UKIPT Killarney: Levels 16&17 (blinds 3,000-6,000, ante 500)

ukiptthumb.JPG6.55pm: State of play
Here's how the remaining players stack up at the end of level 16. Femi Fakinle is the chip leader with 690,000.

Table One:
Seat One: David Rowley, 470,000
Seat Three: Oskar Prehm, 145,000
Seat Four: Nicholas Newport, 204,000
Seat Five: Aonghus O'Farrell, 75,000
Seat Six: Jens Schmukal, 350,000
Seat Seven: Femi Fakinle, 690,000
Seat Eight: Brian Downey, 345,000

Table two:

Seat One: Philip Phu, 215,000
Seat Two: Owen Robinson, 173,500
Seat Four: Mike Hill, 396,500
Seat Five: Tadgh Ryan, 221,500
Seat Six: Dan Owsten, 67,000
Seat Seven: Connor Fennell, 137,000
Seat Eight: Peter Barrable, 230,500

6.35pm: Fakinle likes fives
On the last hand before the dinner break Femi Fakinle and Nicholas Newport played a long drawn out hand which extended almost nine minutes pas t the end of the level. We missed the pre-flop action but there was 120,000 in the middle with Fakinle was under the gun and Newport on the button, this suggested that Fakinle had opened, Newport had three-bet and Fakinle had called.
The dealer spread a flop of 9♣8♦[10h] Fakinle checked to Newport who bet 57,000. Fakinle cut out a lot of blue chips (around 200,000) and after a think of at least three minutes decided to just flat call. The turn was the K♥ and this time Fakinle led for 115,000. Newport looked sickened and tanked for a long time asking Fakinle if he'd call a three-bet with queen-jack and latterly if he'd show if Newport folded, Fakinle said he would show if Newport folded and when Newport did eventually fold, Fakinle showed 5♦5♣. --NW

6.25pm: Double up for Barrable
Peter Barrable shoved under the gun for 127,000 and was called by the big blind by Conor Fennell.

Barrable: 7♣7♥
Fennell: A♥K♦

Barrable managed to fade any ace and any king and doubled up to 260,000. Fennell is down to 120,000. --RD

6.15pm: Action has slowed
Action has slowed somewhat in the past 20 minutes, most three bets are being met with folds from the original raiser and few flops are being seen. There's five minutes left of the 3000-6000 ante 500, level and the average stack is 271,000. --NW

6.05pm: Fakinle makes a big fold
Aonghus O'Farrell opened the action to 19,000 under the gun and Femi Fakinle three-bet to 75,000. In the seat next to him Brian Downey moved all-in for what looked like around 175,000 more. The action folded back to Fakinle who made a lot of pained expressions before folding and flashing ace-king. O'Farrell showed queens. It's a huge fold from Fakinle. Was it a good one? We'll leave you to make that decision for yourself. -- RD

5.55pm: O'Neill down to dust, then out
Cat O'Neill is down to dust, Phillip Phu taking most of her stack. Phu raised from the button, O'Neill calling from the small blind, there was 34,000 in the pot before the flop of J♣5♦9♣. O'Neill checked and Phu open shoved for 105,000, O'Neill called.
Phu: K♦J♦

O'Neill: K♣3♣

Turn: 8♦

River: J♠

O'Neill was left with 22,000 which went in a few hands later with 6♣5♦ against Tadgh Ryan's K♦J♦, Ryan making a straight on the [10h]2♠2♥A♠Q♦ board. --NW

5.55pm: Table 2 overview
And here's the other table of eight seven players. Mike Hill is the big stack of the table.

Seat One: Philip Phu, 95,000
Seat Two: (vacated by Mick Graydon)
Seat Three: Cat O'Neill, 130,000
Seat Four: Mike Hill, 400,00
Seat Five: Tadgh Ryan, 130,000
Seat Six: Dan Owsten, 110,000
Seat Seven: Connor Fennell, 220,000
Seat Eight: Peter Barrable, 140,000

5.45pm: So sick for Graydon
Mick Graydon is down to fumes, maybe 18,000 for a few big blinds. Graydon got it all-in for a 400,000 pot on the turn of a T♥4♠3♦K♥ board against Mike Hill who showed T♣T♠ for a flopped top set. 'That's so sick,' muttered Graydon. 'I knew he must have had that when he checked that flop to me. What other hand would he have?' Graydon was left scrubbing his head with tournament disgust. Graydon was ko'd a few hands later by Philip Phu. -- RD

5.40pm: Table one overview
Here's who's sitting where and how they're doing at table one: With approximately 2,200,000 chips of the 3,795,000 in play, this table is the more stacked of the two.

Seat One: David Rowley, 415,000
Seat Two: Owen Robinson, 110,000
Seat Three: Oskar Prehm, 115,000
Seat Four: Nicholas Newport, 260,000
Seat Five: Aonghus O'Farrell, 75,000
Seat Six: Jens Schmukal, 410,000
Seat Seven: Femi Fakinle, 650,000
Seat Eight: Brian Downey, 255,000

5.30pm: Game over for the gentleman
Liam 'The Gentleman' Flood has just been eliminated in 17th place. He got his last 60,000 in pre-flop against Jens Schmukal.

Flood: K♣[10s]

Schmukal: K♦Q♦

The board ran out: J♣9♠7♠A♣A♠

He shook everyone's hand as he left the table. With 16 players left tournament staff are just breaking a table, we're down to our final two tables.--NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000, ANTE 500

5.25pm: Hill doubles through O'Donoghue
From the cut-off Mike Hill opened to 14,000, next to act Maurice O'Donoghue raised all-in for around 110,000. Hill called the all-in and was the player at risk.
Hill: A♥J♣
O'Donoghue: J♥J♦
The flop of 5♥9♦6♣ was no help to Hill but the A♦ certainly was and the case jack did not appear on the river. Hill's stack was counted down and he had 87,500 to start the hand, O'Donoghue was left with just over 20,000 after that hand. O'Donoghue was eliminated a few hands later by Mick Graydon. --NW

5.20pm: Vinny Gavin is out in 19th for €2,475
Vinny Gavin's not been flipping well and so when his K♥Q♣ is turned over against Nicholas Newport's pocket sevens there was an inevitably that he wouldn't hit. And he did not. Gavin had been near the top of the chips for the first two days but just couldn't win those tosses today. --RD

5.15pm: Flood flushed out
Liam Flood and Nicholas Newport both caught draws on a Q♥K♦4♦ flop and it ended up being a race to see who could hit first.

Flood: A♦5♦
Newport: J♣T♣

The turn kept Flood in control with a second queen, the Q♣, but a final A♣ on the river gave Newport the nut straight and close to 300,000 stack. Flood was left looking demoralised with a little over 60,000. Can he comeback again? -- RD

5.05pm: Two more hit the rail
Two players were just eliminated in quick succession. First to go was Mehdi Amari, he shoved for 56,000 from the small blind with 4♦6♦ and was called by big blind Mick Graydon who had A♦J♣, the board ran out K♥K♣5♠9♠7♥. Then moments later Derek Thorpe was all-in for his last 60,000 with A♥7♥ against Jens Schmukal's [10c][10s]. The board of 4♦8♦6♦4♣2♦ was bereft of hearts or aces. 19 players remain. --NW

4.50pm: ...and the hammer is dropped on Johannes
Johannes Meyer and Tadgh Ryan both had playable hands and got it in preflop with Meyer the player at risk with 90,000.

Ryan: A♣K♠
Meyer: A♥J♦

Meyer's double through antics could not be repeated and the German is out in 22nd for €2,200. -- RD

ukipt killarney_day 3_johannes meyer.jpg

Johannes Meyer couldn't continue his outdrawing antics

4.50pm: Johannes drops the hammer
Nicholas Newport opened to 12,500 from the hi-jack, a bet Liam Flood, in the small blind, flat called. Then big blind Johannes Meyer moved all-in for 22,000. Newport asked the floor is Meyer's all-in bet counted as a raise or not, the floor ruled that it did and the betting was still open. Newport did indeed re-raise to 60,000, Flood folded.
Meyer: 7♦2♦
Newport: A♦J♣
Flop: K♥K♣5♠
Turn: 9♠
River: 7♥
Meyer doubled up to much hilarity from the rest of the table, apart from Newport. --NW

4.50pm: Gavin doubles another
Jens Schumkal just doubled through Vinny Gavin his ace-queen against Gavin's four-two. Both players made pairs but Schumkal's was better. He now has 85,000. --NW

ukipt killarney_day 3_vinny gavin.jpg

Gavin has run his 400k day starting stack into the ground

4.45pm: Flynn felted
The runaway train that is David Rowley shows no sign of abating. He just felted Jamie Flynn, who was all-in for his last 70,000. Rowley had K♠J♦, Flynn A♠4♦, with Rowley rivering a king to scoop the pot. -NW

4.40pm: Flood's titanic comeback
We earlier made the mistake of writing off Liam Flood but he has since shoved his way back into contention. He had 103,000 at the beginning of the hand when he opened from late position to 22,000. Vinny Gavin moved all-in and Flood slowly called.

Flood: 9♠9♦
Gavin: A♠T♦

The pair were off to the races and Gavin took a huge lead with a A♥T♠5♣ flop but a 9♣ on the turn gave Flood the kiss of life and doubled him up to 210,000. -- RD

4.35pm: Tamu is Finnished
Tamu Kero, who hails from Finland, got his last 28,000 in on the first hand back from the break, Femi Fakinle gave him a spin.

Kero: {Jc]J♠
Fakinle: A♣K♠

The board of 8♦9♥A♥Q♦9♠ gave Kero a sweat but ultimately he was sent packing albeit €2200 richer. --NW

4.25pm: Rowley still ruling
Scotsman Dave Rowley started with the biggest stack of chips today and he still has that honour as we come back from the break with a heaving 589,000. We're updating the chip counts now - we did a full sweep at the break - so check the chip counts page on the right. -- RD

ukipt killarney_day 3_dave rowley chipleader.jpg

David Rowely is keeping up the pressure as we go into the final 24

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Killarney: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT