UKIPT Manchester: Day 1a level 4 (blinds 100-200)

ukiptthumb.JPG7pm: The dinner gong rings out
It's time for the buffet charge as the players enjoy an hour long break and some mushroom stroganov - in that order of enjoyment from the looks of it. It's down to 200 players from the initial 258 players and although some dreams have been caught short there's plenty more nightmares ahead for all but a few of the players returning.

Table break
Another table has broken with table hustlers Gourlay, Kristoffersson and Bentley all going their separate ways... but not before one of them won one last pot.

Paul Kristoffersson raised it up to 800 from late position and was called by Jason Herbert and Kenneth Bowe in the blinds. All checked the 5♠Q♠4♣ flop before Herbert led for 1,600 from the small blind on the 4♦ turn. Both opponents called to see the 7♦ river where they all went back to checking mode. Showdown:

Herbert: 8♠8♥
Bowe: A♠T♠
Kristoffersson: J♦J♠ for the best hand and the pot and a 20,000 stack.

6.37pm: Bentley in cruise mode
Wayne Bentley seems very relaxed today even when he's deep involved pots. Often at the PCA he seemed pained by a lot of the decisions in front of him, but maybe his deep run there has proved to him he has the ability to succeed at this funny card game. Or perhaps it was always there and we've just become privileged to see it this time around. In his last hand he was sat in the big blind and called a late position raise from Paul Gourlay to see a 2♥2♦3♠ flop. He then check-raised Gourlay's 1,025 bet up to 2,050. Call. The turn came 5♥ and Bentley led out for 3,000 and forced a fold from his opponent after a long tank. Bentley up to 23,000, Gourlay down to 13,000.


6.22pm: Simon says 'triple-up for Wolf'
Jurau Vojtko opened the pot with a 1,200 raise from early position before his neighbor, Simon Wolf, moved all-in for just 400 chips more. Gregory Howard called from the small blind and Vojtko made the automatic call too.

Both players checked through the 7♦A♥J♦ flop. When the turn came T♣ Howard decided to build a side pot and bet 2,000. Call. Both then checked the 6♦ river.

Wolf: K♣Q♣ for a straight and the main pot.
Howard: 7♥7♠ for the small side pot.
Vojtko : A♠K♠ for top pair but neither pot.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT