UKIPT Edinburgh Day 1A: Levels 3 & 4, blinds 100-200

ukiptthumb.JPG4.40pm: Summary of the last two levels that could fit on twitter
Robinson chip leader, Brammer not far behind. Burland doubles up with A-Q against A-K, Grafton wants to bust Brammer. --NW

4.35pm: End of level four
Players are on a 15 minute break. --NW

4.35pm: Grafton wants to bust Brammer
'I would like to stack Chris Brammer more than anyone else,' said Sam Grafton to us as we walked past their table. 'Make sure you put that in the blog,' said Brammer. Grafton will have to go some to be in a position to bust Brammer as he currently has 13,400 whilst Brammer has 36,575. --NW

ukipt edinburgh_day1a_Sam Grafton.jpg

Grafton: Looking to bust Brammer

4.25pm: Burland doubles up
UKIPT champion Jamie Burland has just doubled up in somewhat fortuitous circumstances. Andrew Fair made it 500 to go from middle position and was three-bet by Burland to 1,650 from the small blind. Fair then four-bet to 4,000 and Burland five-bet jammed for around 15,000 and Fair called, Burland had Fair slightly covered.

Burland: A♦Q♦
Fair: A♠K♣

The board ran out J♠Q♠6♦3♥8♦ Fair sat a little stunned as the chips were passed to Buralnd, 'There's a £100 six-max tomorrow,' said James Williams to Fair. "Theres always Edinburgh,' added Keith Hawkins. Burland is now up to 31,300.--NW

4.15pm: Brammer joins Grafton
Chris Brammer was recently moved table and sat down two seats to the right of Sam Grafton. It's not exactly a dream move for Brammer but he wasn't the one on the receiving end of Grafton's aggressive this time.

Sean Randall opened the pot from early position and was called by Grafton in middle position. Randall fired 600 on the 6♠T♦4♦ flop which Grafton raised to 1,600. Randall called that bet but quickly mucked when Grafton shoved the 4♥ turn. That hand put Grafton back up to 12,000 while Brammer sits on circa 19,000. -- RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_chris brammer.jpg

Chris Brammer: looking happy with life

4.05pm: All-in and out
Danny Tran got the action started by limping under the gun, next to act Philipp Schreiber limped along, before Craig Burke raised to 900. It folded back to Tran who moved all-in for 3,475 total. Schreiber folded but Burke made the call.

Tran: 7♥5♥
Burke: A♥Q♥

Flop: J♥9♣8♣

Turn: 6♣


River: [10d]

Re-suck, Tran saw the funny side though as he left the table. Another early exit is Jeff Burke. --NW

3.55pm: All-in and chop
From under the gun William Cheung limped in, next to act Jan Orlický raised to 800. It folded all the way to big blind Michael Shaw who raised to 3,000 total. Cheung asked Shaw how much he had left (6,275). Cheung four-bet to 7,600 total, Orlický folded, Shaw moved all-in and Cheung called:

Cheung: A♥K♠
Shaw: A♦K♣

The board of J♦6♠2♣10h]9♠ was of the non flushing variety for a chopped pot. --NW

3.45pm: Leaderboard success
The winner of the UKIPT leaderboard bags entry into every single UKIPT main event of Season 2. That adds up to something in the region of £20,000 so really isn't something to be sniffed at. You can check out the leaderboard by clicking here. Jamie Burland is one of the players in the mix having won the Brighton event but was unaware of the leaderboard until just now. "I'd like to win that one," said Burland enthusiastically. We're sure you would. Burland currently sits in 23rd position on the leaderboard and a cash finish in this event would give him a great shot at a top three finish. -- RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_jamie burlandjpg

Jamie Burland: chasing the leaderboard dream

3.35pm: Keeping up with the Robinsons
PokerStars blog photographer Mickey May alerted me to the fact that UKIPT Nottingham finalist Owen Robinson had a noteworthy stack, around 39,000 from my estimation. I asked him how he had acquired it and he filled me in. 'I defended the big blind with 4♠5♠ against seat eights raise (Leo MacDonald). The flop was [10s][Q]J♠, he's bet and I called. The turn was the K♠ I've checked again, he bet 1,500, I've made it 4,200 and he called. The river was an ace putting broadway on board, I bet 10,000 and he called.' --NW


3.25pm: Burland bests Convey
At table Burland/Hawkins/Convey/Williams there always seems to be a post-flop pot in progress. The latest involved Jamie Burland and Marc Convey. The latter opened to 400 from middle position and was three-bet by Burland to 1,150 from the small blind and Convey called. Both players checked the Q♣J♥K♠ flop. On the T♠ turn, Burland bet 1,000 and Convey folded. Burland is back to around starting stack, Convey is on 11,200. --NW

3.15pm: Cibek value cuts himself
James Saunders opened for 325 from the cut-off and was called by Tomas Cibek in the big blind. Saunders kept the pressure on during the K♦6♥4♣ flop where he fired another 525, which was called by Cibek. Both players checked the 3♠ turn before Cibek led out for 750. Saunders made the call.

Cibek: K♠5♠
Saunders: A♣A♥

Saunders took the pot with the larger two-pair but may feel that he missed out on some value. -- RD

3.05pm: No turning back
Players are definitely keen to see flops in the early stages, they're less keen to see the turn if the following evidence is anything to go on.

Hand One: Tamas Nagy raised to 400 from the hi-jack and was flat called by Alan Andrew on the button. Nagy c-bet to the tune of 600 on the 2♥J♠6♠ flop only for Andrew to make it 1,800. Nagy elected to fold his hand.

Hand Two: From under the gun+1 Gabriele D'Agostino raised to 425, Tomas Cibek flat called from the small blind. The big blind, Michael Huber raised to 1,650 and was flat called by both players. The three of them saw a flop of 8♠3♥3♠ Cibek checked to Huber who fired 2,525, D'Agostino folded quickly, but Cibek took his time before eventually giving it up. -- NW

2.50pm: Cibek grinding on
Tomas Cibek has just scored a tidy little pot showing down A♦8♦ on a 8♣9♥7♣2♣K♠ board against Leo MacDonald's A♥Q♥. -- RD

2.45pm: "You win."
So said Sam Grafton to Ian Menzies on the river of a 2♣9♠9♣9♦Q♠ board. Grafton had opened the pot for 325 and was called by Menzies. Both players checked the flop before Menzies led out for 500 on the turn. Grafton raised to 1,650 and Menzies called and then checked the Q♠ river. Grafton grabbed five yellow 1,000 chips and a single green 25 chip and placed the large bet over the line causing Menzies to rock back in his chair head in hands with a large groan.

Menzies made the call and Grafton quickly said: "You win." Menzies showed J♦J♥ for a large full house. -- RD

2.40pm: Three bet then c-bet
That's the pattern I've noticed on my last trip around the floor. An example: Matthew Heeps raised to 450 on the button and was three-bet to 1325 by Craig Burke in the big blind. Burke's c-bet of 1225 on the A♣9♣Q♠ board was enough to force a fold from Heeps. --NW

2.35pm: Burland bullied out
UKIPT Brighton winner Jamie Burland had bet 650 into a 7♣5♥K♥ flop but didn't like it enough to call down Andrew Fair's 7,000 shove. Burland obviously wanted to know if it was a semi-bluff or a shove for value but wasn't that curious. -- RD

2.25pm: Back from the break
We're back from the break. This is the last level players are allowed to buy-in so we'lll have some player numbers for you in 60 minutes. -- RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_cards and chips.jpg

Who will be the star performers here at the UKIPT Edinburgh?

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Edinburgh: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT