UKIPT Killarney: Day 1, levels 3&4 (blinds 100-200)

ukiptthumb.JPG8.15pm: O'Neill binks big before break
We caught up with the action when UKIPT Galway final table finisher Cat O'Neill led 2,000 onto a 3♦K♠7♥A♥T♦ board. Her opponent, online qualifier Richard Strittmatter I believe, raised to 6,000 and O'Neill three-bet to 12,000. Strittmatter made the call showing top set with A♣A♦. O'Neill? J♣Q♥ for the Broadway straight. Ouch.

That's it until after for the dinner break. Catch up with us in one hour. --RD

8.15pm: Field size confirmed
Late Registration finished at the end of level three and we can confirm that there were a total of 253 entrants. As players head off on their dinner break 230 remain. We'll post the breakdown of the €253,000 prize pool as soon as we have it. --NW

8.10pm: Not much movement for Julian
As Team PokerStars pro Julian Thew was moving tables with his stack of 14,100 I asked him if he had anything interesting to report. 'I four-bet pre-flop with two black aces and got one caller,' he said. 'The flop was ten, jack, queen with two spades. My opponent (Robert Brosnan) was in the blinds and as the flop came down he sat up and looked really excited. He bet 2,700 and I couldn't think of anything I was beating apart from a pair of kings, so I had to fold.' As a result of his table move, Thew is sharing a table with Mike Hill, third place finisher at the UKIPT Manchester stop. --NW

7.55pm: Trethewey gives some back
Vincent Trethewey's reign near the top of the chip charts was short lived. By the time we reached the table there was a board of 6♥Q♣K♥7♣K♠ spread out and Trethewey was sliding 6,000 in the direction of Simon Deedigan for a full double up. In front of Trethewey was 6♥7♥ and Deedigan had K♦[10c]. Trethewey slips to around 30,000.--NW

ukipt killarney_day 1_vincent trethewey.jpg

Grim river for Trethewey

7.50pm: Making bacon
Danish online qualifier Johan Bindner is enjoying a day of mixed fortunes. On one hand I've just seen him win a small pot, on the other Denmark are losing 2-0 to Japan and are facing elimination from the World Cup. Oh dear, Denmark. Nick Wealthall caught up with this (maybe Great) Dane earlier. --RD

7.35pm: No double title for Augustus
UKIPT Coventry winner Gilles Augustus will not be the first UKIPT double winner as, unless he's transformed into a red-headed woman, he is out. -- RD

7.20pm: Current chip leaders
The current chip leaders look to be Dave McAndrew and Vincent Trethewey. The latter has just burst through the 40,000 mark after winning a pot from Joe Cahill. With 6,300 in the pot Cahill, the cut-off, checked to Trethewey who was the button. He bet 4,000 and Cahill was clearly pained. After sometime in the tank he folded pocket kings, face up. Trethewey was gracious enough to show A♣Q♣ as he raked in the pot. Blinds are about to go up to 100/200 Trethewey has just the 200 big blinds. --NW

7.10pm: Opening the Flood gates
After some chunky pre-flop action Liam Flood was left with the option to check or bet on a 4♣6♣7♦ flop. Unsurprisingly the Irishman opted to bet some 4,500 into the 4,800 pot. Bluff, bluster or big hand? It didn't matter as he made his opponent crumble as he stacked up to 19,000. -- RD

7pm: Lewis likes it
Four players checked the 9♠5♠4♦ flop but action was always unlikely to check all the way around again with Toby Lewis on the button. Lewis bet 600 on the 4♣ turn and picked up one caller who then overbet 2,700 on the river. Lewis postured a short while before raising to 6,300 and scooping the pot. -- RD

6.50pm: Couldridge back in business
UKIPT Nottingham winner Andrew Couldridge had slipped to 10,525, but is now back in business after winning a 8,000 pot against Barry O'Sullivan. We only saw the river action but with a board of 6♥Q♦9♠J♦[10d] O'Sullivan bet 1200 and Couldridge flat called. O'Sullivan had A♦A♠ but Couldridge had K♦[10s] for a straight to scoop the pot. Couldridge is now back to his starting stack, O'Sullivan, despite losing that pot, has around 23,000. --NW

6.45pm: Owston Owning
If you'd looked at our chip count page you'd have noticed Dan Owston is doing well as he has a stack of 23,025. I caught up with him on the break and he recounted a hand which helped him become one of the early chip leaders. 'Under the gun plus one raised (Jeremy Nock) and I've flat called on the button with J♠9♠. The flop was [10s]2♥3♦, he's continuation bet and I've called. The turn was a two, pairing the board, he's checked to me and I've bet 1,700 into 3,600. The river was another three, he checks to me again and I make a large bet of 3,600 and he folds.' --NW

ukipt killarney_day 1_dan oswtson.jpg

Dan Owston final tabled at the UKIPT Manchester, will he do the same here?

6.35pm: Early knockouts
Here are some players that can watch the football on Sunday without that minor distraction of contesting the final table: Rob Yong, Albert Alexander, George McKeever, Peter Giles, Derry O'Sullivan are just a few of the players that have fallen. --RD

UKIPTKIL_MickeyMay_JPG  22719.jpg

Geroge McKeever was one player taking an early bath

6.25pm: Back from break
The players are filtering back to their seats as the clock starts ticking again. We've updated some of the named and notable players on our chip counts page which you can get to by clicking HERE! -- RD

UKIPTKIL_MickeyMay_JPG  22494.jpg

Action stations!

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT