UKIPT Edinburgh Day 3: Levels 25 & 26, blinds 30,000-60,000, ante 5,000

ukiptthumb.JPG12.33am: Nick Abou Risk wins UKIPT Edinburgh
Here's how the final hand of the inaugural UKIPT Edinburgh went down. Nick Abou Risk made his standard open to 135,000 on the button and Mantas Puidokas re-raised to 410,000. Abou Risk moved all-in and Puidokas called all-in for just over 2,000,000.

Abou Risk: J♣6♠
Puidokas: K♥9♥

The board 6♣J♦9♣6♦[10d] gave Abou Risk a full house, the title and £50,000. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day3_mantas puidokas out.jpg

Heartbreak for Mantas Puidokas in Edinburgh

12.31am: Risk nets return
Nick Abou Risk has won the UKIPT Edinburgh and £50,000. Details on the way. -- NW

12.30am: Easy eight
Nick Abou Risk has won the last eight hands of heads up play, he's ground Mantas Puidokas down to 2,050,000. -- NW

12.25am: Risk strikes back
From the button Nick Abou Risk made it 130,000 to go and was called by Mantas Puidokas. On a flop of 5♠2♣A♣ Puidokas checked, Abou Risk bet 130,000 and Puidokas called. The turn was the 5♦ and both players checked. On the 9♥ river Puidokas led for 225,000 and Abou Risk called showing A♥K♠ to win the pot Puidokas had 9♣4♥. With that pot Abou Risk regains the chip lead. -- NW

12.15am: Mantas wins a big pot
The first hand of heads up play was a big one. Nick Abou Risk made it 135,000 to play and Mantas Puidokas made the call. On a flop of 6♣J♦6♥ Puidokas checked, Abou Risk bet 155,000, Puidokas raised to 325,000, Abou Risk made it 650,000 and Puidokas moved all-in and Abou Risk folded. Puidokas now has the chip lead, 3,050,000 against 2,700,000. -- NW

12am: Luke Marsh eliminated in third place winning £17,600
Luke Marsh limped from the small blind and Nick Abou Risk checked his option. The flop fell 5♣7♣Q♣ and Marsh led for 75,000. Abou Risk made it 225,000 total and Marsh made the call. The turn was the 6♥, Marsh checked and Abou Risk bet 400,000. Marsh tanked for a minute before moving all-in for around 1,200,000 total, Abou Risk called and he had Marsh covered, just.

Abou Risk 8♣6♣
Marsh: J♣7♥

Marsh needed to hit a club to double up, but the river was the 6♦ and Abou Risk now takes the chip lead to heads up play with around 3,300,000 to Mantas Puidokas 2,400,000. -- NW

11.55pm: Luke Marsh out in third (£17,600)
Details to come.

11.50pm: Puidokas claims the chip lead
Mantas Puidokas has gone into the lead three-handed. Puidokas raised to 135,000 from the small blind and was called by Marsh in the big blind. He fired 155,000 on a 9♣Q♥K♠. Both checked through to the 7♣K♣ river where Puidokas led for 250,000. Marsh called but mucked when he was shown K♥4♠. -- RD

11.40pm: Abou Risk making a push for the win
Abou Risk has been the most active of the three players since Zandvliet was knocked out. He has been raising and shoving by far the most. -- RD

11.25pm: Double domination denies Dutchman
There will be no monkey slaying in Edinburgh, Joeri Zandvliet has just been eliminated in 4th place. Mantas Puidokas raised to 125,000 and Zandvliet moved all-in for 960,000. Puidokas sighed, put his head in his hands and agonized over the decision, eventually he quietly announced call.

Puidokas: 7♦7♣
Zandvliet: 4♦4♣

Puidokas even had Zandvliet suit dominated and it only got worse for Zandvliet on the 2♦3♥7♥9♥6♥ board. Zandvliet wins £13,100. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day3_joeri zandvliet bust out.jpg

Zandvliet just after his elimination

11.20pm: Chips

Puidokas: 1,075,000
Marsh: 2,300,000
Zandvliet: 900,000
Abou Risk: 1,465,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 30,000-60,000, ante 5,000

11.03pm: Break time
The four remaining players are on a 15 minute break, tournament staff are colouring up the 1,000 denomination chips. We'll bring you chip counts when we get them shortly. -- NW

11.02pm: Richard Chadwick eliminated in 5th place winning £10,300
His run of double ups had to end sometime and it has. Chadwick actually had more than when he lost the hand with A♠8♠. He moved his stack of 600,000 in under the gun and was called by Luke Marsh.

Chadwick: K♦J♣
Marsh: A♥Q♥

Chadwick got a sweat but he ultimately missed the 2♣6♣7♣[10c]4♥ board to exit in fifth. -- NW

11pm: Chadwick out in fifth for £10,300
Details to come.

11pm: Chadwick doubles again
Chadwick has doubled again after spiking a gutshot with a six on the river against Nick Abou Risk. The Canadian had shoved into Chadwick from the small blind and Chadwick called with K♦7♥. Abou Risk showed A♦T♥ and the board ran out 9♣Q♣5♦8♦ at which point Chadwick called: "six!". And the six duly arrived on the river. He's up to 560,000 now. -- RD

10.50pm: Chadwick down to dust
Richard Chadwick moved all-in under the gun and next to act Mantas Puidokas moved all-in too. Everyone else folded, before the cards were turned over Chadwick turned to his friends and ran his finger across his throat to signal, 'I'm in trouble,' indeed he was.

Chadwick: A♠8♠
Puidokas: A♦A♣

The board of 6♣5♣2♣J♦J♥ left Chadwick with around 60,000, Puidokas' all-in was for 459,000, so he now has around 975,000. Since this hand Chadwick has doubled up twice and now has around 280,000. -- NW

10.45pm: Joeri Zandvliet doubles through Nick Abou Risk
Under the gun Joeri Zandvliet moved all-in and was called by Nick Abou Risk, Zandvliet's all-in was for 491,000.

Zandvliet: Q♥Q♦
Abou Risk: A♦Q♠

The board was safe for Zandvliet running out 9♥K♠[10s]8♥3♠ the Dutchman doubled to over a million. -- NW

10.47pm: Chadwick and Puidokas all-in
Details to come.

10.42pm: MONSTER POT
Marsh opened the button for 88,000 and Abou Risk moved all-in for just over one million. Marsh went long into the tank and finally made the call.

Marsh: K♠J♥
Abou Risk: A♠6♠

If he wins the flip Marsh will have something like two-thirds of the chips in play and be a huge favourite to win. The flip went the other way though with Abou Risk hitting two-pair on a 6♦8♣3♦A♦9♠ board. Abou Risk is up to 2,000,000. Game on. -- RD

10.35pm: Broadway for Marsh
Luke Marsh now has around half the chips in play after winning a pot against Joeri Zandvliet. The pot started off slowly enough with Marsh completing from the small blind and Zandvliet checking his option. Marsh fired three bullets of 52,000, 127,000 and 155,000 respectively on a 7♦[KhQ♦A♦6♣ board and Zandvliet called all three, Marsh's [10c]J♦ winning him the pot. -NW

10.27pm: Marsh turning the screw
Big stack has almost half the chips in play and he is opening and raising liberally. Abou Risk opened to 88,000 and Marsh shoved on him. Abou Risk passed. Marsh opended the next hand from the button and Zandvliet and Abou Risk passed in the blinds. -- RD

10.20pm: Puidokas gets shove happy
Mantas Puidokas has been the most conservative player at the table but he might be finally opening up (a little). Luke Marsh opened under the gun to 88,000 and Puidokas shoved for over 400,000. Marsh took his sweet time before folding and Puidokas tossed A♣T♣ on its back. -- RD

10.15pm: Mantas snares a chop
From the small blind Matas Puidokas moved all-in for 440,000 and was called by Luke Marsh in the big blind.

Puidokas: A♦6♠
Marsh: A♥J♣

The board ran out 4♥4♣K♦K♠Q♣ and Puidokas survived. -- NW

10.05pm: Players returning to the action
There are just five players left in the field and Luke Marsh has a huge 2,719,00 chip lead. -- RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 3_mantas and marsh.jpg

Pudiokas looking over at chip leader Luke Marsh

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Edinburgh: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT