UKIPT Manchester: Day 1a end of day wrap

ukiptthumb.JPGThe UKIPT is a tour that has aimed to hit that middle ground so often missed; players that want more than a £50 freezeout but don't necessarily want to stump up the €5,000 buy-in for an EPT event, and by the looks of today it's hit the target slap bang in the middle of the bulls eye. An impressive 228 players sat down to play Day 1a (and Day 1b is slated to be a sell out) meaning that there's some serious money to play for over the deep starting stacks and hour long structure providing a lot of room for manoeuvre.


Tomorrow's tournament floor is due to be at least as busy as Day 1a's

A reall attraction of the tour has been dissceting the spread of up and coming stars to have-a-go heroes making it fascinating watching the sharks emerge from the depths. As the levels played out across the long 11-level day some players clearly presented themselves clearly as the ones to beat, while others check-shoved their way out of the tournament with what they'll see with hindsight was a terrible rush of blood to the head.


Rupinder Bedi has plenty of reasons to smile ending the day as monster chip leader

Rupinder 'George' Bedi and Chris Brammer were two of the most noticeable players building towers of power but others, such as Neil Blatchley, Will Romaine and Will Fry, were also doing their best to mix things up. It is the first two mentioned the have topped the overnight chip leader chart with Bedi coasting on 179,400 - partly in thanks to cracking aces with pocket sixes - and Brammer who has applied a consistent level of pressure to anyone and everyone in a pot with him. Brammer finished 11th at the UKIPT Galway for €7,000 and looked gutted not to have made the final table back in December. He'll be keen to exorcise that demon by the end of this tournament. We wouldn't put it past him - he's already knocked his dad out. He must be ruthless.


'Ruthless' Chris Brammer

Another important mention has to be for Gerald Davis, the self-styled 'Skull Man', who has ridden one of the most rollercoaster stacks of the tournament. Davis claimed an early chip lead as the first player to break into six figures before blowing most of it shortly after. With half a level to play left in the hand he'd managed to get himself back up to 120,000 and finally finsihed level 11 with 92,600.


The Skull Man tanks

There's 60 players left from Day 1a who will meet the lucky and the good from Day 1b on Saturday when the fields combine. Come back and follow all the action as it happens tomorrow from 2pm (GMT).

The Chip Captains are:
Rupinder Bedi - 179,400
Chris Brammer - 126,900
Aaron Barry - 114,600
Dean Lloyd - 114,400
Adam Ashworth - 111,200
Gerald 'Skull Man' Davis - 92,600

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Rick Dacey
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