UKIPT Dublin Day 3: Level 21, 22 & 23 updates (blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 2,000)

ukiptthumb.JPG11.40pm: Phil Costello out in 9th (€4,800)
Phil Costello has just had his queens cracked to go bring play to an end for the day. Costello set 175,000 of his 225,000 into the middle and Tom Kitt isolated the action with a raise up to 300,000.

Costello: Q♦Q♥
Kitt: T♣T♦

The flop brought the pain for Costello early on a flop of A♣T♠8♥ and blank turn and river cards changed nothing. We'll have a full wrap of today's play with you shortly - along with the final table chip counts. -- RD

11.30pm: Costello downed
Phil Costello is out in ninth place and our final table is set. Details to come. -- SY

11.20pm: Level up
We've gone into level 23, with blinds at 12,000-24,000 and a 2,000 ante. -- SY

11.15pm: Lucky double for Gilligan
Kevin Allen raised to 45,000 from the cut off and got calls from Max Silver on the button and Ronan Gilligan in the big blind. On the Q♥8♥K♠ flop Gilligan bet out first for 100,000, but Allen, and looking quizically at Silver, raised to 275,000. Silver got out of the way, but after dwelling up, Gilligan moved all-in for 459,000 total.

Allen quickly called for a showdown:

Allen: K♥[10s]
Gilligan: K♥3♣

Gilligan looked to be our ninth-place finisher when the 5♥ hit the turn - but then the river came 3♠ to double him up. -- SY


Ronan Gilligan is not happy at first...


... but it all ends well

11pm: Soul read from Kitt
Phil Costello kicked things off with a raise to 55,000 from under the gun, getting calls from Tom Kitt and from Ciaran Taggart in the big blind. All checked the 5♦9♥3♥ flop, and on the 2♥ turn, after re-checking his cards, Costello made it 55,000. Only Kitt called. The river 3♦ and now Costello fired out 75,000. Kitt looked a little peeved. "Did you hit a flush on the turn?" he asked. Costello nodded in a way that could or could not have been serious.

Kitt tossed in the call. And it was a great one. K-Q for Costello, A-Q for Kitt. -- SY

10.50pm: Another big one for Taggart
Max Silver raised under the gun to 45,000 and Ciaran Taggart re-raised another 100,000 from the small blind. Silver called and both then checked the 2♦8♥7♠ flop. On the [10s] turn Taggart check-called Silver's 96,000 - and on the 4♠ river he check-called Silver's huge 237,000 bet.

"Ace high," said Silver, which was a long way behind Taggart's pocket queens. -- SY

10.30pm Taggart's pot
Ciaran Taggart made it 45,000 and got calls from Max Silver, Ronan Gilligan in the small blind and Peter McGarvey in the big blind. On the 6♣5♦[10h] flop, it was checked to Silver, who bet 68,000. Only Taggart called. Both checked the Q♦ turn, and on the 2♠ river Taggart made it 95,000 and got a call. Taggart had K♥Q♣ for a pair of queens, and that was good. -- SY


Last table in Dublin

10.20pm Silver the wag
Max Silver raised to 40,000 and Ronan Gillilgan re-raised to 120,000. "How much have you got left?" asked Silver. The answer was more than 500,000. "OK, I'll let you keep them," joked Silver. -- SY

10.10pm: Fardy busted
Not long after Gibbons' exit, Colin Fardey joined him on the rail. Max Silver was in the small blind and put out 500,000, essentially putting Fardey all-in. He took the challenge with his 600,000 and Silver called off the extra. Deuces for Silver and A-J in the small blind set all in call 600,000. Silver had pocket deuces and Fardey was in a race with A-J. He lost it as the board ran 3-4-6-Q-6.

Silver is now up to 1.9 million and takes the chip lead. We're now down to nine and on the final table bubble. -- SY

10.07pm: Gibbons gone
Mike Gibbons had been pushing at regular intervals and this time his day is done. He shoved with Q♦[10d] and was looked up by Peter McGarvey with K-10. The board ran A-5-2-7-9 and Gibbons is out in 11th for €3,500. -- SY

10pm: Back
Players are back at the tables. -- SY

9.40pm: Break
That's the end of the level. Players are on a 15-minute break. -- SY

9.30pm: Marmion chips up
Ursula Marmion and Ronan Gilligan checked a 8♠A♠J♣ flop, but on the Q♦ turn Gilligan made it 90,000 - and Marmion re-raised to 180,000. Gilligan folded. -- SY

9.25pm: Costello flushed
Philip Costello made it 90,000 on a [10h]4♦A♥ flop, called by Max Silver. Both then checked the 4♥ turn and the 7♥ river. It was unlucky for Costello who had pocket jacks but had been rivered by Silver's A♣J♥ for a flush. -- SY

9.20pm: And another one bites the dust
Anthony Adderley is at the cash desk. He flopped two pair and Ronan Gilligan was on the flush draw when the money went in. Gilligan failed to make his flush - but his runner, runner straight instead. -- SY

9.10pm: Alton bust
Stephen Alton is the latest to go, all-in with Q♥[10d] but up against the A♥K♦ of Anthony Adderley. The flop was a nasty 6♥2♥K♣, and it got worse with the K♠ turn. The river of 9♦ changed nothing. We're down to 12. -- SY

9pm: Oh, O'Sullivan
Connie O'Sullivan has been shoving for a while - which always works... until the last time. On this occasion Max Silver open-raised and O'Sullivan shoved for 180,000 more. Call! Silver had Q♠[10s] but O'Sullivan was no better with 8♦9♦. The board ran 4♠3♣2♥4♥7♣ and O'Sullivan was gone. -- SY

8.55pm: Out-Foxed
Lorcan Fox is out, his pair of sevens never getting close to Colin Fardey's pocket jacks. -- SY

8.50pm: Hi-ho, Silver
Max Silver has claimed the scalp of Arnoud Van der Worf, who only recently tripled up. Silver opened, the Dutchman three-bet and when it was back to Silver he four bet. Back to Van der Worf who shoved, insta call.

Van der Worf: [10][10]
Silver: [K][K]

The board was uneventful and we're another one down. 16 remain. -- SY

ukipt dublin_day 3_van der worf.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of cigarette breaks): Simon Young (too many) and Rick Dacey (none). Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
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