UKIPT Manchester: Day 1b level 11 (blinds 800-1600, ante 200)

ukiptthumb.JPG3am: And the day is done
Day 1b has been another long hard session for players and spectators alike with 62 players making it through to join the 60 from Day 1a. We'll be back with the cash chase from 2pm tomorrow.

A full wrap of today's play will be up shortly and full official chip counts will appear overnight.

2.33am: Warnock moves all-in on Coren and she...
...tank folds. On a 4♥J♥8♥ flop Coren had bet 15,000 when Warnock annouced that he was all-in putting Coren in a very tough spot as she verbalised that she had the nut flush draw, 'What would it be like to be Roland [de Wolfe] for a day?' she pondered. She eventually folded and was shown 9♥T♥ by Warnock for the flopped flush and open-ended straight flush draw. Coren still has some 110,000 while Warnock is up to 200,000.

_MG_1997_UKIPT1MAN_Neil_Stoddart.jpgWarnock is building a monstrous stack and is the first to break the 200,000 mark

2.33am: And Coren keeps pace
PokerStars Team Pro Victoria Coren is sat with position on Warnock and is doing well keeping pace with his stack having bagged a nice 50,000 pot in a classic shove-call coinflip. She must be close to 130,000.

2.28am: Warnock rakes in another big pot
Mark Warnock is one of the few players not looking tired at the tables and is firing out bets and verbals in equal measure. It seems to be working. He's just scooped another pot with T♠ 7♠ for top pair that developed into a full house (but was always ahead of Ace-high) to push his stack up to 180,000.

2.10am: Fatigue vs the pull of Day 2
As the night wears on the importance of mental fortitude grows. Any slip can cost you chips as can missed opportunities to shove or call. At the same time the pull of making it through to Day 2 of a live event is one that is too strong for many to resist and they'll be plenty of players willing to exploit that. Which way will Michelle Orpe go? She's spun up a 1300 stack all the way to 44,500! Our video bloggers caught up with her earlier...

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Rick Dacey
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