UKIPT Manchester Day 1b: Intro

ukiptthumb.JPGManchester is a city divided into two halves; that is if you're talking about which football team to support. If yesterday was the "Theatre of dreams" today is the "City of Manchester poker stadium, arena or casino."

The history books suggest that the second of two starting days at a poker tournament has the stronger line-up, by reputation anyhow. True to form that is the case here in Manchester. PokerStars Team Pro UK members John Duthie and Vicky Coren will take seats along side highly regarded Brtish players Surinder Sunar, Jeff Kimber and Arshad Hussain. Normally known for their other talents but not to be underestimated here are Friend of PokerStars Teddy Sheringham and EPT presenter Michelle Orpe.

Let us not forget EPT Deauville winner Jake Cody either. He'll be looking to snag back-to-back titles. And if he's not able to achieve this he'll be hoping one of his entourage will. Big enough and noisy enough to match any US Rapper, the crew we at the PokerStars Blog have named "Team Cody" will be a forced to be reckoned with here today.

So what's in store for today? Well if you read yesterday's blog you'll know exactly as it's a carbon copy of yesterday's format. Play is due to kick-off at 2pm local time and once again we'll be playing 11 one hour levels. Come Saturday all the remaining players will join up with the 60 survivors from yesterday and we'll get as close to a final table as possible.

Play is due to start shortly.


Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT