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante. Just 40 players remain. -- SY

3.24pm: Taggart: There's been a murder
Ciaran Taggart continues his merry day of polishing people off. He just claimed another scalp, all-in pre-flop with Q-Q against his opponent's pocket sevens. The board ran 4-Q-8-8-10 for a convincing knockout. -- SY

3.20pm: Hayes bails out
James Hayes is out, all in with 9-9 and up against Samad Razavi's pocket sevens. Trouble was that the board ran 7-5-J-8-2. -- SY

3.15pm: Double for Walsh
Gemma Walsh has doubled up to 130,000 through chip leader Ciaran Taggart. She pushed with 4♦4♥ and got a call from Taggart holding A♠J♣. The flop was nice for Walsh, coming 9♦Q♦Q♠, but the 4♠ turn was even better. The J♦ river was too little, too late for Taggart. -- SY

3.12pm: Not happy with nines
Klemens Heuchert opened for 11,500 and was three-bet to 26,500 by Jaroslaw Lipien. Heuchert moved all-in and unleashed a 1,000 yard Netherlands glare that would wilt a field of tulips and level windmills. It was certainly enough to beat the Polish PokerStars qualifier. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 3_jaroslaw lipien.jpg

Jaroslaw Lipien couldn't withstand the Dutch deathstare

3pm: More knockouts
Here are some of the most recent knockouts.

56. Dara Fitzgerald, Ireland, €850
57. Joris Bekkers, Netherlands, PokerStars player, €850
58. John Hanaphy, Ireland, €850
59. Ben Fitzgerald, UK, €850
60. James Waldron, Ireland, €850
61. Dan Sheridan, Ireland, €850
62. Pat Treacy, Ireland, PokerStars player, €850
63. Scott Gray, Ireland, €850
64. Ondrez Goetz, Czech Republic, PokerStars qualifier, €750
65. Matthew Clegg, Ireland,PokerStars player, €750
66. Conor O'Driscoll, Ireland, €750

You can click on this page for all the fallers. -- RD

2.55pm: Barron day
Christopher Barron is out, killed off by Ursula Marmion. He had opened with a raise to 13,000 and Marmion re-raised to 30,000. Call. The flop came 9♦2♦2♣, Barron checked, Marmion bet 20,000 and Barron went into the tank. He counted his remaining chips - 42,000 of them - and elected to call. But his 4♥4♠ was well behind Marmion's J♥J♠ and the 5♦ turn and K♠ river failed to help. -- SY

2.44pm: Not happy with nines
Michalis Andreas Michael has just bust from the comp ina big flip and he's not happy either. Dermot Jacob shoved for 20,000 from the cut-off and Michael shipped it in for 140,000 from the small blind. Dan Smyth went into the tank before calling off most of his stack with 9♥9♣. Michael turned over A♣K♣ and said: "Nines? You call off your stack with that?" Jacob was looking in trouble with A♥8♦ and the board blanked out for the jacks to hold.

"You sit down for two days and then decide to call off with nines? I don't get it," said Michael to us shortly after. -- RD

2.40pm: Silver going for back-to-back final tables
Max Silver made the final table at UKIPT Edinburgh and should he make the final eight here in Dublin he'll be the first player to make back-to-back final tables. "That would be an achievement at least if I don't win," said Silver. -- RD

2.35pm: Brammer pushing on
Stephen Dunnett opened to 12,500 and Chris Brammer three-bet from the cut-off to 30,000. Dunnett nodded and then passed as Brammer moved back up over 200,000. -- RD

2.30pm: Walshe heads for the exit
Adrian Walshe joins the growing queue waiting patiently at the cash desk. He got all in with A♣Q♠ but was up against Tony Adderley's K♠K♣. No help for Walshe on the 5♦2♠[10d]8♠7♠ and his tournament was over. -- SY

2.25pm: The real Trevor McCarthy
Owing to a mix up in player ID numbers, we've been calling Trevor McCarthy Colm Hanlon for the past two days. He was quite jovial about the mix-up and we've now put his real name in. McCarthy is now up to 280,000 and looking comfortable.

On this one it was folded around to Parviz Tafreshi in the small blind and McCarthy checked his option in the big. On the 6♥9♥8♣ flop, Tafreshi made it 5,000 and Hanlon McCarthy bumped it up to 11,500. Call. On the A♠ turn, Tafreshi checked and McCarthy checked his cards before making it 25,000. Tafreshi got out of the way. -- SY

2.20pm: Back again
Cards are back in the air. Will this level be as mad as the first this afternoon? -- SY

2.02pm: Break!
That's the end of level 15. Players are on a 15-minute break. When they come back, blinds will be 2,500-5,000 with a 500 ante.

In the first level today we lost 17 players and are now down to 55. It's still a long way to go before we reach our final table.

Just a reminder that you can see who has cashed here by looking at the prizes and payouts page. -- SY

2.01pm: Royal Flush!
We didn't see the action, but walked by as Peter McGarvey was raking in a small pot having made a Royal Flush with his K♥Q♥. -- SY


Peter McGarvey

2pm: Double knockout
Robbie Renehan has busted two players in the same hand. Holding pocket eights, he was up against John Henaphy's pocket queens and another player's pocket sevens. The board was a snowman-friendly 4-8-9-5-9! -- SY

1.55pm: Fitzgerald gone
Going out at this stage is painful, but doing so in a nasty fashion just rubs salt into the wounds. Ben Fitzgerald was all-in for 52,500 with A♣J♣ and in a great spot against David Eames who called with K♣J♥. Good shape, that is, until the flop came K♠7♠2♠, The turn and river were both queens and that was good enough to bust Fitzgerald.

"Oh well, good luck gentlemen," he said.

1.48pm: Six (yes six!) players to the flop
When do you ever get six players to a flop in post-bubble chaos? Parviz Tafreshi limped under the gun and was joined by Trevor McCarthy and Max Silver in early and position before the cut-off and small blind joined the fun. McCarthy was the only player that seemed to like the 6♦9♣A♣ flop and led 14,000 into the 24,000 pot. It was enough to win. Tafreshi grudgingly passed. Had he limped with a big pair hoping for a raise? That's what my money is on. -- RD

1.42pm: 'Good luck' - and off he went
The early rate of eliminations here is quite staggering. With half an hour played we've said our farewells to 11 players - it's as if they have better things to do in Dublin on a Saturday afternoon.

Matthew Clegg is the latest to walk the plank, running his 7♦7♠ into the A♦K♣ of Ronan Gilligan. The A♠ on the flop pretty much killed Clegg off and he never improved thereafter. "Good luck," he said to the table before heading off to the cash desk where €750 was waiting for him. -- SY

1.32pm: Way ahead
On a A♦A♣J♣8♣ board, Philip Costello bet only for Anton Kouliavtsev to re-raise to 40,000. Costello then sprang to life, announcing he was all-in. Kouliavtsev was covered and thought better of making the call. Costello showed K♣4♣ for the flush just in case anyone doubted his strength. -- SY

1.26pm: He tried, he folded
The flop was a tricky [10d]A♣[10h] and Robbie Renehan took a stab with a bet of 12,500, but Connie O'Sullivan was going nowhere and made the call. On the 4♠ turn, O'Sullivan checked and Renehan fired out a tower of yellow chips worth 20,000, but now O'Sullivan sparked into life, re-raising to 45,000. Renehan got the message, and mucked. -- SY

1.21pm: Short stack action
Given that it's a brand new day it's easy to forget that the bubble has just burst. There are a few short stacks on table 14 and it's Cat O'Neill and Dan Sheridan that are getting the best of it. Sheridan's short under the gun shove got through while O'Neill's K♦Q♦ doubled through Dara Fitzgerald's 9♣9♦. Fitzgerald had opened for 9,800 from the button and O'Neill had shipped it in for 40,100 from the small blind. A king on the flop was enough and O'Neill is up to over 80,000. -- RD

1.10pm: Nine kills off O'Neill
Padraig O'Neill has bitten the dust. He was fairly short-stacked at the start of play with 51,000 but just got all-in in a good spot with A♦Q♥ against Jaroslaw Lipien's A♣9♥. The flop ended it there and then, coming 9♦6♥6♦ and the 5♥ turn and [10s] river did not improve things. -- SY

1.07pm: Big stacks together
The seat draw - which we have not yet been given so can't put it up here - has thrown up one mighty table in the middle of the room. Sitting at the same felt are overnight chip leader Peter McGarvey, second in chips James Keys and third in chips Ciaran Taggart. Also there is Mark Muldoon who finished in the top ten last night.

Keys and McGarvey, both active players to say the least, have already been locking horns. On a 7♠3♦J♥K♣ board, Keys bet 10,200 and McGarvey called. On the 6♥ river Keys bet again, 24,400 this time, and again McGarvey called quickly. But Keys had this one in the bag, showing K♠Q♣ for the win.

This table will be one to watch today. -- SY

1.06pm: They're off...
Level 15 has resumed from where it left off last night as players try to ladder up the payouts. €750 is the minimum anyone will get to pocket from hereon in and €72,000 the most. Game on. -- RD

12.50pm: Players beginning to gather
We have got 72 players left here at the UKIPT Dublin. The bubble burst late yesterday evening when Daniel Stohler's ace-king ran into Gavin Joyce's mighty ace-three (which flopped bottom pair). Chip counts are up and running with Peter McGarvey and James Key as the big stacks with over 400,000 while Jamal Ogunnakinwa will have to get his 18,200 moving pretty quickly. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 3_chips.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Dublin (in order of winnings at the table last night): Simon Young (+€140: won a flip) and Rick Dacey (-€300: lost a flip and got top-two in against top set). Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT