UKIPT Manchester: Day 1a level 3 (blinds 75-150)

ukiptthumb.JPG5.46pm: Toby Lewis and the news
Toby Lewis had over $100,000 in live tournament winnings last year but is yet to make a big score in 2010 and, at the moment, things aren't looking like changing. Lewis wins one pot by three-betting Clemence Veenhof's 425 hi-jack open to 1100 but the next pot doesn't go so well. Veenhof opens to 425 for the second time and Lewis elects to call this time. The flop comes 5♣ 6♣ 3♠ and Veenhof leads for 675 which Lewis quickly calls before both players check the T♦ turn. Veenhof slams the table purposefully as the 7♦ is dealt and just as quickly he moves all-in for 7100 after Lewis bets 850 in the river. Lewis eventually tank folds after a good five minutes and is down to 12,500. Neil Blatchley is two seats to Lewis' left and has 17,000.

5.15pm: Snow ladies
Tina Flinker Jacobsen calls an early position raise of 600 in the big blind and proceeds to check-call every street to the value of 1000 on the 4♦K♠5♣ flop, 1000 on the 3♥ flop and 2000 on the 7♠ river. Jacobsen tabled 8♠8♣ and it was good to beat her opponent's A♥T♥. A few table mates tapped the table in recognition of her good read (or maybe in excitement that they'll be able to get several streets of value from her!).

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4.55pm: Fletch Lives!
Manchester United midfielder and Scottish International Darren Fletcher has been spotted at the tables. Man Utd don't have another game until Tuesday (away to AC Milan in the Champions League) so he'll have plenty of time to play his way to the final table. Not sure how sir Alex will like the 2am finishes though.


Is Fletcher as combative at the poker table as he is on the football pitch? We'll let you know

4.50pm: Back from break
The players have returned from their fifteen minute breather (or cigarette break) to sit back at the tables. It's been a couple of years since smoking was banned in public places in the UK and just the thought of the card room filled with a dense grey fog as it would have been is enough to have you hacking up your lungs. The nanny state got it right for once. Now back to the poker... Just four players had fallen by the break with the UKIPT's deep stacked structure to thank for that - and maybe the fact that no two players had been dealt set over on a Jack-high flop yet.


Get back in your seats

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT