UKIPT Edinburgh Day 1A: Levels 7, 8 & 9, blinds 400-800, ante 100

ukiptthumb.JPG11.25pm: Summary of the last three levels that could fit on twitter
Robinson finishes as chip leader. Bedi and Brammer out late on, Burland busted by best mate. Channing still alive.

11pm: Play has ended for the day: Owen Robinson chip leader
If there was any doubt he was going to be chip leader at the end of the day, they disappeared when he won a pot against Sam Weir on the penultimate hand and then eliminated John Mcleish on the last hand. He's got 181,900, rounding off the top five (unofficially) are Paul Mctaggart (124,100), David McCallum (105,200), Lee Johnson (98,400) and Joe Whittaker (89,000). Check out our chip counts page for selected chip counts, full chip counts will be available overnight, around 59 players made it through. Full chip counts will be with us in an hour, a wrap of the days action will be with you sooner. -- NW

10.45pm: "Three more hands."
That's the word from tournament director Toby Stone. Late knockouts include Rupinder Bedi and Chris Brammer, both of whom were looking for valuable leaderboard points. -- RD

10.30pm: Poker buddies
Neil Channing and Keith Hawkins are sat side by side after Hawkins recently moved tables. The two of them grew up together so I opined they must know each other's games pretty well. 'We played more poker together between the ages of 14 and 16 than we have in the last 10 years,' said Channing. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day1a_Neil Channing & Keith Hawkins.jpg

Poker Sharks since high school

10.25pm: Marc Goodwin is out
We missed how it went in but we do know he was all-in pre-flop for around 17,000 against Nicolai Henschel .Goodwin's King-Queen failing to improve against Henschel's ace-king on a dry board. -- NW

10.20pm:Callaghan wins five way pot
Five players including Richard Callaghan all put in 1,600 to see a flop. Callaghan took it down with a bet of 3,500 on the 3♥2♥3♥ flop. -- NW

10.15pm: Burland busted by best mate
All's fair in love, war and poker it seems. UKIPT Brighton champion Jamie Burland moved all-in for 2,700 and was flat called by Peter Falkenburger. Then Kevin Williams, who is Jamie Burland's best mate made it 6,000 to go. Falkenburger flat called. On the flop of 2♠6♠2♣, Williams bet 6,600 and Falkenburger passed.

Williams: 9♣9♥
Burland: 6♦3♦

The turn and river were the 5♠5♣ and Burland bust. Williams is up to about 50,000. -- NW

10.10pm: Recent eliminations
Among those who've recently gone out are Sam Grafton and Jamie Burland, news on that Jamie Burland exit coming right up. -- NW

10.00pm: We're back from the break...
...and we did a sweep of a lot of the tables as colouring up took place updating the named, the notable and the burgeoning chip stack monsters. Find them by clicking here. -- RD

9.50pm: Sam Weir eliminates Thomas Partridge
Thomas Partridge raised to 1,500 pre-flop and after asking Partridge how much he was playing Sam Weir flat called from under the gun+1 and everyone else folded. Partridge then check called all three streets on a J♠J♥8♦3d]3♣ board, Weir showing J♣[10c] to win the pot -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400-800, ante 100

9.40pm: More German on German action
Oskar Phrem cashed in Killarney but he won't be doing the same here. Phrem got it all-in with 5♥7♣ on a 4♥6♥6♠ flop against the K♥Q♥ of Christian Wolf. A seven on the turn went Killarney's way but Wolf spiked it on the river with the K♥. Phrem is out. That's the end of the level and a 15-minute break. -- RD

9.35pm: Running Holt
We've just been told about a huge pot that took place between Richard Holt and Rupinder Bedi. These details may not be correct as we admit they are second hand. We'll try to get confirmation when we can.

Richard Holt raised to 2,000 and was called by Paul McTaggart and Rupinder Bedi (BB). Holt fired another 2,000 at the J♠8♠8♣ flop and was called by both players. Bedi then check-raised Holt's 3,300 bet on the 3♦ turn to 12,400. Holt moved all-in for some amount more and Bedi called.

Holt: [j][j] for flopped full house
Bedi: 4♠5♠ for the flush draw

The river was an inconsequential 7♣ winning a huge 71,275 pot for Holt. -- RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_rupinder bedi 2.jpg

Rupinder Bedi: wrong time to semi-bluff

9.27pm: Action!
Raymond Thompson raised to 1,600 pre-flop from under the gun and was flat called by Keith Hawkins next to act. Then from the button Jan Bjoersland moved all-in for 6,000 total and then small blind Jed Tribe moved all-in for around 10,650. Both Thompson and Hawkins folded pre-flop with Hawkins saying, 'You (Bjoersland) were meant to move all-in, he (Tribe) wasn't part of the plan.'

Bjoersland: Q♥Q♦
Tribe: A♣K♣

Bjoersland flopped a set of queens on the 9♥Q♠5♠ board and Tribe was drawing dead on the 4♦ turn, the 6♣ river changed nothing. -- NW

9.20pm: Hungry like the wolf
Christian Wolf was practically howling moments ago (did you see what we did there?) when he got it in with K♣J♠ against Liam Dennis' J♥6♥ on a K♦4♠8♥K♥ board. Dennis had bet 4,500 into the flop and been called by Wolf. Dennis then check-raised Wolf's 4,000 bet on the turn all-in for 13,000. Wolf snap called and a non-heart J♠ dropped on the river. Wolf is up to some 40,000. -- RD

9.15pm: Robinson first over the 100,000 mark
Owen Robinson has around 115,000 and is the current chip leader. He was kind enough to give me the details of how he got them. He raised the button with K♠3♠ and was three-bet by the small blind (an unknown player, at least to us) and Robinson called. The flop was [10][8][3] and the small blind bet around two thirds of the pot and Robinson decided to float. The turn was another three and the small blind bet 6,000, Robinson made it 14,000 and the small blind moved all-in with [A][7] and Robinson called. --NW

9.05pm: Another double up for Convey
Marc Convey does not know how to play a small pot it seems. Tp be fair it's hardly his fault given that he raised to 1,400 and someone else, Alan Andrew , shoved on him for 16,000. The action folded back around and Convey made the call.

Convey: Q♠Q♥
Andrew: A♠K♠

It was a big race for both players with Convey marginally covering Andrew. The flop was 6♣4♥9♣ putting Convey in control of the hand and blank 4♦Q♣ cards on the turn and river knocked Andrew out and jumped Convey up to 35,000. -- RD

8.55pm: Two quick eliminations
As the title suggests I just saw two eliminations in quick succession, here's what happened:

Hand One: Jan Orlický raised to 1,600 pre-flop and Tom Clark moved all-in for 5.950 total, Orlický made the call.

Orlický: A♣J♥
Clark: A♦8♠

The board a safe 6♣2♥Q♦7♣Q♣

Hand two:

On the flop of K♦5♥8♣ around 30,000 chips flew into the middle Valerie Gray and Lee Johnson those putting in 15,000 a piece.

Johnson: K♠Q♠
Gray: 8♠5♦

The turn of 9♥ was no help for Johnson but the K♣ river certainly was, Johnson had Gray covered. -- NW

8.50pm: The fields converge
Like a pack of wild stallions that have been split by a raging torrent of water the two halves of the fields have converged after taking alternating dinner breaks.* We have just entered the penultimate level of the day and we'll stick in this post until bagging and tagging takes place. -- RD

* The field is in fact nothing like a pack of wild stallions. This is a poker tournament filled with, well, poker players and we all know how athletic the average player is.

ukipt edinburgh_day1a_Chris Brammer and Rupinder Bedi.jpg

Brammer and Bedi are back from the break


8.45pm: Paterson drowned by ford
Nicholas Paterson shoved for 9,000 and was called by Peter Ford who moved all-in himself, marginally covering Paterson who showed K♣Q♥. Ford was on the better side of the race with T♥T♣ and his hand held to knock out Paterson and put himself up to 20,000. -- RD

8.40pm: Evan Maurer adds to his stack
There are many Americans here for the festival and a few in the field today. One of them Evan Maurer is going very well indeed he just bet Michael Paterson off of a 6♣6♥A♠7♥ board to win another pot. He's on over 50,000. -- NW

8.30pm: Small one for Scriven
From the cut-off Joe Whittaker raised to 1,025 and was flat called by Louis Scriven from the big blind. Both players checked the Q♠6♣7♥ flop. A bet of 2,025 from Scrivens on the J♣ turn was enough to win the pot. --NW

8.20pm: Beefy Falkenberger
Peter Falkenberger has just won a nice pot piling on the pressure in one of those if-he-hasn't-got-one-of-four-cards-he-can't-call situations. Stephen Slavin opened for 700 and was called by Falkenberger. Another 700 on the J♦8♣7♦ flop was called by Falkenberger who then raised Slavin's 1,200 bet on the 9♠ turn to 4,000. Slavin mucked. -- RD

8.10pm: Whittaker eliminates one
Joe Whittaker made it 975 to go from late position and Kim Bain moved all-in for 3,575 total, Whittaker made the call:

Whittaker: J♣[10c]
Bain: K♠Q♣

The board a cruel 4♠3♥8♥[10h]J♦ with that hand Whittaker is up to 60,000. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_joe whittaker.jpg

Joe Whittaker: that's his confused face

8.05pm: Old friends
Karl O'Sullivan and Paul Mcleod have clashed again (following their chop with pocket sevens) but this time in a three-bet pot. Mcleod raised from middle position and was three-bet by O'Sullivan in the big blind. Mcleod made the call. Play checked through to the J♥8♦K♣2♣ where Mcleod bet 3,000. It was enough to win the pot. -- RD

7.55pm: Chip counts updated
Just after the players went on dinner break we scanned the empty tables for some chip counts. The biggest of them appears to belong to David McCallum who has 68,075 for a smattering of other counts check out the chip count page. -- NW

7.50pm: Second dinner break
We're doing a quick scan of the chips from the second half of the tournament and will report back on who are the movers and shakers of the late diners (the dinner break was split in two). -- RD

7.45pm: Prehm shoves short stack
For some reason one table seems to be attracting all the central Europeans. Michael Huber has joined Oskar Prehm and Michael Huber's table and neighbouring antagonism may be over spilling onto the table. Huber opened for 1,050 and Prehm shoved for 4,700 on the last hand before the dinner break. No action for Prehm who takes his stack up to 8,000. -- RD  

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_oskar prehm.jpg

Prehm's short stack isn't quite so short now

7.40pm: Burland the bully
Last hand before the dinner break Jamie Burland bet Keith Hawkins off a pot. Hawkins had completed from the small bind and Burland, from the big, had made it 1,225 to play, a bet that Hawkins called. Both players checked the 8♥Q♣9♠ flop. Hawkins led for 1,200 on the 8♣ flop, Burland asked how much Hawkins had left (around 6,000) before raising to 10,000, Hawkins quickly mucked. --NW

7.35pm: Convey collecting chips
Marc Convey continues to go in the right direction. I just saw him three-bet table neighbour James Williams and force a fold. --NW

7.25pm: Dobson duels with Schreiber
Ben Dobson (button) and Philipp Schreiber (big blind) just played a pot that had action down the streets. I missed the pre-flop action but with 5,500 or so in the pot it suggested the action had gone, raise, three-bet, call. On the flop of K♠A♦2♠ Schreiber bet 2,600 and was called by Dobson. To the turn of 9♥, where Schreiber bet 6,600. Dobson asked how much Schreiber had left (15,000) and then flat called. The river of [10s] was checked by Schreiber and Dobson bet 4,600 and Schreiber folded. --NW

7.20pm: Brammer makes an easy fold
Chris Brammer had opened the action from under the gun and got action from Gabriele D'Agostino on the button. Brammer c-bet 1,200 into the A♠5♣3♣ flop and D'Agostino instantly shipped his 10,000+ stack into the middle. Brammer threw his hand away without so much as breaking a sweat. -- RD

7.10pm: Recommendation for day 1B players
Players due to come in for Day 1B plase heed our warning: think more than twice before ordering the £8.95 Highland Burger. -- RD

7pm: Brammer takes one from Goodwin
Sam Grafton hasn't managed to bust Chris Brammer yet and the two of them are also sharing a table with Marc Goodwin. Brammer and Goodwin just played an interesting hand. Goodwin raised to 1,000 and directly to his left Brammer made it 2,500 total and Goodwin called. On the [10d]9♦7♠ flop Goodwin check called a bet of 3,750. Both players checked the turn and river of A♥[10h]. Brammer rolled over A♦3♦ and took the pot. Brammer has around 35,000, Goodwin sits with about 24,000. -- NW

6.50pm: Convey doubles up
Keith Hawkins opened the betting from early position and was three-bet to 2,750 by Jed Tribe and Marc Convey moved all-in for 9,000. Hawkins passed and Tribe made the call.

Convey: A♠A♥
Tribe: 8♣8♥

Convey looked to a have a minor heart attack on the turn and river of the Q♦9♣7♠9♥9♦ board as each looked painfully like a ace-cracking eight. Convey is up to 19,000. -- RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 1a_marc convey.jpg

Convey's aces managed to dodge a two outer

6.45pm: Dinner break
Well for half the tables anyway as we're operating a staggered dinner break system here. Half the players are still playing level seven whilst the other half are on break, they'll role reverse in 60 minutes. Amongst those who'll be happy whilst tucking into some food are: Paul Mctaggart (70,000), Joe Whittaker (60,000), Owen Robinson (57,000), Lee Johnson (51,500) and Evan Maurer (50,000). Neil Channing told me he had around 32,000 as he trotted off for dinner. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day1a_Neil Channing muffin.jpg

Will Channing be bluffing with his muffin?

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT