UKIPT Killarney: Kill(arney) Dave

ukiptthumb.JPGAnother day, another bubble and another broken dream for one poor bubble boy. However that also means a hell of a lot of celebration, renewed hope and glory for thirty-two others. Tonight's wayward soul happened to be Dave McAndrews who had a fairly grim outdraw with 9♦9♠ to 6♣7♣ on a 3♦3♣7♥4♦ board. A 5♠ on the river gave his opponent, one Vinny Gavin, a straight and a huge 379,100 stack. Gavin, however, does not get to claim the chip lead for the second night on the bounce. That privilege goes out to David Rowley who goes into the money with an epic 445,000 chips. That's four times the average stack and all but guarantees him a deep finish. All but...

ukipt killarney_day 2_dave mcandrews.jpg

Dave McAndrews was the unfortunate bubble boy in 33rd

Rowley built his monster stack in the final hand-by-hand bubble moments of the day when he hung on with A♥4♦ on a Q♠8♥A♣7♣K♦ board in the face of three streets of aggression from Johannes Meyer (who was bluffing/semi-bluffing/bluffing with 5♠6♠). It was a huge call on the river and one that he would have been asking himself 'Why didn't I just muck?' for the next few days if he'd got it wrong. Instead he was rewarded with a huge pile of chips that will propel him deep into day 3. We caught up with him after the tournament to speak to him about that hand. Rowley explained, 'Johannes and myself were the two chip leaders on the table and we'd both been opening pots on the bubble but we both know that we're trying to stay out of each other's way. When he opens, even though he's under the gun I decide to call with A-4 from the big blind as I think it's ahead of his opening range as other stacks are playing tight. When he bets 8,000 on the Q♠8♥A♣ it's pretty standard so I call. The turn is the 7♥ putting a straight and flush draw on board. I check again and he bets 20,000, I check-raise to 60,000 as I'm fairly sure my ace is good and I think he peels in position with draws like J-10 or 10-9. The river was the K♦ which completed some of the draws so I checked. He bet 120,000 so if I call and lose I've only got about 40,000 left. I took my time over it and I thought he looked uncomfortable, a bit weak and also I think my ace is probably good so I call. He had 5♠6♠ for a missed draw.' German Meyer, who was leading the pack earlier in the day, was left with an average stack but definitely shouldn't be ruled out for tomorrow.

ukipt killarney_day 2_david rowley.jpg

David Rowley stayed true in the face of German aggression to win a monster pot

Beyond these big stacks there is a huddle of previous final table finishers that are looking to go that step further in Mike Hill and Dan Owston (UKIPT Manchester), Owen Robinson (UKIPT Nottingham), Cat O'Neill (UKIPT Galway) and last but not least Mick BIGMICKG Graydon (also UKIPT Galway), Ireland's first Supernova Elite. Graydon was bitterly disappointed not to go all the when he finished fourth in Galway in the very first UKIPT event. It was Padraig Parkinson who won that first Irish event back in December 2009 and other Irishmen, including the legendary Liam Flood, will be keen to follow him in his footsteps in keeping the UKIPT Killarney title on Irish soil. Join us tomorrow to find out who makes it to the fifth UKIPT final table.

ukipt killarney_day 2_liam flood.jpg

Liam Flood (right) would be a popular winner here in Ireland

1st - €63,400
2nd - €39,200
3rd - €24,000
4th - €17,700
5th - €14,600
6th - €12,100
7th - €9,600
8th - €7,425
9th - €5,600
10th-11th - €4,450
12th-13th - €3,800
14th-15th - €3,250
16th-18th - €2,775
19th-21st - €2,475
22nd-24th - €2,200
25th-27th - €1,925
28th-32nd - €1,650

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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT