UKIPT Manchester: Day 1a level 5 (blinds 150-300)


9.08pm: Thew, finally a Julian hand
Card dead, playing tight or bad timing on our part? Whatever the reason we have reported no Team Pokerstars Pro Julian Thew hands at all today. That is about to change and even though it's not a classic it's at least a hand from the newest member of the team.

Hanibal Higgins opened the pot with a min-raise to 600 from mid-position and was called by the Brit in the big blind. The flop came down A♠5♦2♦ and Thew checked. Higgins splashed the pot with a 1,000 bet. Call. Both players checked through the T♥ turn to the 9♦ river. Thew checked for the third time to face a 2,000 bet from Higgins that he called.

"Good call" said Higgins as he revealed K♠J♠. Thew opened A♥8♠ to take the pot to put him on 21,000. _MG_3720_UKIPT1MAN_Neil_Stoddart.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew

9.05pm: Another one bites the dust
Level 5 done and dusted. Roll on level 6.

8.58pm: And spikier yet
While Richard Hawes tried to punish a couple of limpers with a raise to 1100 Mohawk wearing Michael Oakes slipped in a healthy 3-bet to 2700 from the big blind. Hawes didn't dither for too long before tossing his hand into the middle.


Michael Oakes is proving to be a tricky customer to handle

8.52pm: Michael Oakes gets spiky
Michael Oakes has been moved to the seat next to Jerome Bradpiece and although the two are yet to tangle (from what we've seen) he hasn't been shy in mixing it up with the table. Oakes limped under the gun for 300 and was called in middle position by Gavin O'Rourke and William Fry. Bradpiece checked his big blind but was soon out of the hand after the 5♣7♦T♥ flop was dealt. Oakes led 550 into the pot and was called by Fry while O'Rourke, chipleader at the end of UKIPT Galway Day 1, had already mucked his hand. Another 2500 was enough to shake him on the 3♠ turn though.

8.45pm: Better than your average lettuce
Will Romaine and Anton Kouliavtsev just tangled in 50,000 plus pot with the former getting the better of the latter. All the chips went in on a 7♥Q♥5♥ flop with Romaine holding 8♥T♥ for a flush to Kouliavtsev's K♣K♥ for an over-pair and better flush draw.

The turn came A♣ and river J♠ to miss the draw, cripple Kouliavtsev and double Romaine up to 52,000.

8.32pm: Table break
Another table has broken so hustlers Gourlay, Paul Kristoffersson and Bentley have all gone their separate ways... just not before one of them won one last tasty pot. Kristoffersson raised it up to 800 from late position and was called by Jason Herbert and Kenneth Bowe in the blinds. All checked the 5♠Q♠4♣ flop before Herbert led for 1,600 from the small blind on the 4♦ turn. Both opponents called to see the 7♦ river where they all went back to checking. Showdown:

Herbert: 8♠8♥
Bowe: A♠T♠
Kristoffersson: J♦J♠ for the best hand and the pot and a 20,000 stack. Nice.

8.12pm: Big Brammer Bust Up
Father and son Paul and Christopher Brammer have just got in a big pot which saw Brammer senior (Paul) bust out to his son (Christopher). In a five-way limped pot both Brammers saw the 8♦7♣T♣ flop and both appeared to hit it hard. To a speculative 1200 lead Brammer senior shoved all-in with T♠ Q♠ for 6200 and was quickly called by his son with 8♥ T♥ for two pair. The board blanked out with K♥ J♥ and lil' Brammer scooped the 16,300 pot and is up to 36,000.


Christopher Brammer has just committed poker patricide

8pm: Back to the action
Players are stuffed to the brim with Beef Stroganoff and Chicken casserole so it's cards back in the air for level 5. Players are looking excited, confused, harried, slightly inebriated and pretty much everything but hungry given the food break.

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Newest member of Team PokerStars Pro UK Julian Thew co-hosting a poker seminar

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