UKIPT Killarney: Football, flops and final tables


Welcome to the UKIPT Killarney the official halfway point of our first season. As usual we kicked things off with a well lubricated welcome party which yesterday started early at 3pm for the England game. Most of the local players were still bathing in South Africa's victory over France (who had cheated the Irish national team out of a place at the World Cup) while those travelling from England were given a pre-tournament cheer with England inching Slovenia out 1-0. That victory guaranteed passage to the second round and an electrifying death match against Germany. That nail-biter is due to kick-off at 4pm on Sunday which will be watched by millions, but there'll be nine players who will be paying little attention to that game as they'll be battling to score the winner here and claim the inaugural UKIPT Killarney title. So far 220 players are signed up on anecdotal advice but we're expecting a late glut of players to join the fray (by looking at the cash desk) for this €1,000 Main Event come the time registration closes. Not bad for a very healthy €250,000 guarantee.

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UKIPT Killarney marks the halfway point in this tournament

Known players on the UK circuit that we have spotted so far include Liam Flood, Dan Owston, PokerStars Team Pro Julian Thew, Simon Trumper, Roy Brindley, George McKeever and Rob Yong. A lot of big name players and online young guns are away at some World Series thingamabob which really opens up this tournament and gives some great added value. If you're sat reading this beating yourself up over the fact you've missed out on this great tournament, then you don't need to. You'll just have to wait two weeks for the UKIPT Brighton which takes place July 15-19. Satellites are running now.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT