UKIPT Edinburgh Day 1A: Levels 5 & 6, blinds 150-300, ante 25

ukiptthumb.JPG6.42pm: Summary of the last two levels that could fit on twitter
Greco and CIbek out along with a quarter of the field, David McCallum, Joe Whittaker and Owen Robinson chip leaders. -- NW

6.40pm: End of the level
Dinner breaks begin. -- RD

6.35pm: Grafton gets one back
Sam Grafton just three-bet squeezed all-in for 10,000 over an early position raise and a call on the button. Chris Brammer was the player in the middle of the squeeze and was left in a bind as to whether to call or not.

Grafton: "How bad is your hand?"
Brammer: "Pretty bad."
G: "Get it in, you can't pass!"
B (to Marc Goodwin): "I could have him crushed, absolutely crushed."
G: "You see the respect I get here, Marc?"

Brammer eventually passed and Grafton flashed the 9♥. -- RD

6.30pm: Goodwin goes large
A metaphorical big pat on the back for my fellow blogger Rick Dacey, no sooner had he posted about Marc Goodwin not playing big pots unnecessarily, then he goes and plays a massive pot, with a massive hand and scores a double up. I missed the pre-flop action but with around 2,000 in the pot it suggest that Goodwin had raised and been called by small blind Tom Noble. The flop was [10h]J♦8♥, Noble checked and Goodwin made it 1,200 to go. Noble then made it 3,200 total, Goodwin announced raise and took his time before moving all-in for 15,075 total. Noble asked for a count before calling.

Goodwin: A♥Q♥
Noble: J♥9♥

The turn and river was 8♦K♥ and Goodwin rivered a flush to stay alive. --NW

6.20pm: Goodwin keeps it small
Marc Goodwin isn't a player to force a big pot unnecessarily, particularly out of position as this hand illustrates. Michael Huber started the action when he raised from late position to 800. Goodwin called. Huber made a half-pot bet on the flop of 3♠T♠4♣. Again Goodwin called. Neither player liked the look of either the K♦ or the K♥. Goodwin showed down 8♦8♥ to win the pot. -- RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_marc goodwin.jpg

Marc Goodwin: grinding it out here in Edinburgh

6.15pm: Blockers back in vogue
Karl O'Sullivan opened the action with a raise to 1,200 and was called by Paul Mcleod in the hijack. Neither player bet until the 6♦4♥A♠Q♥5♣ river at which point O'Sullivan slid out a small 600 blocker bet. Mcleod looked at the tiny bet with disdain and made the call. Both players tabled pocket sevens and split the pot. -- RD

6.10pm: Brammer beats Grafton down
Sam Grafton raised from early position to what looked like 850 and was three-bet by Chris Brammer from the big blind to 2,200. Grafton considered his options and settled on the safe option of folding. -- RD

6.05pm: You missed one?
Rupinder Bedi has been moved to the same table as Owen Robinson and the two of them just played a pot. Bedi made it 800 to go from middle position and Robinson flat called from the big blind. On a flop of J♥2♣8♣ Robinson check-folded to Bedi's bet of 1,125. "So you don't hit every flop then," said Bedi. 'No I do, but I didn't like that one,' replied Robinson. -- NW

6pm: Steady as you Joe
Joe Whittaker is going well on about 55,000 a tale of steady accumulation rather than one big coup. He said, 'I haven't won a pot over 15,000.' -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day1a_joe whittaker.jpg

Joe Whittaker is one of the early chip leaders

5.55pm: Greco needs a bigger boat
I didn't catch the hand as it played out but Michael Greco recounted the details to me from the confines of the media area. "This one guy (David McCallum) has been raising my blind a lot and sure enough he does it again from early position. I called from the big blind with 2♥3♥. The flop came [6][6][2] I checked, he bet, I called. The turn is a [7] I checked, he bet, I called. The river is a [2] and the rest goes in and he's got [Q][6]." McCallum who was already well stacked now has over 64,000. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_michael greco exit.jpg

Michael Greco: out at UKIPT

5.50pm: Over a quarter of the field has gone
In the opening five levels we've lost 64 players, amongst them Michael Greco, details on that exit coming right up. --NW

5.40pm: No chop for Deutschland
German Oskar Prehm had a deep run in Killarney (on the day that Germany smashed England in the World Cup) but things aren't going quite so well here. Prehm raised from early position to 750 and was called by fellow German Nicolai Henschel. On a flop of 6♥5♥4♦ Henschel check-called 950 and a further 2,000 on the 2♥ turn. Both players checked the 3♣ on the river with Henschel showing A♥7♣ to top the straight on the board. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300, ante 25

5.30pm: Over 50
Owen Robinson is right up there near the chip lead at the moment. How much have you got, Owen? "Over 50,000," he said to me as I was trying to count his stack. It's quite some start for the Nottingham final tablist. -- NW

5.25pm: Hawkins shot down by Burland
Keith 'The Camel' Hawkins raised under the gun to 600 and was swiftly three-bet to 1,600 by Jamie Burland. The action folded all the way round the table back to Hawkins who quickly mucked his hand. Hawkins has had a lot of success online playing heads up and isn't adverse to playing post flop poker so expect more clashes from these two. -- RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_keith hawkins.jpg

Keith Hawkins' card protector gives away his online alias

5.20pm: No back to back finals for Cibek
Tomas Cibek is out, he told me, 'I three -bet pocket fours into ace-king.' James Saunders doing the damage. --NW

5.20pm: Greco grinds some back
Michael Greco started well climbing to about 24,000 at this peak, since then he's slipped a bit but he just won a nice pot from David McCallum. Greco opened to 825 from middle position and was flat called first by Kevin Williams (27.500) and then McCallum (42,000). The flop fell K♥Q♥J♦ and Greco fired a c-bet of 2,025, a bet which just McCallum called. On the 8♦ turn Greco moved all-in for around 16,500 total prompting McCallum to fold. --NW

5.15pm: Paterson swipes a pot
Michael Paterson opened the action under the gun and was called in two spots; Stephen Dunnett in the cut-off and Even Maurer in the small blind. It was Dunnett however that took over the role of the aggressor on the Q♠3♦3♥ flop however making it 600 to go. Both Maurer and Paterson called but it was the latter - the preflop aggressor remember? - who then led the 4♥ turn for 2,000. Confused? So were Dunnett and Mauerer who both passed. -- RD

5.10pm: Meikle tries to milk the button
The action folded to James Meikle on the button and he made the obligatory raise. German PokerStars qualifier Peter Falkenburger three-bet to 950 from the small blind and Meikle made the call. On a flop of 6♣J♥8♦ Falkenburger led out 700 and Meikle raised to 2,100. The German passed and was shown 8♥6♠ by Meikle. -- RD

5.05pm: Channing flushes opponent
Three players - Alisdair Macrae (button), Neil Channing (SB) and James Moody (BB) saw a limped flop of 6♣7♠A♦. They all checked, as they did on the K♣ turn. The river was the Q♣ and Channing fired a bet of 600, Moody folded, but Macrae looked him up. 'Flush' announced Channing showing [10c]2♣. 'You're a good luck charm,' he said to me. 'That's the first pot I've won in three hours.' Channing who had been receiving a massage for most of that period said, 'The massage saved me money.' --NW

ukipt edinburgh_day1a_Neil Channing massage.jpg

Massages: +ev for Neil Channing

4.55pm: Grafton trying his best
Sam Grafton is on a mission, that of to bust Chris Brammer. He just three-bet Brammer's 600 under the gun open to 2,350 total it folded back to Brammer who reluctantly let his hand go, he still outchips Grafton though. --NW

4.50pm: Three-way showdown
Robert Davidson raised to 675 and was called by Dominik Hinzmann on the button and Ben Dobson in the big blind. They saw a flop of A♦2♦4♠. Davidson bet 1,000 and was called by both players. The Q♣ turn saw the pattern repeat itself as Davidson bet 1,000 and both players called. The river was the 6♣ and all three players checked. Davidson showed A♣[Jd, Dobson had A♠J♥ and Hinzmann mucked. --NW

4.45pm: Convey down on his luck
If you've ever played a EPT event you'll know PokerStars blogger Marc Convey. He's on the other side of the fence today but isn't looking like he's applying the skills he's learnt from watching ElkY and co quite yet. With 10,000 left in his stack he's still very much alive and well though. -- RD

4.35pm: Back in their seats
The players are back from the break and back in their seats. We'll play two more levels before the split dinner break begins with half the field going for grub at the end of level six before swapping over.

We've had a quick review of some of named and notables on the chip count page which you can find by clicking here or on 'Latest chip count' on the right of this page. Owen Robinson and Chris Brammer are both doing well. -- RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_cards and chips 2.jpg

Play has restarted at the UKIPT

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Edinburgh: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT