UKIPT Killarney: Day 1, levels 5,6&7 (blinds 200-400, ante 50)

ukiptthumb.JPG1.20am: End of day chip leaders
As players were bagging and tagging their chips we scoured the room for the chip leaders, unofficially the top three are:

Vinnie Gavin: 79,850
Sean Molloy: 77,350
Nathan Watson: 75,125

We've been told we'll have full chip counts by 2.30a.m --NW

12.40am: End of day 1
That's it for the day. A wrap is on its way and will include a summary of a geniuis-or-fish call made by Dan Owston as well as a catch up with our overnight chipleaders. -- RD

12.25am: Five more hands
Five final hands for the day has been annouced leaving a frozen 12:06 on the clock. There's 159 players left in the field from a starting field of 253 and there could still be a couple more knockouts in these last few hands. -- RD

12.15am: Big hand for Brindley
A bit of situational luck is wonderful in tournaments and that's what Roy Brindley has just been giftfed. A raise of 750 had been called by Jeffrey Burke in the cut-off before the button had moved all-in for 10,000. Roy Brindley moved all-in over the top from the small blind isolating the action heads up. Brindley showed Q♣Q♦ to his opponent's A♠K♥. A monstrous Q♥J♥9♥ flop gave Brindley a huge flop but a lot of sweats. The A♣ turn and J♦ river boosts Brindley up to around 50,000. --RD

ukipt killarney_day 1_roy brindley.jpg

Roy would have good reason to hold his head in his hands had the T♥ arrived

12.10am: Action Flop
Dan Owston recounted a hand to us that happened at his table, the Welshman wasn't involved but it was a humdinger. On a flop of Q♦[10d]5♣ about 30,000 chips ended up in the middle with Gary Clarke and Maurice O'Donoghue the two involved, O'Donoghue was at risk. On their backs:
Clarke: Q♣Q♠
O'Donoghue: K♦J♦
So a set of queens against an open-ended straight flush draw, the turn was 6♣ and the river A♥ and although O'Donoghue missed his straight flush draw he still went from worst to first on the river by making broadway. --NW

11.35pm: Big stacks
We've swept the tournament floor for the biggest stacks and Andrew Laurie is our chipleader with 73,000. We're busily inputting the next ten or so and will post a handy little link here shortly. -- RD


11.20pm: Aces versus kings
You've got kings and you're facing action. Happy days. Your opponent has aces and your parade has officially been rained upon. This is what happened to German Johannes Meyer who got in best part of 10,000 pre-flop with K♥K♣ against Shaun Hegarty of Ireland who held A♥A♠. The flop ran out Q♣9♦A♣3♦T♦ and Hegarty was left happily chipping up.

It's break time and we're back for just one last level of the day. --RD

11.315pm: Thew can't hit his flush
Just before the break Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew was eliminated from the tournament. Julian had about 16,000 before the hand and raised to 800 from middle position and picked up three customers. On a flop of 8♠J♠K♠ it checked to Dave Curtis in the hi-jack who bet 1600, two players folded and it was back on Thew. The 2007 PokerStars EPT Baden winner raised to 4,400 total. Curtis thought about his next move for a couple of minutes before raising enough to set Thew in, a call he made swiftly. On their backs:
Thew: A♠J♦
Curtis: A♣[Kh}
Turn: 2♦
River: [10d]

Thew missed his outs and wished the rest of the table good luck before leaving the table. --NW

11.10pm: All-in and fold
Coiln Loan and Enda O'Grady just played a big pot. Under the gun Loan got things started by raising to 950, next to act O'Grady raised to 2550. It folded back to Loan who made a swift call. The dealer spread a flop of 5♦2♥Q♣. Loan checked, to O'Grady who bet 3,500 a bet that was swiftly check-raised to 8,000 total by Loan. After a short think O'Grady committed the rest of his stack - an extra 8,300 on top of Loan's bet. Loan grimaced and gave it up. --NW

10.55pm: Burke v Brindley
Jeffrey Burke and Roy Brindley are sat at the same table and the two veterans look likely to tangle, especially after Burke just showed he was c-betting K♠5♠ on a 2♦3♠2♥ board. Brindley sucked it up but it could set the pace for an interesting dynamic in later hands. --RD

10.50pm: Payout bonanza
The tournament directors have just finished their calculator manipulations to draw up a payouot schedule that fills the pockets of 32 players. Our winner will scoop €63,000.

1st - €63,400
2nd - €39,200
3rd - €24,000
4th - €17,700
5th - €14,600
6th - €12,100
7th - €9,600
8th - €7,425
9th - €5,600
10th-11th - €4,450
12th-13th - €3,800
14th-15th - €3,250
16th-18th - €2,775
19th-21st - €2,475
22nd-24th - €2,200
25th-27th - €1,925
28th-32nd - €1,650

There's plenty of play before we get to the money though. --RD

10.30pm: Tamulevicius takes one
On a flop of Q♥8♣3♥ Darius Tamulevicius bet 1500 a bet which was raised to 4500 total by Mark Emmerson, after a brief dwell Tamulevicius bumped it to 15,000 straight. Emmerson had about 17,000 back and elected to preserve that stack. --NW


10.10pm: Laurie loving it
With 2950 in the pot and the flop reading A♥5♠9♠, Avi Cohen checked to Andrew Laurie, who bet 1500. Cohen then check-raised to 5525, Laurie made it 13025 total, Cohen moved all-in and Laurie called. All this took perhaps one minute at most. On their backs:

Cohen: A♠8♠
Laurie: A♦9♥

The turn and river ran out [10d]7♣ Cohen rapped his hand on the table in frustration . The stacks were counted down and Cohen was covered by Laurie, the latter is now right up with the chip leaders with around 55,000. --NW

ukipt killarney_day 1_andrew laurie.jpg

Easy, Andrew, you shouldn't start celebrating yet

We've just had the first place prize money confirmed. It will be €63,400 which is more than rewarding for four days work. And you get a massive crystal trophy too. It's got a lovely green baize pedestal to boot. That's classy. -- RD

10.05pm: Three-way action
There were five players that limped to see a K♥5♣2♥ flop and it was Nathan Watson that was first to bite. Watson bet 800 into the pot from the hijack and was swiftly called by Joe O'Neill in the cut-off. It didn't take Ed Sweeney long before he popped it up to 2,000. Watson and O'Neill passed letting Sweeney scoop an easy little pot. Watson still has a large stack of chips though. --RD

10pm: Robinson struggling
Wexford's Owen Robinson finished fourth in the main event of UKIPT Nottingham, but he's struggling here in Killarney. With 2,500 in the pot by the time the dealer spread a flop of [10h]9♦9♥ Robinson, in the small blind, checked it over to his lone opponent Joe O'Neill, who bet 1,600, Robinson smooth called. The turn was the K♠ Robinson checked again, and O'Neill fired 3,000 which was enough to force a fold from Robinson. His stack is now hovering around the 7,000 mark. --NW

9.50pm: Fishy Owston
Dan Owston is up to 29,000 thanks to some 'fishy calling.' He told us he had a pair of twos and called his opponent all the way down. Did you call and bink a set? 'No, I was fishy calling with the best hand.' Owston is sporting a delightful bright orange t-shirt/bright red post-holiday sunburn look. It must be incredibly distracting for his opponents. That's some lengths to go to tilt your table. --RD

ukipt killarney_day 1_dan owston tan.jpg

Owston is stacking up

9.40pm: Couldridge playing Cash
There will be no repeat UKIPT winner in Killarney, Nottingham champion Andrew Couldridge is currently sat in a cash game, so unless he's taken to multi-tabling, he's out of the main event. --NW

9.30pm: Chip Counts
As play gets underway in level five there 214 players left according to the tournament clock. Amongst those are a cluster of co-chip leaders all of whom have somewhere between 45,000 and 47,000. Among those sitting pretty currently are: Mark Flanagan, Sean Molloy, Cat O'Neill, Dave McAndrew, Christy Monahan, Brian Rogers and Keith McFadden. Check out our chip count page for a sprinkling of current chip counts. --NW

9.25pm: Full bellies ready for action
The players are back from the buffet (which was pretty good, I have to say) and are straight back into the action. Apologies in advance if you find food on your screen - we're rapidly trying to wolf down our dinner as we type. --RD

UKIPTKIL_MickeyMay_JPG  22720.jpg

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT