UKIPT Manchester: Day 1b level 8 (blinds 300-600, ante 75)

ukiptthumb.JPG12.45pm: Break-time
Let's all have a breather shall we. See you in fifteen.

12.40pm:Lucky escape for Coren
Team PokerStars Pro Vicki Coren has just run rather good to stay alive in this tournament. Monster stacked Mark Warnock opened to 1,800 from first position before Coren three-bet to 4,500 and David Cooke moved all-in for 18,600. Warnock then moved his six figure stack over the line. Coren thought for a while and made a good lay-down with her pocket jacks.

Cooke turned over Q♠Q♦ to Warnock's A♦A♠ and the board ran A♥T♦J♦3♦6♣. Coren would've flopped a set and surely done her whole stack. As it is she has 55,000 and Warnock is our runaway chip leader with 140,000.

11.21pm: Orpe clinging on for dear life
Orpe is having a ball! She's spun her 1500 chips back up to 16,000. Chip and a chair.

11.04pm: Aces versus Ace-King
It's always easy to get your ace-king in to a reraise when the stacks are right. It's not quite so easy on the constitution when your opponent then tables Aces leaving you with little chance to suck out. At least give them Kings, right? Andrew Peters had the bullets and Gary Fisher the big slick. Peters scooped the 64,000 pot.

10.51pm: Orpe clinging on for dear life
Michelle Orpe was down to the felt but a coupld of double ups later and she is sat on 5000 and has regained a little fold equity. She looks as surprised as we do!


'I've won again?!?'

10.44pm: The club singer revealed
Anyone fancy an over-under on how long it is until a freshly bad-beated player rugby tackles him off the stage?

_MG_1982_Neil Stoddart.jpg

What. Were. They. Thinking?

10.40pm: The new level is a wise time for Sheringham to go
Teddy Sheringham is one of our most recent casualties having bluff shoved the river of a A♠2♦3♥J♣A♥ board for 15,775. Big stack Julian Hasse made the call with A♦5♦. It's fair to say that although it was a good move that almost got through maybe he had been put on tilt by the sudden arrival of a northern club singer rattling out 'Are we human or are we dancers?' by The Killers across the casino [photo to come].


'You're not smiling, you're not smiling, you're not smiling anymooooore!' - that's what a football crowd may have sung when his bluff was caught

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT