UKIPT Manchester: Day 1a level 11 (blinds 800/1600, ante 200)

ukiptthumb.JPG3.45am: Play concludes
The last five hands were played out and then all the players bagged up their chips and left for a good sleep I presume. Full chip counts will appear here overnight and a full wrap will be with you shortly.

3.40am: Bedi boom
The biggest pot at the tournament was saved for the last level of the day. Soleiman Masud raised from second position and it was folded all the way around to Rupinder Bedi in the big blind who did a massive re-raise all-in. Soleiman looked shocked for a moment and then made the automatic all with pocket aces. Soleiman tabled pocket sixes and looked to be heading out the door until a magical six fell on the flop to hand him the pot worth around 160,000, crippling his opponent in the meantime.

3.35am: Aces and Queens cracked
The man responsible for this miscarriage of justice was Reg Rowan. Ryan Lavery was the unfortunate soul with the aces but at least he won the side pot. Reyaaz Mulla held pocket queens and was the only won who didn't win a chip. All the chips went in pre-flop and Rowan leapt for joy when the flop fell T♠T♥J♠! The rest of the board ran out dry and Rowan scooped the 80,000 pot.

3.30pm: Five hands annouced
Last five hands of the day have been called.

3.24am:Hard end for Tom
Tom Harding was left with just 5,100 when he moved all-in from second position. He was called a few seats along before Mark Weijman re-raised all-in for an additional 24,300. The raise isolated Harding taking the pot heads-up for show down. Harding tabled 5♥4♥ to Weijman's A♠Q♥ and the board ran A♥3♦7♠7♣A♦. Weijman's full house should just about do it and Harding leaves us after nearly eleven hours of play. Brutal.

3.14am: Blisterin' Blatchley
Neil Blatchley raised 3900 from middle position and was called by Aaron Barry in the small blind. Barry check called 5100 on the 8♠4♥J♥ flop and a further 9100 on the 6♦ turn before instantly moving 20,000 across the line as the 9♥ was dealt on the river. The bet was for a large chunk of Blatchley's remaining stack and he eventually decided to muck his hand. Barry showed QT offsuit for the rivered gutshot which understandably incensed Blatchley, 'How bad are you? Calling that much out of position with a gutshot.' Will Blatchley blow up before the end of the day or will he get his revenge? Watch this space.

3.06am: Conned out of the pot
As mentioned earlier in this post Philip Conneller said he was going to be willing to get it in and so he did with pocket jacks to Ryan Lavery's aces. A handy jack on the river kept him in it and pushed his stack up to 50,000.

3.00am: Elred him wrong
Adam Ashword opened the pot with a 4,000 raise from the cut-off and was called by Ben Elred in the big blind to see a 5♥A♣8♠ flop. Both players checked before Elred led for 4,000 on the turn and 8,000 on the 3♠ river. Ashword called him both times and was right as his A♦7♠ bettered Elred's J♥J♠ for the pot.

2.47am: Short-stack death battle
The two short-stacks at their table, Tina Flinker Jacobsen and Darren Franklin just did battle to the death. The former held K♠J♠ to the latter's T♣T♥ and the board came 6♦2♦K♣7♥Q♥. Paired kings good enough to kill off Franklin and give Jacobsen a fighting chance.

2.35am: Last Level of the day
We'd thought at one point that's we'd never get here but we have. Level 11, the last of day, is underway. Some players are obviously trying to nurse their stacks through to day 2 while others are obviously still more than happy to get it in here and now. Bluff editor Philip Conneller is one of the latter. 'I've got about 26,000,' he grimaces. But surely that's perfect for three-bet shoving? 'Oh yeah, I've been doing a fair bit of that already,' he adds with a smirk.


Would you trust this man had the goods if he three-bet shoved on you? Probably not...

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT