UKIPT Edinburgh Day 1A: Levels 1 & 2, blinds 50-100

ukiptthumb.JPG2.20pm: Summary of the last two levels that could fit on twitter
Greco doubles, Channing, Bedi and Brammer off to good starts. Bad two levels for Goodwin, Malcolm Smith first out. --NW

2.15pm: Break time
That's the end of the first two levels, players are on a 15 minute break. --NW

2.05pm: I'm getting owned
So said Marc Convey to me as I passed his table, 'And he's only been playing six months,' he added. Convey has around 13,500, he's at a tough table, James Williams (23,000), Keith Hawkins (13,700) and Jamie Burland (13,000) are there too. --NW

2pm: Two in a row for Cibek
Just not in a good way, the Czech player losing two pots on the bounce:

Hand one: Owen Robinson raised to 250 from under the gun, next to act Tomas Cibek made it 725, it folded back to Robinson who called. On the flop of 7♣5♥[10d] the Irishmen led for 900, a bet Cibek flat called. The 6♠ turn checked through as did the 4♣ river, Robinson turning over 3♣3♦ for a rivered straight, Cibek flashed the [10s] as he folded.

Hand two: Cibek raised to 250 from under the gun and was three-bet to 900 by Gabriele D'agostino, Cibek decided to flat call. On the 8♠6♣2♣ flop both players checked. On the K♥ turn Cibek led for 1,125 but folded after D'agostino had raised to 3,150. --NW
1.58pm: Goodwin flops the nuts
EPT Barcelona runner-up Marc Goodwin has just told us about a "bad beat" that both he and Jamie O'Connor received earlier in the level. Both players had flopped top straight with [6][7] on a [3][4][5] rainbow flop and had ended up feeling like they'd been sucked out on by chopping the pot. -- RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_marc goodwin.jpg

Marc Goodwin: flopped the nuts... but wasn't the only ones

1.55pm: Dennis the Menace
Liam Dennis just got maximum value with his pocket aces, albeit with a severely dented stack. Jamie O'Connor had opened the betting, was called by Dennis in late position before Rupinder Bedi three-bet to 1,300. O'Connor fought back by four-betting to 2,225 obviously not counting on Dennis who quickly shoved for approximately 2,500 on top. Bedi made a pained fold before O'Connor called with a slight shrug showing J♥Q♠ to Dennis' A♦A♥. The board blanked out and Dennis chips back up towards his 15,000 starting stack. -- RD

1.50pm: Chatty Channing
Neil Channing is usually a gregarious presence at a poker table and it's no different today. Despite the media room being up on a balcony above the tournament floor and Channing's table being in the middle of the room his voice is still audible. Channing who is fresh off the back of a big win recently got a walk in the big blind and showed pocket tens, he's off to a good start and has around 21,500. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day1a_Neil Channing.jpg

Channing is looking to win back to back tournaments

1.46pm: Clark chips away at Brammer
Chris Brammer currently sits third on the UKIPT leaderboard, neither Mike Hill (1st) or Marius Lietuvninkas (2nd) are in the field today. Brammer just played a small pot against Alan Clark. Four players had seen a limped flop of 3♦J♣J♠ which checked through. On the 8♣ turn Clark bet 275 and only Brammer called. On the 6♦ river, Clark bet 500 and Brammer folded. Brammer has had a reasonable start and currently has around 20,000. --NW

1.43pm: Goodwin grounded
I arrived at the table to see Marc Goodwin tabling pocket aces, only for his opponent to have made two pair with jacks and fives, Goodwin is down to around 12,000.

1.40pm: Hero call gone wrong
On a board of 3♣8♦5♠A♣6♥ Gary Smolinki moved his entire stack across the line leaving Barry Queen with a difficult decision. Just as Smolinki asked for a clock to be called Queen made the big call with K♦K♥ - essentially a bluff catch. Smolinki showed top set with A♦A♠ and Queen quickly left the table. -- RD

1.25pm: Another early exit
Jonathan Gray is the man out, Michael Greco is grinning and sitting behind a stack of 24,000 or so. Turns out Greco didn't actually eliminate Gray (George Hickmet did) but Greco did get the majority of his Gray's chips, Kevin Williams is also at that table and filled us in on what happened. Gray had raised with pocket kings and Greco three-bet with 8-6 and Gray called. On the six high flop, Greco bet, was raised by Gray and Greco called. Greco turned two pair on the turn and moved all-in and was called by Gray who missed the river. --NW

ukipt edinburgh_day1a_Michael Greco.jpg

Michael Greco has doubled up early

1.15pm: Cashless society
Today's event is a cashless event. By that we do not mean that everyone is playing for the sheer hell of it but that due to local regulations only online registration was allowed. It also doubles as a great disincentive to any down-on-their-luck circus/international jewel thieves that happen to be in the area for the Edinburgh festival. -- RD


1.05pm: Kings into aces
A member of the tournament staff has just informed us that the first bust out of the day involved Malcolm Smith who got it all-in with kings into aces. No king or four-card straight or flush and the Scotsman went out. -- RD

1pm: Cibek empties the clip
Owen Robinson and Tomas Cibek are two players who know exactly what it feels like to final table a UKIPT having finaled Nottingham and Brighton respectively. The two are seated side by side with Cibek having position. The latter just played a fairly chunky pot. Cibek raised to 150 from the hi-jack and was flat called by both Joe McGinley (button) and Leo MacDonald (big blind). On the flop of [10c]J♥9♦ Cibek bet 225 and was called by just McGinley. The turn was the 7♣ and Cibek continued the aggression with a bet of 525, again McGinley called. On the A♥ river Cibek fired a third barrel, this time 1,250. McGinley lent back, sighed and mucked his cards. --NW

ukipt edinburgh_day1a_Owen Robinson & Tomas Cibek.jpg

Robinson (left) and Cibek have both made UKIPT final tables in season one

12.45pm: Grafton's curious river bet
Sam Grafton is definitely what you'd call an active player and so it comes as little surprise to see him involved in a big pot so early on. On a 7♥6♦Q♣5♥ board Sam Weir's 3,200 bet (from the small blind) was facing a raise to 6,400 from Grafton. Weir opted to raise again, making it 11,000. Grafton called before Weir checked the T♣ river. Grafton waited, riffling his chips, before making a small 2,100 bet. Weir threw his hand without wasting too much time. -- RD

12.35pm: Burland wins a small one
James Williams raised to 150 from early position and was called in two spots, including Keith Hawkins on the button. From the small blind UKIPT Brighton winner Jamie Burland made it 725 total to play. The big blind folded, Williams flat called and everyone else got out the way. On a 9♦[10c]A♣ flop, Burland c-bet for 1,025 forcing a fold from Williams. --NW

12.30pm: No bumps for Bedi
Rupinder Bedi has gone deep in a couple of UKIPT events now and is one of those players that is a constant threat from the outset (as is Marc Goodwin who is sat just a few seats to his right). Bedi opened this early pot to 150 and was called in one, two, three, four spots - yes, that's every player yet left to act.

Bedi continuation bet a further 250 into the A♥K♣9♦ flop and was called by the button and small blind before firing 1,500 at the 7♦ turn. The button raised to 5,500 and Bedi called. Both players checked down the blank 2♠ river. Bedi showed A♠9♠ to claim the pot beating his opponent's A♦7♣. Bedi bumps up to 21,350. -- RD

12.25pm: The importance of table draw
Landing a tough or easy initial table can make a massive difference to your end of day chip stack, a fact Marc 'The Conv' Convey, a long time PokerStars blogger knows all to well. He shook his head at me as I walked past his table, one he shares with Keith 'The Camel' Hawkins, James Williams and UKIPT Brighton champion Jamie Burland. --NW

12.20pm: Early action
On the first walk around the room I saw the never shy Sam Grafton making an overbet of 3,500 into a 2,000 chip pot on the river of a 5♦A♦3♠9♦7♣ board, his opponent folded. -NW

12.10pm: Play is underway
Tournament director Toby Stone just uttered the words 'shuffle up and deal' the first of today's nine levels has started. --NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_cards.jpg

The action is underway here at the UKIPT Edinburgh

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Edinburgh: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT