UKIPT Manchester: Day 1a level 7 (blinds 200-400, ante 50)

ukiptthumb.JPG11.05pm: Level over
Level seven was lucky for some and unlucky for others. Let's see what level eight has install.

11.00pm: Fletcher given the boot
An empty seat is in the place where star footballer Darren Fletcher once sat. The player who eliminated him was Audun Otterhals. All the chips went in on a J-9-3 flop with Feltcher holding Q-J for top pair but his opponent was holding 9-9 for a set. The hand held up and Fletcher will just have to do with training over the weekend.

10.42pm: Hee-Haw(es), I call
Poor old Richard Hawes has been crippled after getting it all-in with pocket Kings in a 5-bet and called pot by J♦Q♦. Jamie Chang had opened the pot with the suited connectors and was three-bet by Hawes. Chang made the action 13,700 and Hawes was happy to get it in all-in. Chang tanked and upon realising he'd put almost half his stack in put the rest over the line making the pot some 66,000. The board ran out 8♠9♦6♣J♣Q♥ gifting Chang a very lucky winner. Hawes is running on fumes.

10.25pm: Aslam not as flush
Zahir Aslam's stack has taken a knock and he's back down to 44,000. He raised from under-the-gun and then called a three-bet from a player in the next seat. The flop came 3♦K♠A♦ and Aslam bet 28,000 which was enough to put his opponent all in. After a good think his opponent called with A♥Q♥. Aslam tabled a drawing 6♦4♦ and it missed through the 7♠ turn and 4♥ river.

10.10pm: Skull Man leads
Gerald David AKA "Shull Man" is the first man to accumulate a six figure stack and he takes the chip lead with it.

David opened the pot with a raise to 1,200 before Barrie Sherbert re-raised to 4,000. Rob Swindell and David flat called to see a Q♣J♣8♣ flop. It was checked to Barrie who led for 5,000 only for Swindell to move all in for another 15,000. David flat called and after a seemingly difficult decision Sherbert folded and it was a good job he did too.

Swindell opened pocket aces but David opened A♣9♣ for the nuts. If that wasn't enough the turn came T♣ to complete a straight flush for the man who now has a 103,000 stack.

Skull Man

9.52pm: Back from the break
Players have returned to their seats but there's still plenty of work ahead of them to get through the day with a chunky 11 levels set to be played. A quick snapshot of some of the chipleaders is as follows:

Zahir Aslam 72000
Mark Stott 65000
Christopher Brammer 64000
Will Romaine 52000
Paul Gourlay 42000


Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT