UKIPT Killarney: Femi Fakinle leading the UKIPT Killarney final table


There are two stories today and appropriately for the UKIPT one is from Ireland and the other from the UK. First we have Irishman Femi Fakinle who started the day midfield with 96,100 and finished the day with a table cracking 1,045,500. He's some 400,000 ahead of the pack and is looking good to make big money. First place pays out €63,400 but even the first unlucky short stack to lose a flip will take €7,425.

ukipt killarney_day 3_femi fakinle.jpg

Fakinle has plenty to smile about going to the final table with a mammoth 400,000 chip lead over second place

Fakinle seemed to be involved in a lot of the biggest pots being played, little surprise given that he's finished the day with over 1m. The turning point for the 26-year old father of two was when he got it all in against Irish legend Liam Flood with middle set with 6♣6♦ on a 8♣6♥5♠ flop against Liam Flood's 7♠8♠. Fakinle held up to claim the massive 400k pot and after that he never looked back making some big folds and big bluffs along the way. One thing is certain and that's that we won't have a chip leader who is reluctant to get involved from the off tomorrow.

Chip counts
Femi Fakinle, Ireland, PokerStars qualifier - 1045500
Peter Barrable, Ireland - 607000
Brian Downey, Ireland - 602000
Jens Schmukal, Germany, PokerStars qualifier - 453000
David Rowley, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier - 361000
Philip Phu United Kingdom PokerStars qualifier - 231000
Michael Hill, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player - 222000
Anoghus Farrell, Ireland - 206000

ukipt killarney_day 3_liam flood again.jpg

Irish legend Liam Flood qualified online through PokerStars and would have been a hugely popular winner

The second story is that of Mike Hill and the UKIPT Leaderboard brigade. At the beginning of the day when our thirty-two cash finishers came back to play through to the final table we had five, yes five, previous UKIPT final table finishers in the form of Owen Robinson, Michael Graydon, Cat O'Neill, Dan Owston and Mike Hill. So not only were these famous five racing to make the final table and take the UKIPT Killarney title but they were also trying to stuff as many valuable leaderboard points in their pockets. Hill won a huge 400,000 pot against Michael Graydon after flopping top set with pocket tens against Graydon's pocket rockets, from which the Irishman never recovered. It was a huge swing in chips and in leaderboard points (see below). Depending on where Hill finishes tomorrow he could have anywhere up to a 32 point lead over Chris Brammer.

ukipt killarney_day 3_mike hill wrap.jpg

Leaderboard leader Mike Hill is leading from the front in the leaderboard points leading stakes. Now there's a mouthful...

Now this leaderboard is not just about glory, no sir, the winner bags an incredible UKIPT passport that covers buy-ins and accommodation at all Season 2 events (including the £5,000 UKIPT Grand Final aka the EPT London). Using our semi-redundant powers of calculation we're putting a very rough price tag of £15,000 on that. Second and third place bag entry into four and two events respectively. Not bad considering you've already bagged a load of prize money. There are still plenty of points up for grabs and entry into a $10,000 freeroll for the top 100 players.

UKIPT Leader board
1. Michael Hill 141.5 to 161.05
2. Christopher Brammer 128.75
3. Michael Graydon 122.45
4. Marius Lietuvninkas 122
5. Dan Owston 113.75
6. Owen Robinson 112.25
7. Augustus Gilles 105
8. Jack Ellwood 99.75
9. Joeri Zandvliet 97.5
10. Rupinder Bedi 95.1

Join us at 2pm tomorrow as the final table kicks off and even a little earlier if you want to catch up with out final table player profiles. There's going to be thrills and spills and plenty of tears (from German Jens Schmukal when England beat Germany 5-1 again...).

Final table payouts
1st - €63,400
2nd - €39,200
3rd - €24,000
4th - €17,700
5th - €14,600
6th - €12,100
7th - €9,600
8th - €7,425

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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT