UKIPT Manchester: Day 1a level 9 (blinds 400/800, ante 100)

ukiptthumb.JPG1.25am: That's the end of level 9 folks
No break at this juncture, straight in to level 10.

1.20am: No more pieces for Jerome
We've filled in most of blanks of Jerome Bradpiece's exit. He got the last of his chips in on an all spade ace high flop holding an ace and J♠. His willing opponent in the hand was Rupinder Bedi holding a flopped flush with 8♠9♠. The turn and river blanked and Bradpiece headed for the door.

1.05am: Eldred triples and Bradpiece bows out
Ben Eldred was in one of those spots that leaves a lot of people scratching their heads; aggressive big stack has opened the action (Rupinder Bedi) for 2100 ahead of a fellow short stack Sandro Rovella who shipped it in for 6200. Eldred hummed and hawed before sliding his stack across the line with A♦ 7♣. Bedi was priced in with A♣6♦ while Rovella showed pocket 3's. The turn and river gave Eldred two-pair and bumped him up to 23,000.

Bradpiece has been ko'd - details to follow.

1.05am: River dance
Is there a moment of joy in poker quite like hitting a long shot on the river to stay alive? Eugen Lehr would most probably say no right now as it just happened to him. Samatha Allan raised to 1,800 in front of him before he moved all-in for 9,000 with J♠J♥. Allan called with A♠K♠ and then hit on the 5♥6♦A♣ flop. When the turn came 2♣ Lehr was out of his chair and putting his jacket on ready to leave. Then the river came J♣ to make his set to win the pot to stay alive. Poor Allan is crippled now as a result.

12.50am: My queens are bigger than yours
Simon Taylor opened the pot with a raise to 2,200 from under-the-gun before Ricki Smith re-raised to 5,000. Action folded back around to Taylor who thought for a bit and then opened foldedQ♣Q♦. Smith laughed as he opened Q♠Q♥. This prompted the rest of the table to descend into hysterics.

12.38am: Booming Brammer
Chris Brammer is up over 100,000 and is looking like the chipleader after the earlier implosion of Gerald Davis. Brammer first took a hefty pot away from Peter Charalambous with a weak looking 1900 bet into a 20,000 bet on a K♦5♥A♦5♦ board to chip up to 70,000. The very next hand he flopped top set with pocket sixes against Marcel Buissink who check-shoved for 34,000 with pocket eights when Brammer bet the 6♣4♥9♣ flop for 8700. As Neil Blatchley was keen to point out after the hand, 'Must be nice to be Chris Brammer.' Indeed it must.


Chris Brammer has scooped the chiplead

12.25am: Colouring up
The little green 25 chips have departed the tournament shores as we up the ante (quite literally) to 100. Joining them on their march away away from the felt is Wayne Bentley who couldn't hold onto his tournament life any longer having run on fumes for quite some time. PokerStars Team Pro Julian Thew is still in though and here's what he had to say earlier to us earlier today.

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Rick Dacey
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