UKIPT Manchester: Day 1b level 2 (Blinds 50-100)

ukiptthumb.JPGBreak time
Two levels down. Oranges all round in the 15 minute break.

4pm: Steady Teddy
There was an early position raise to 275 from Joeri Zandvliet that was only called by Teddy Sheringham in the hijack. Zandvliet led for 275 on the 4♠2♥7♠ flop but quickly folded to Sheringham's raise to 800. Sheringham's up to 16,000.

3.50pm: It's in the name
Action and more action. There was a raise to 300 from the hijack that was called in the next seat before John Peters re-raised to 1,500. Stefan Hansen then decided to get in on the raising act and made it 3,900 to go. All folded except Peters who made the call to see the T♠A♦3♥ flop. In a quick swift motion Hansen moved all in for his remaining 8,375 and after a moment's thought Peters made the call create a very large pot.

Hansen tabled K♥Q♦ for king high and Peters opened A♠K♦ for top pair. The turn and river blanked and the Dane walked off in a bad looking mood. Peters up to 34,000.

3.46pm: Nick Wealthall in sandwich shocker
UKIPT host Nick Wealthall just narrowly avoided a horrendous sandwich mix-up. While ordering a cheese and ham sandwich the waitress misheard him and thought he asked for a cheese and ONION sandwich. Luckily Nick cleared up the error and order was restored. Phew...

3.38pm: Jack Cody chipping (back) up
Recent EPT winner Jake Cody had dropped a few thousand from his starting stack when we happened across this limped pot. All four players checked the 9♣3♥4♠ flop but Cody bet 500 into the 450 pot when a second 9♠ was dealt. Chris McCormack then check-raised to 1200 and Cody called. McCormack led 1350 onto the A♣ river which Cody insta-called showing Q♠9♥ for trips.

3.25pm: Quick start, slow finish
Action folded around to Kim Corneliussen in mid-position who raised to 275 before calling a three-bet to 775 from Arild Sletta in the hijack. The flop came 9♣3♠4♥ and Corneliussen checked to face a 600 bet that he raised up to 2,025. Sletta made a quick call and we saw the [8d[ turn that was checked through as the Q♦ was also. Corneliussen tabled T♥9♥ but lost out to Sletta's J♣J♦.

3.12pm: Hot Peri-Perrins Sauce
Matt Perrins is another one of those players that looks like he may be a regular feature on the UKIPT circuit. Perrins was one of the chip leaders going into the latter stages of Galway before finsihing in 23rd for €3,400. He looks like he's on his way to building another big stack by getting involved in plenty of pots and scooping a few thousand with a 2650 bet on a Q♣Q♠6♦2♠ board in a 3-way pot. Perrins is on the march.

3.02pm: Plenty of chat from Orpe
EPT presenter Michelle Orpe is giving plenty of banter at her table noticeably mentioning her 'ex-boyfriend'. Is it an attempt to butter up her opponents into soft playing her? Only time will tell if that policy works.


Orpe's attempting to butter up her opponents - but will it pay dividends?

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT