UKIPT Manchester: Day 1b level 1 (blinds 25-50)

ukiptthumb.JPG3pm: Jaffa losing a small slice of his cake
Four players saw a 2♦6♠Q♣ flop after an early position raise. It was checked to David Pringle in third position who led for 500 and only Jeff Kimber called from the small blind. Both players were happy to check through the 5♣ turn and K♦ river. Kimber revealed 6♥ but Pringle took the pot after he revealed 9♠9♣.

2.49pm: Coren bullying the boys
I'm stating this from the outset; this post has nothing to do with the fact that Vicky Coren is a PokerStars Team Pro and everything to do with how she is bullying her table. While we were watching she either open-raised or raised limpers for four hands on the bounce winning three of the four for a tidy chip growth (and she lost the bare minimum on the losing hand).

During her early burst she showed K♠K♦ after picking up a fold on a 8♥T♥7♠ flop for 425 and scooped a 3500 pot showing down pocket 7's on a 6♣6♦K♥T♣9♣ board. Coren's already increased her stack to around 18,000 through her early skirmishes.

2.37pm: Final table revisited
We've now spotted a couple of players that reached the final table of the UKIPT Galway; Paul Marrow (2nd: €103,500) and Trevor Bulles (9th: €9,000). Mick Graydon (4th: €36,000) played yesterday and fell in the second half of the day.

2.20pm: Table draws and cagey starts
Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie is in fine fettle and full of conversation so far. He's sat two seats along from Surinder Sunar and they're talking about the upcoming NAPT event at The Venetian that Duthie is planning to attend.

Mick McCool and Ash Hussain are sat at the same table and it won't be long before those two tangle.

All-in-all it's been a cagey start by most. The first level is a good time to suss out table mates and formulate a plan for the medium term

2.02pm: Cards are in the air
We're still waiting on final figures for today but it's looking like we've burst the banks of yesterday's 228 runner fields. A quick scan around the room reveals a lot of the great and good of the Uk poker scene such as PokerStars Team Pros Victoria Coren and John Duthie, tournament grinder Jeff Kimber and UKIPT Galway runner up Paul Marrow. There's a lot of limping going on at the moment, which shouldn't come as a huge surprise given the 15,000 starting stacks (that's 300 big blinds). Early bust outs and double coming your way shortly.


It will be a while before anyone runs up a big stack but it's what everyone has their mind on

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT