UKIPT Manchester: Day 1b level 10 (blinds 600-1200, ante 100)

ukiptthumb.JPG1.50pm: Final approach into Day 2
The penultimate level of the day has just been brought to an end as the last 82 players go on one last 15 minute break. Sadan Turker hasn't been afraid to get his chips in but picked the wrong player to mess with when going up against the former head up world champion Jeff Kimber. Kimber raised under the gun to 3500 and was called on the button by Turker. Kimber led for 5600 on the J♠K♠8♣ flop and was called. Both players checked the 4♥ turn before Kimber made a sweet 9000 value bet on the T♠ river with A♥Q♠. Turker mucked and Kimber built his stack to 98,000.

1.48pm: Brief news
Team Cody has failed in it's first official outing. The main men, Jake Cody and Matt Perrins, never got their stacks above 25,000 and are no longer with us.

Richard Kellett informed the PokerStars Blog that he found aces against and managed to double-up once more with them. He's on 42,000 right now.

1.42pm: Sickness
You may need to take a seat for this one as it's pretty brutal. Still within the sell-by-date of his ace cracking antics of Richard Kellet earlier David Hindson has done it again. The poor soul this time was Ross Newton. It all went in pre-flop with Hindson holding pocket kings this time and the last raise he had to call was 45,000.

Newton thought he was home and dry when the door card was an ace but four running diamonds gave Hindson a flush as he was the only one holding a diamond. A dazed Newton left as Hindson packed up his 130,000 stack and moved to a new table.

1.31pm: Blues brother
Jack Ellwood has been playing his trade diligently at the table and has just been rewarded his a 50,000 pot after flopping a boat with 6♠6♦ on a 8♦6♣8♠ flop. Ellwood managed to get Fran Egan to call with J♠J♦ - a tough hand to drop.

1.26pm: Mystery man revealed
In the last level we filtered through news of a hand which went something like this; raise 1500, raise all-in 60,000, call all-in 45,000. The overshove was ace-king courtesy of Neil Hughes who is sat with around 90,000 at last count. Richard King who, somewhat ironically, was sent to the rail with pocket kings.

Hughes just picked up another little pot after limping under the gun with T♥7♥ picking up three callers before catching a straight on the turn of a 9♠4♠8♠6♣ board, but not getting any customers.


Neil Hughes

1.22pm: Just when you need a friend....
or pocket aces. It was folded around to Arshad Hussain who opened with a raise to 1,900 from the button only to see Richard Kellett move all-in for another 8,400. After getting a count Hussain made the call with A♥Q♠ but had run into the A♠A♣ of Mr Kellett. The board ran 3♦5♥7♥5♣7♠ to double-up Kellett. Hussain down little to 60,000.


Arshad Hussain

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT