UKIPT Edinburgh Day 1B: Levels 7, 8 & 9 blinds 400-800, ante 100

ukiptthumb.JPG11.15pm: Late night news
Here's what happened in the last few hands:

Hand One: Jesse May doubled up through Dave Maudlin, May shoved for 15,100 from under the gun with A♦K♦ and was looked up Dave Maudlin from the small blind who held A♣Q♣. The board ran out J♠5♦9♦Q♦8♠.

Hand two: Mick Graydon got it in with jacks against ace-king, the flop was A♠K♠Q♠ and Graydon had the J♠ the turn was another ace leaving Graydon with just one out, albeit a royal flush out, ireland's first Supernova elite missed his miracle out though.

A full wrap and official chip counts are on the way, we've updated the chip count page with the notables and chip leaders. -- NW

10.55pm: Play done for the day
That's the end of level nine amongst the late exits were Mick Graydon and Jesse May got a late double up too to finish on 30,000. Chip leader is Nick Abou Risk on 126,900, Michael Leedham is not far behind on 126,500 also in the six figure club is Martin Mulsow on 101,400. Three members of Team PokerStars Pro made it through, Julian Thew (69,500), JP Kelly (63,800) and Jude Ainsworth (49,300). -- NW

10.40pm: Three last hands of the day
Tournament director Toby Stone has announced the final three hands of the day and the clock has been stopped. -- RD

10.25pm: Chadwick flops the fruit machine
Richard Chadwick openeed the pot from early position and Scotsman Dave Rowley three-bet to 5,900. Chadwick shipped it in for 22,600 on top and Rowley tank called. Rowley had A♥8♦ and Chadwick had pocket sevens. The sevens flopped a set and Rowley couldn't catch up.

JP Kelly and Jake Cody are now at the same table with Cody enjoying position over the Team PokerStars Pro. Or rather that's what was happening until their table broke. -- RD

10.15pm: New leader of the pack?
Marius Lietuvninkas is out, Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth told us that he was very short and got it in with [8][9][ against [J][2] pre-flop and lost. Three of the top six, Mike Hill, Michael Graydon and Owen Robinson (day 1A chip leader) are still alive and will be looking to usurp Lietvninkas at the top of the leaderboard. -- NW

10.05pm: Liv Boeree is out
She made a flush with J♥9♥ but her opponent, Nicholas Abourisk had the nut flush with A♥Q♥ in a pot of around 70,000. Boeree told us: "I guess that teaches me for opening under the gun with jack nine-suited, right?" -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 1b_liv boeree exit.jpg

Boeree is out of the UKIPT Edinburgh

10pm: Thew's got fans
During the break Julian Thew had a few photo requests from some fans, one of whom was Jonas Schwade who posed with Thew whilst his brother Jan-Niclas played photographer. Earlier we weren't sure if Jonas was still in but he told us he most definitely is with 27,000. --NW

9.55pm: Uphill struggle
Mike Hill has had a grind of a day, he told us. "I keep on getting it in front and losing. I've got it in good three times today and lost everyone." He's still grinding away on 26,000. -- NW

9.50pm: Julian Thew doubles up
Just before the break Julian Thew doubled up. "I got insanely lucky," said the Team PokerStars Pro. Turns out Thew called all-in with 7♣8♣ on a 3♠7♠[10] flop against Martin Muslow's K♠[10s] only to make runner runner straight. Thew now has about 60,000. Muslow about 83,000. -- NW

9.35pm: Big pot for Cody before the break
Jake Cody is up to 82,100 as of the last hand before the break. Niall Farrell has opened from the hijack and Cody had joined from the button. On the K♦J♠9♣ flop Farrell led for 1,750 and Cody three-bet to 4,575. Farrell made the call. The 8♦ dropped on the turn and Farrell checked. Cody threw a small stack of blue 5,000 chips into the middle putting Farrell all-in, who eventually made the call for his remaining 13,000 with a drawing Q♦9♦. Cody tabled J♥K♣ and the board blanked out with the 3♥ on the river. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400-800, ante 100

9.32pm: End of the level
That's the end of level 8, players are on a 15 minute break and tournament staff are colouring up the green 25 denomination chips. Players will be back for one more level. --NW

9.30pm: JP Kelly (almost) doubles up
JP Kelly has doubled up and now has around 65,000. We didn't see the hand but we're told he got it in with A♣[Q] against pocket kings and made a club flush to eliminate his opponent. -- NW

9.22pm: Older brother knows best
Earlier we told you about a pair of German brothers who had qualified for less than £10 on PokerStars to this event. It's the older of the two Schwade brothers who's leading the charge at the moment. Jan-Niclas has around 50,000. He told me, 'I doubled up with kings against eights and hten with aces against jacks.' Easy game. We couldn't spot his younger brother Jonas but we're not 100% sure if he's out or not. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day1a_jan-niclas schwade 2.jpg

Jan-Niclas Schwade is up to over 50,000

9.15pm: "Playing well, running good"
That is Martin Mulsow's self-assessment and he really isn't far off. He four-bet Nicholas Farnborough off one hand before this monster pot developed. Mulsow raised and was three-bet by Farnborough again. Again Mulsow four-bet but this time Farnborough wanted to get it in as well.

Mulsow: Q♠Q♣
Farnborough: T♥T♠

Mulsow flopped an ace is now up to somewhere approaching 100,000 (it's very difficult to tell at the moment as his chip stacks are a little scattered at the moment). It's some great situational luck for Faranbrorough who afterwards couldn't contain his glee in telling everyone: "I didn't have it when I four-bet last time, but this time I did!" He did flash an ace on the previous hand but claimed that the other card was not so good. "Playing well, running good," said a beaming Mulsow. Must be nice. -- RD

9.05pm: A smattering of chip counts
A few select chip counts from those remaining: Jude Ainsworth (40,000), Mike Hill (29,500), Laurence Paisley (70,000), Nicholas Farnborough (49,500), James Gray [48,000), Peter Donoghue (66,000). -- NW

9pm: Recent eliminations
Those who've recently departed include Phil Starrs, there are 108 players left of the 233 who started today. -- NW

8.50pm: Lucky Laurence
Laurence Paisley will be thanking his lucky stars tonight. He started the action by raising from middle position to 1,200 and was called by Carsten Bolln in the big blind. Then it all kicked off on the flop. Bolln check-raised Paisley's 2,600 c-bet to 7,600 and Paisley responded by three-betting to 20,000. Bolln waited for some time before announcing he was all-in. Paisley instantly called.

Paisley: A♠K♠
Bolln: 8♥4♥

The 9♥ on the turn merely gave Paisley a few more outs but it was a tripping A♥ that gave Paisley the huge pot. -- RD

8.35pm: No flush so chop it up
Mark Scarman moved all-in for 4,425 from the button and was called by Richard Milne in the big blind:

Scarman: Q♣7♠
Milne: A♣3♣

The board ran out 8♠J♥[10c]Q♦9♣ initially Milne thought he'd won the pot with a flush but both players played the board for a chop. -- NW


8.25pm: Ainsworth three-bet folds
Joeri Zandvliet opened to 850 and Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth three-bet to 2,900 total before folding to Zandvliet's all-in shove of around 19,000. Ainsworth has around 39,000, Zandvliet has about 23,000. --NW

8.20pm:Boeree loses some back
Shortly after winning a huge pot with aces Liv Boeree lost a small amount of that back, Nicholas Abourisk was the beneficiary. He raised under the gun to 1,200 and was flat called by Boeree from the big blind. They both checked the flop of 9♣4♣[10h] before Boeree check-called bets of 1200 and 1,625 respecrtively on the 7♠Q♥ turn and river. --NW
8.15pm: Suckout city
Liv Boeree had got her stack back to 23,425 after her dinner break. We know it was exactly that much because that was how much her stack was when she called Deva Crouch's five-bet all-in. Boeree had opened for 1,100 and Crouch had three-bet to 2,900. Boeree pumped the pot up to 8,600 and Crouch moved all-in. Boeree called. This monster pot was for over 48,000.

Boeree: A♥A♦
Crouch: K♠K♦

It as an absolute cooler for Crouch but a huge [4][q][k] flop put her into the lead. Boeree did not look happy, understandably so, and there was much muttering and head shaking until the turn dropped an ace. A blank eight on the river shipped the pot to Boeree up to 48,000. Crouch is still on circa 33,000. -- RD

8.05pm:Last aggressive action wins the day
When I joined the pre-flop action there was 4,400 in front of small blind Dave Maudlin (who had 50,000 behind) and 11,625 in front of the cut-off Nicholas Abourisk (about 38,000 behind). Maudlin was deep in the tank, Dave has a reputation as a very solid thinking player and was obviously giving serious thought as to the best course of action. Eventually he elected to fold. -- NW

8pm: The feature table
Mick Graydon wandered over to us at the break to ask if the Jude Ainsworth/Joeri Zandvliet/Marius Lietuvninkas table was the feature table. Well, it certainly had the most spectators as Zandvliet called down Ainsworth on a 7♦J♦Q♥3♠T♣ for a small pot. Ainsworth showed K♥J♣ for top pair.

Mick Graydon is a big winner online so what did he think of the field here at the UKIPT? "It's got a lot tougher, I've got to tell you. You wouldn't expect the field in a £500 event to be this tough," said the Irishman. But then again, it could just be the table draws. -- RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 1b_mick graydon.jpg

Mick Graydon: BIGMICKG is on 20,000 at the dinner break

7.55pm: Some of the big stacks who're on break
A quick whip round of the tables whose players are currently on dinner break reveals these to be the biggest stacks:

Steve Lovett: 75,500
William Haughey: 70,300
Jake Cody: 69,300
David Rowley: 60,200
Eddie Gaines: 59,725

They've played a level more than those currently in action but Lovett is the current chip leader --NW

7.40pm: Chip counts
We did a sweep of the room whilst half the field was on break and have updated the chip counts page. -- NW

We're now entering the second half of level seven, i.e half of the field has returned while the other half have broken for dinner. -- RD

7.30pm: Everytime an ace flops
That's what it seems like when you hold pocket kings. From under the gun Michael McNelis raised to 1,200 and picked up one caller, Margaret Clabby , on the button. The flop fell 6♠3♣A♣ and McNeils bet 1,400 and was called by Clabby. Both players shut down on the 9♦ 7♠ turn and river, McNeils showing A♥[10h], Clabby K♠K♥. -- NW

7.20pm: Big Mick G
Ireland's first Supernova Elite Mick Graydon seems to be quietly navigating this UKIPT field slowly but surely edging his stack up past average and beyond. Graydon is unlikely to make any major mistakes - or many minor ones for that matter - and should make the end of the day at the very least. -- RD

7.10pm: Owston out
Dan Owston was still looking a little shell shocked when I caught up with him after his knockout at the hands of Peter Donoghue. The Welshman told us what happened: "I raised with 5♣7♣ and he called in the small blind. We both checked the [j][8][6] rainbow flop and the 9♠ came on the turn. He checked, I bet 1,800 and he made it 4,000. I thought hard about it before shoving because I really couldn't see him betting out with much less than the nuts."

Owston got his chips with the second nuts and Donoghue called with [q][t] for the stone cold nut straight. -- RD

ukipt edinburgh_day1b_dan owston exit.jpg

The second nuts no good for Owston

6.55pm: Willems with another good hook
A Dutch Robbie Williams tribute act* is in the field today and Robby Willems just doubled up having no regrets about getting it in with pocket jacks (also known as hooks) for his last 4,325. He was up against Gordon Johnstone's A♣Q♥ and the flop was very entertaining for Willems as he flopped a set. - NW

* We may have just made that up.

6.45pm: Owston takes one from Thew
From the small blind Julian Thew completed, only for big blind Dan Owston to make it 1,500 to play, a raise Thew elected to call. On the 7♣7♥3♦ board Thew check-called a bet of 1,600 from Owston. On the Q♣ turn Thew checked again, Owston did not slow down though firing 3,000 into the pot, Thew decided to fold and Owston showed the Q♠ as he raked the pot. - NW

6.40pm: Jonas Schwade going well
For a man playing his first ever big live tournament 18 year-old Jonas Schwade is going well on 35,000. We can't see his brother (Jan-Niclas at the moment) but he may well be on dinner break. -- NW

6.35pm: Payouts and prizes
For those Day 1A players that are already through to Day 2 and are anxiously rubbing their hands about how much money they might win. Well, now you don't have to wait any further:

1st £50,000
2nd £27,700
3rd £17,600
4th £13,100
5th £10,300
6th £8,200
7th £6,300
8th £4,800
9th £3,400
10th £2,600
11-13 £2,200
14-16 £1,900
17-20 £1,700
21-24 £1,500
25-28 £1,300
29-32 £1,150
33-40 £1,000
41-48 £900
49-56 £800

We'll get up a prizes and winners page tomorrow and start filling in the cash blanks as the players bust. -- RD

6.35pm: Dinner break
Half the field have gone on dinner break and the other half are playing on through level seven. Jude Ainsworth and Liv Boeree are in the half stopping for scran and the latter is up here in the press room eating chocolate cake (the parts that aren't smothered across her face anyway). Boeree is on 20,000 after "p*ssing away 10,000" not long before the break. -- RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 1b_jude ainsworth.jpg

Jude Ainsworth is in the half going on break

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Edinburgh: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT