UKIPT Dublin Day 3: Level 18, 19 & 20 updates (6,000-12,000, 1,000 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG8.45pm: End of the level

8.38pm: Brammer out
Chris Brammer's run at another UKIPT final table has come to an end. Kevin Allen opened the action for 26,000 and Brammer called. Brammer led 45,000 into the Q♥3♠4♥ flop and Allen raised to 110,000 forcing Brammer's hand - and he decided to move all-in for 300,000. Allen made the call.

Brammer: [k][q]
Allen: T♥J♥

The K♦ turn gave Brammer top two but the 5♥ river bust Brammer but at least he can take solace in the fact that he has all but wrapped up the UKIPT Leaderboard with this result. It will be tough to budge him from a podium finish now. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 3_chris brammer 2.jpg

Chris Brammer: out of UKIPT Dublin but looking good on the UKIPT Leaderboard

8.35pm: Here's where they're at...
1. Anton Kouliavstev
2. Chris Brammer
3. Stephen Alton
4. Anthony Adderley
5. Ursula Marmion
6. Kevin Allen
7. Robbie Renehan
8. Ciaran Taggart

1. Phil Costello
2. Mike Gibbons
3. Tom Kitt
4. Lorcan Fox
5. Peter McGarvey
6. Max Silver
7. Colin Fardey
8. Arnoud Van Der Worf
9. Connie O'Sullivan

8.30pm: Down to two tables
We're down to tables (new draw coming soon) after Stephen Dunnett lost the last of chips. He pushed with A♣3♠ and was up against Max Silver's A♦6♥. The bigger rag held up on the 2♠A♠J♣4♥K♦ board, and Dunnett was gone, leaving us with 18 players. Just ten to go, folks. -- SY

8.25pm: Van der Worf wins a monster
Christopher Brammer started off this little piece of madness in Dublin by open-raising for the umpteenth time. In the seat to his left Arnoud Van der Word shoved for 120,000 - only for Andre Larsson in the next seat to shove as well for 110,000. It was folded back to Brammer who, although clearly not delighted with his hand, was tempted to call because of the huge pot that had developed.

He did call, and we saw a three-way showdown:

Brammer: J♦9♦
Van der Worf: A♦K♦
Larsson: A♠Q♥

The chips were by now piled in a huge mess in the middle of the table as the dealer set about the flop - it came Q♣7♣2♥ shooting Larsson into the lead and effectively ending Brammer's interest in the hand. The turn was 6♥ but the river was K♥ giving the huge pot to van der Worf and eliminating Larsson in the process.

After that little episode Brammer is down to 300,000 and Van der Worf up to 400,000. -- SY

8.20pm: Dunnett takes nasty beat
PokerStars qualifier Stephen Dunnett was in great shape to knock out Tom Kitt and take his own stack to 450,000. Dunnett had Q♥Q♣ against Kitt's A♠Q♦, and the board began well enough, coming K♦8♠J♥9♣ - but the river was a devastating A♥ to double Kitt up. That leaves Dunnett with only 25,000. -- SY

8.17pm: Allen smashes Van Der Werf
Arnoud Van Der Werf is in all kinds of trouble after bluffing off a load to Kevin Allen. The chip leader had raised to 27,000 and Van Der Werf called in the big blind. Play checked to the 7♥K♥7♦J♦ turn at which point Van Der Werf led for 35,000. Allen called. On a dangerous K♦ river Van Der Werf fired a final 58,000 and Allen quickly called. Van Der Werf mucked and is down to 180,000. -- RD

8.06pm: Brammer on the button
Brammer's taken a pot from Andre Larsson after raising the button and firing at an ace-high flop. Standard stuff but it adds another 35,000 to his flop. -- RD

7.55pm: Silver streak
Max Silver is raising a lot of hands here and whether it's with the genuine article or not no-one knows because he's not going to showdown. He's picked up three pots in the last orbit. -- RD

7.50pm: Brammer trying
Chris Brammer is Mr Active on his outer table. First hand he raised to 26,000 but faced an all-in for 150,000 from Andre Larsson. Brammer got out of the way. Next hand Brammer was at it again, another open raise to 26,000, which this time got a call from Ronan Gilligan.

The flop was 6♠Q♣9♦ and Gilligan check-called Brammer's 28,000 continuation bet. Both then slowed to a check on the [10d] turn, but on the 5♥ river Gilligan fired out 55,000 and Brammer folded. -- SY

7.45pm: JP Kelly tells
Here the Team PokerStars Pro talks about an extraordinary hand he was involved in or Day 2...

7.42pm: Seating plan
We have 20 players left across three tables with several players in three-bet shove mode. Tonight we play down to the final eight (or ten levels whichever comes first).

Table 1
1. Anton Kouliavstev - 957,000
2. Stephen Alton - 301,000
3. Anthony Adderley - 289,000
4. Ursula Marmion - 468,000
5. Robbie Renehan - 177,000
6. Ciaran Taggart - 377,000

Table 2
1. Kevin Allen - 1,104,000
2. Phil Costello - 411,000
3. Ronan Gilligan - 331,000
4. Connie O'Sullivan - 229,000
5. Chris Brammer - 463,000
6. Arnoud Van Der Werf - 314,000
7. Andre Larsson - 150,000

Table 3
1. Mike Gibbons - 354,000
2. Tom Kitt - 248,000
3. Lorcan Fox - 380,000
4. Peter McGarvey - 619,000
5. Max Silver - 748,000
6. Colin Fardey - 307,000
7. Stephen Dunnett - 395,000

The big money is just round the corner but everyone now is guaranteed at least a €2,000 payout. -- RD

7.40pm: Back with full stomachs
Dinner is over and the cards are back in the air. We have 20 players left. -- SY

6.40pm: Dinner
That's it for an hour. The remaining 20 players have been sent off for a dinner break. We're playing down to our final eight tonight or ten levels, whichever comes first. -- SY

6.40pm: More fallers
We're down to a final 20 players here in Dublin and the big money is getting taste-it close.

21. Gemma Walsh, Ireland, €2,000
22. Ryan McCaul, Ireland, €1,600
24. Jaroslaw Lipien, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, €1,600
25. Georgina Allan, Ireland, PokerStars qualifier, €1,600
26. Dan Smyth, Ireland, PokerStars qualifier, €1,600
27. Brian Murphy, Ireland, €1,600

We'll be doing a full chip count during the break and post them up in an hour. -- RD

6.28pm: Adderley doubles through Taggart
Anthony Adderley has just gone through Ciaran Taggart with Q♦Q♥ to J♥A♣. Adderley is up to 300,000 while Taggart drops to 350,000. The Irishman had been on the rampage earlier but things just aren't going his way at the moment. -- RD

6.25pm: Battle of the ladies
Ursula Marmion and Gemma Walsh got involved in some pre-flop raising which ended with Walsh all-in for around 160,000, called by Marmion. It was off to the races, with Walsh holding A♠[10s] and Marmion pocket hacks. The 4♠6♣3♠ flop gave Walsh the flush draw but the Q♥ turn and K♦ river failed to help. -- SY


Ursula Marmion

6.20pm: O'Sullivan busts one
Connie O'Sullivan just claimed another victim, his pocket tens holding up against A-J to eliminate the short stack. -- SY

6.15pm: Gibbons apes it up, McCaul hammered
Ryan McCaul has just fallen to the mighty hammer - 7-2 offsuit if you must know. He raised from the button with what he was overheard later saying was A-Q, and got a call from Mike Gibbons in the big blind. The flop was 2♠7♦A♣ and all the money went in - two pair for Gibbons, just the one for McCaul. -- SY

6.12pm: The Anton and Allen show
Anton Kouliavtsev and Kevin Allen are currently elbowing their way out of the pack to stretch into a chip leading pace. Kouliatvtsev is sporting a 'comedy' Viking hat resplendent with ginger Irish pigtails and is sat on 800,000. Kevin Allen is the first player to break the 1,000,000 mark with 1.2m weighing down the table in front of him.

We covered the hand which took him up to 800,000 (scroll down) but the hand that took him through the magic million mark involved betting the flop and river while sneakily checking the turn against Samad Razavi with pocket aces in a battle of the blinds. Allen must be a shoe in for the final table now... -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 3_anton kouliavtsev.jpg

Anton Kouliavtsev: not his real hair

ukipt dublin_day 3_kevin allen.jpg

Kevin Allen is our first million dollar man

5.55pm: Smyth out
On a Q♦K♣8♠ flop, Daniel Smyth got all-in with [10s]J♣ for the open-ended straight draw and was up against Kevin Allen's K♠4♣ for top pair. The turn and river were an uneventful 5♦ and 8♥. We're down to 25. -- SY

5.50pm: Kouliavtsev most active
Anton Kouliavtsev is probably the most active out of all the players on our last three tables. He's routinely open-raising. First he made it 22,000 and got a lone caller in the shape of chip leader Peter McGarvey. On the 5♦A♠8♣ flop, McGarvey check-called Kouliavtsev's 21,500 before both checked the 7♥ turn. On the Q♥ river Kouliavtsev checked and folded to McGarvey's 42,000. McGarvey showed A♦7♦ for two pair.

Next hand Kouliavtsev made it 21,000 again and got one caller. This time he bet 45,000 at the 8♣9♣A♣ flop to take down the pot. -- SY

5.45pm: Brammer power
On a 5♠3♦A♦ flop, Arnoud Van der Worf bet 14,000 only for Chris Brammer to make it 53,000. Call. On the 3♠ turn, Brammer announced calmly that he was all-in for around 250,000 total, and that was enough to take it down. -- SY

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000-10,000, ANTE 1,000

5.31pm: Nice flop
Ciaran Taggart opened the action for 22,000 and was called in three spots but the only one that he should have worried about was Ursula Marmion in the small blind. Taggart bet 38,000 on the 8♥6♦8♦ flop and Marmion's Hollywood was fantastic; she rubbed her chin, ummed and awed and then made the call. Marmion checked the 9♦ on the turn and Taggart put Marmion all-in for 80,000 and she made the call.

Taggart: A♦4♥
Marmion: 8♠8♣

Quads for Marmion left Taggart drawing dead (he hit his flush on the river anyway). -- RD

5.21pm: Dunnett gets it in
This one could have been a monster pot. Tom Kitt raised from early position to 17,000 and was called by Stephen Dunnett in the small blind. Dunnett checked the A♠9♠3♠ flop and Kitt bet 50,000. No messing from Dunnett who moved all-in chipping up to 450,000 when Kitt passed (who is on 310,000 himself). -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 3_stephen dunnett.jpg

Stephen Dunnett is approaching the half-million mark

5.10pm: Slow down
After a few levels of veritable carnage, play has slowed down somewhat since we moved to three tables.

Ciaran Taggart just got a little back. He called a raise to 22,000 from Anton Kouliavtsev to see a 5♣7♥Q♦ flop. Taggart checked-called Kouliavtsev's 28,000 c-bet. Both then slowed down to a check on the 4♣ turn and A♣ river.

Kouliavtsev: 9♠9♣
Taggart: J♣J♠

The jacks were good for Taggart, and he took the pot. -- SY

5pm: Joyce out, down to three tables
We're down to our last three tables at UKIPT Dublin, with 27 players left. Last man out was Gavin Joyce, who got all-in with A♣8♠ but was up against Kevin Allen's J♦J♠. The board ran 3♥2♦7♦9♣J♣, a rivered set for Allen adding to Joyce's woe.

Mark Muldoon and Noel Hayes are also out in 29th and 30th place respectively. All three players collect €1,350. -- SY

4.50pm: Burn outs
The following players fell before the break and from looking at the fresh chip counts we can see that the current chip leader is Peter McGarvey who holds over 700,000.

31. Daragh Davey, Ireland, PokerStars player, €1,350
32. James Keys, UK, PokerStars player, €1,350
33. David Carberry, Ireland, €1,350
34. John Cernuto, USA, €1,350
35. Pete Sansom, UK, PokerStars qualifier, €1,350
36. Cat O'Neill, Ireland, PokerStars player, €1,350
37.David Eames, UK, PokerStars player, €1,150
38. Klemens Heuchert, Germany, PokerStars player, €1,150
39. Parviz Tafreshi, UK< PokerStars qualifier, €1,150
40. Joe Daoud, UK, €1,150
41. James Hayes, Ireland, €1,150
42. Jason Tompkins, Ireland, €1,150
43. Trevor McCarthy, Ireland, €1,150
44. Larry Santo, Ireland, €1,150

The big money is drawing close. -- RD

4.40pm: Back again
Players are returning to their seats for level 18. Blinds are now 4,000-8,000 with a 500 ante. It looks like Ciaran Taggart is still chip leader on well over 700,000 after executing a series of brutal bust-outs which led to the inevitable 'Taggart, there's been a muder' headings.

We'll have some updated chips up on the chip count page soon. -- SY


Ciaran Taggart

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of number of chocolate raisins consumed): Simon Young (95), Rick Dacey (5 - I've hidden the packet). Photos by Mickey May

Simon Young
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