UKIPT Manchester: Day 1a level 8 (blinds 300-600, ante 75)

ukiptthumb.JPGSkull fracture
As the level came to an end and Gerald David left his seat it was clear he had lost a lot of his stack.

"I lost a load" he said seeing the confused look upon my face. "I had queens and bet it all the way but when he put a big raise in on the river I thought he must have aces of kings so I threw them in the middle".

His former stack of 103,000 now totals 36,000.

15 minute break now as the 25 denomination chips are coloured up.

11.58pm: Bedi battling
Rupinder Bedi is tucked away in a corner of the card room in an area that the PokerStars blog has been pretty much unable to reach until now. Bedi has been grinding away and was up to 32,000 before we arrived. Jerome Bradpiece opened from middle position to 1550 and was three-bet by Bedi to 3800. Bedi followed his aggressive with a half-pot bet on the Q♠5♦J♥ board which was enough to take the pot. A standard cut-off raise and c-bet against the big blind the next hand also helped to bump his stack up to 38,000.

11.45pm: Back from the dead but still on life support
In the time with no eyes on him Wayne Bentley must've doubled-up his micro-stack but he was still in desperate trouble when us PokerStars blog vultures started to circle again. To be fair to him he looked like he wanted to get them in again but players kept raising in front of him.

Fear not he did find a spot to get it in but he didn't seem too happy as he did it. Ricky Smith opened from under-the-gun to 1,800 before our man called all-in for 1,300. All others folded to leave us at showdown. Surprisingly to Bentley he was ahead with A♥4♥ to his opponent's K♣T♦ and he stayed that way through the 4♣J♦2♠3♠9♣ board. A lot of work left to do still though.

Wayne Bentley

11.28Pm: Bentley needing the kiss of life
Wayne Bentley must be able to hear a voice telling him to step into the light but is ignoring it nonetheless. The big blind reaches him with just over 2000, 675 of which he has pay for the big blind and ante. Yet he does not get it in, largely thanks to a multi-way limped pot. The next hand he has to get it in, right? Wrong. Another multi-way limped pot sees Bentley make up from the small blind and then fold the T♠K♠Q♣ flop. He had just 800 chips left when we left. After his recent $100,000 finish at the PCA it's painful to watch and we had to leave - it felt too much like we were waiting to hear the death rattle.

11.10Pm: Blind leading the blind
Simon Taylor opened the pot with a raise from early position that both blind players called. The flop came K♠A♦J♦ and Soe Khan Le Kram led out for 1,200 from the small blind. Danny Johnston called from the big blind as did Taylor. The turn came 9♥ and Le Kram led once more. The amount was 1,600 this time and Johnston called but a confused looking Taylor folded. Both players checked it down on the 3♥ river.

Le Kram tabled J♠T♦ but lost out on the pot to Johnston who opened A♠T♠.


Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT