UKIPT Manchester: Day 1a, level 1 (blinds 25-50)

ukiptthumb.JPG3.35pm: Man down and first out
It is possible for two players to get 15,000 chips (starting stack) into the middle in the first level but it takes two pretty big hands to match-up for it to happen. So who holds the title of the first player to be ko'd from the inaugural Manchester UKIPT? It's one Alan Draper whose King-high flush was battered to one side by a full house.

3.23pm: 'That's the nuts'
Will Fry and Nigel Sutcliffe were sat in the blinds and saw an un-raised flop of J♠7♥2♣. Fry led for 200 and was called before both checked through the J♣ turn. The river came 3♦ and Fry led for 600 and was quickly called.

"Two-pair" announced Sutcliffe before revealing A♥2♠.

"That's the nuts" responded Fry as he mucked his holding.


The winner of the £500 tournament is unlikely to see much of the scant Manchester sun for the next few days

3.01pm: Early action
One of the trickier starting tables in number 19. Paul Gourlay, Paul Kristoffersson and Wayne Bentley all have each other for company.

It was Kristoffersson first in to action out of the three of them when he managed to get to a river and still have an opponent in the shape of Jonathan Butters. The board read 5♠4♠2♠8♦Q♥ and when Kristoffersson checked he faced a hefty 2,000 bet. After dwelling for a minute he made the call but mucked upon seeing Butters' Q♠8♠ for a flopped flush.

3pm: Video, video!
Here's the welcome video for events here at UKIPT Manchester. Enjoy!

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