UKIPT Manchester: Day 1b level 5 (blinds 150-300)

ukiptthumb.JPGJeff Kimber is in the company of today's current chip leaders and he's showing no signs of slowing down. A table mate informed us he's bluffing in a lot of pots and showing.

In one hand witnessed he and another player called Stephen Parkinson's early position raise to 800. All three players checked through the flop and turn leaving us with a Q♣3♠J♦4♦[2d[ board. It was at this stage Parkinson decided to lead out for 2,000. the other player involved folded but Kimber made the call with 7♠7♥. It was a good call too as Parkinson could only muster A♥9♠.

That put's Kimber up to 60,000. To see how the chasing pack are doing click on this link:


And that concludes another level.

8.04pm: Curios Coren takes a hit
Vicky Coren has been yo-yoing her stack up and down all day and it's currently going the wrong way. On a board of 5♠T♣K♥T♥J♠ the PokerStars Team Pro check-called a 7000 bet from Malte Moennig who was very keen in turning over his A♠Q♦ for the nut straight. Coren is down to 22,000 and Moennig has a healthy 35,000.

7.55pm: King beats king high
Michelle Orpe limped in from the small blind when it was folded around to her and Richard King checked his option. Orpe then check-called a 400 bet on the Q♠8♦8♣ flop before leading out for 600 on the T♥ turn. King called and then both players checked the T♥ turn. Orpe could only show K♥ but King took the pot with 9♥5♦. She's on around 17,000 right now.

7.45pm: Three-outer
Action folded around to Cyrille Dutheil on the button who raised to 800 before Fran Egan three-bet to 2,300 from the next seat. The big blind folded and Dutheil moved all-in after looking at his cards for a few seconds. It was another 2,400 for Egan to make the call and he duly did so with J♦J♥. Dutheil opened A♠T♦ and the board ran 6♥A♥K♣8♠3♣. The Frenchman hit his three-outer to stay alive for now.

7.36pm: Team Cody on an extended dinner break
There are a few stacks looking conspiciously unattended and it appears to be the members of Team Cody (and Perrins) that have gone AWOL. To be fair with blinds still at just 150-300 it's not a major issue if you let a couple of orbits pass you by.

Current chip heroes are Jeff Kimber with 45,000 and PokerStars Team Pro Henrique Pinho with 37,000. We're stil scouring the tables to see if there are any hidden monster stacks. 210 players are left.


Knives and forks have been tossed to one side and it's cards on the table now not dinner

7.30pm: Forks down, blinds up!
The buffet carnage is over for another day with up to 289 players having to get their sausage and beans served in just 60 minutes. Forget about trying to work out whether the aggro check-raiser is beating your top-top try serving that many ravenous poker players in an hour.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT