UKIPT Manchester: Day 1b end of day wrap

ukiptthumb.JPGThe total field for the inaugural UKIPT Manchester reached a massive 518 players surpassing everyone's expectations. The £100k guaranteed prizepool advertised to entice players came and went and the total prize pool now stands at a staggering ₤259,000 (full breakdown on this will be available tomorrow). 289 players took their seats today all aiming at the same goal.


Trying his luck at an individual game

There were some reflections of yesterday's field today; we had another star footballer participating in the shape of Friends of PokerStars Teddy Sheringham (yesterday Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher took part). However, while we had one Team PokerStars Pro in the field for Day 1a we had three today. John Duthie fell early on and Henrique Pinho fell midway through the day's play but Vicky Coren is still going strong and finished the day amongst the leaders with 132,700.


Good times for Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren

It wasn't a smooth ride for her but she wasn't shy about putting her chips over the line and she rode the waves that this style ultimately produces. Critically it was the two hands she decided not to play that may end up having the greatest effect on her end result. Both times she would've flopped a set with her pocket pair holding and both times those hands would've been second best by the river.


Chip leader: Mark Warnock

PokerStars qualifier Mark Warnock, her neighbour for much of the day, won both those hands against a third party and he caused quite a stir at his table. He rocketed out to the chip lead and never seemed like relinquishing it. His erratic chatty table presence gained him attention, some unwanted, but it failed to knock him off his stride. He had attended the free seminar hosted by event host Nick Wealthall on day 1a and although he talked all the way through it Wealthall told us that he was impressed by the content of his comments. Warnock's late surge, partly at the expense of Ms.Coren, saw him finish with a huge 228,000 - more than enough to claim the overall chip lead going into Day 2.

Another mention should be given to Jeff Kimber, a well known face on the UK poker scene with several titles and final tables to his name. He started to accumulate chips from the off and even though he suffered a cooler when he ran trip aces into a full-house he kept his stride and finished the day near the top of the leader board with 111,300 chips.

Lastly we can't forget EPT presenter Michelle Orpe. She was sailing along until she ran an over pair into a set and lost most of her stack. At one point she had as low as three big blinds but a mixture of luck, determination and skill saw her make a dramatic comeback to finish on 42,400.

A total of 122 players will come back tomorrow where they will burst through the bubble and make a dash for the final table (or as close to it as we can get). Chips bags will be ripped open at 1.55pm local time and hopefully nice neat 20 chip stacks will be arranged ready to kick-off on time at 2pm(GMT). Please join us again tomorrow where they action gets ever more crucial.

The top five counts at the end of play are:

Mark Warnock - 228,000
Juilan Hasse - 153,800
Vicky Coren - 132,700
Mark Foggin - 116,800
Jeff Kimber - 111,300

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Intro to Day 1b

Marc Convey
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