UKIPT Manchester: Day 1b level 6 (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

ukiptthumb.JPG9.22pm:He's got to hate tens
Not long after doubling Dean Person up whilst holding pocket tens Robert Davidson has now doubled-up Jokas Ekrem while holding the same hand. He raised from under-the-gun and was called by the Norwegian PokerStars Qualifier from mid-position. Davidson then led out for 1,800 on the 7♠6♦8♣ flop only to face a re-raise to 6,800 from Ekrem. After finding out how much Ekram had behind (13.450) and a good tank he put his opponent all in.

Ekram called with 6♠6♥ for middle set and Davison opened T♥T♦. The turn came 2♣ and river 7♣ to fill the young Norwegian up.

That was the last hand of the level. Players are off on a fifteen minute break.

9.08pm: ...and he's got it back
Kimber just got it in with 9♥9♦ for a flip against A♥Q♥ for a 36,000 pot, which isn't far off from the cooler pot he lost to Tiago Barbosa earlier in the level. Kimber flops top set and holds firm to get back up to around 60,000.

8.59pm: Nice timing
What's the hand one would most like to see when most in need of a double-up? Aces of course! That's just what Dean Pearson found to double-up to 22,000. He raised from mid-position and then shoved over the top when Robert Davidson three-bet from the small blind. Pearson called with pocket tens but an ace on the flop sent the pot the other way.

8.48pm: Booted out of the pot
Somehow 7,500 made it into the pre-flop. Teddy Sheringham was in the cut-off position and was heads-up with Jonathan Crute who was sat in the big blind. After all the presumed aggression pre-flop both checked through the flop before Crute led for 5,500 on the turn with the board reading 9♦3♠7♥Q♠. Sheringham quickly moved all-in forcing his opponent to fold. The Friend of PokerStars is now up to 40,000.

8.38pm: Kimber Koolered
Tiago Barbosa has just slapped Jeff Kimber in the face with a huge cooler. In fact, he pretty much shoved the cooler down Kimber throat and pulled it back out with some of his gizzards attached. Barbosa raised to 600 from middle position picking up one caller before teh cation reached Kimber on the button. Not being one adverse to the occasional three-bet, Kimber made it 2400 to go. Barbosa made the call and then insta-jammed his 18,000 stack into the 6100 pot when the A♣Q♥A♠ flop was dealt. Kimber made the obvious call with A♥K♣ only to be shown a flopped boat with Q♦Q♠. Barbosa's all or nothing value shove caught Kimber at the top of his range. Kimber is down to 38,000 and Barbosa is up to 42,000.


A dream flop for AK becomes a nightmare for Jeff Kimber

8.31pm: Level 6 under-way
Europe is gaining a reputation state side, that it didn't have before, of having a glut of talented players. John O'Farrell wanted to come and see for himself so bought in on line. The video blog team caught up with him earlier for a chat:

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