UKIPT Manchester: Day 1b level 7 (blinds 200-400, ante 50)

ukiptthumb.JPG10.30pm: Round-up
Two players missing in action and presumed out are James Browning and Surinder Sunar.

One player doing a lot better is TeaamPokerStars Pro Vicky Coren who is up to 60,000. She hit a set of 2s apparently and got paid.

10.24pm: Misguided Robin Hood
Robin Hood is renowned for taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Team PokerStars Pro Portugal Henrique Pinho has just taken chips from a poor player to eliminate him and then very quickly given them to another poor player to double him up.

The first hand saw Pinho move all in from the button in to the short-stacked small and big blind. The big blind folded but James Gray called all in from the small blind with K♦T♦ and was ahead of Pinho's J♦7♠. The board ran a rollercoaster J♠A♣2♣K♣7♦ to end it for Gray.

A few hands later Pinho was involved in another all in show-down and once again he had the worst hand. His A♠J♠ faced-up against Dave Cooke's K♣K♠ and the board ran 8♣7♠Q♦3♥8♠. The busy Portuguese is on 23,000 right now.

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Team PokerStars Pro Portugal Henrique Pinho

10.11pm: Orpe torpedoed
EPT presenter Michelle Orpe's tournament life is pretty much over. She's got about 1500 left after getting J♦J♠ in on a T♥7♥4♦ flop. The pain was quite plain as he called and was shown a set of 7's. Maybe a miraculous few double ups await?

10pm: Dropping like flies
Level 7 has kicked off with plenty of carnage with players dropping left, right and centre. Jonathan Heath thought he had sucked out when his pocket 7's caught a set on the flop versus Dan Rankin's Kings before another King spiked on the turn. All the chips had gone in pre-flop and Rankin is now up to 33,000.

Shortly after Dominic Cugudda fell to a rivered gutshot (albeit getting it in pre-flop in a coin flip). Still it's a fairly brutal way to go when you're trying to dodge just four outs. Jamie Dale was the lucky recipient of the pot.

Then over on Jeff Kimber's new table Thomas Muhlocker got it in with 9♦9♣ against Sadan Turker's A♠T♥ for a 30k-plus pot when the board hit one of his over cards. There had been an aggressive dynamic between the two players and it had been only a matter of time before the two were due to have this kind of car crash.

9.48pm: Turn of luck
Four players were still involved in the pot when the turn came giving a A♠3♣Q♥7♣ board. Nick vd Marel was in second position and led for 2,775 and was only called by table chip leader Julian Hasse. After the river came 4♠ he led again, this time for 3,275 and was called quite quickly. vd Marel opened 7♥7♦ and with that his stack has risen to 55,000 with Hasse's dropping to 53,000.

This is the table where Teddy Sheringham is sat and he along with at least two more players have over 40,000 chips. It would be of little surprise if we see the end of day chip leader emerge from this group.

9.40pm: Back to the grind
A total of 170 players are returning back from break as the blinds move up to 200-400 with a running ante 50 putting an increasing pressure on the short stacks. We're expecting quite a few players to fall by the wayside in level 7 and in the process for a couple of big stacks to emerge from the ranks.


A lot of players will be looking for a good spot to get their chips across the line

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT