UKIPT Manchester: Day 1a level 6 (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

ukiptthumb.JPG9.51pm: Another level comes to an end
Six levels have come and gone. Tournament director Toby has decided we need to play 11 levels today and tomorrow to ensure we get through this extra large field. This means we're in for a late one as there's five more to go tonight before we're done. See you in fifteen.

9.50pm: Will he wont he?
Paul Gourlay likes to take his time over decisions, a lot of time. He had a stack over 30,000 but it's down to 24,000 after he took five minutes to fold a hand. He was in battle with the big stacked (45,000 after hand) Alan Draper.

The turn was out giving the board a 2♦8♠A♦7♣ look and Gourlay checked to face a 7,775 bet. The size of the bet almost meant that it was push or fold for the North East native and this was probably why he was taking so long. He eventually folded to the relief of his table.

9.40pm: Team Cody gearing up for tomorrow
Jake Cody was always planning to play this event as he's an online MTT pro and a local lad. He's still planning to play tomorrow but thanks to his recent win at EPT Deauville for cool €847,000 he's now buying more than ten of his friends in as well. We here at the PokerStars blog have nicknamed them "Team Cody". If last night's evidence at the bar is anything to go by these guys will be mixing up their poker prowess with a lot of fun filled antics and the blog team will be there to follow and report.
_MG_3269_Jake_Cody_EPT6DEA_Neil_Stoddart_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Happy memories for Jake Cody

9.28pm: The Brammer and Blatchley show
Every time we walk over to Neil Blatchley he's folding a hand. This time it's courtesy of Christopher Brammer who is driving his stack onwards and upwards by check-raising a J♣4♥5♥5♦ board. Brammer squeezes out both Blatchley and Jurau Vojtko. Brammer shows a T♥ with a wry smile.


Have we cursed Neil Blatchley?

9.11pm: Zahir Aslam turning up the pressure
Marco Lo Cicero raises from the cut-off and is flatted by Aslam Zahir on the button who is looking increasingly intimidating behind a growing stack of chips. Lo Cicero continuation bets 1325 onto the K♠T♠7♣ flop and Zahir instantly makes it 5000 to go which is more than enough to take the pot down.


Zahir is sitting pretty with a growing stack

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT