UKIPT Manchester: Day 1b level 9 (blinds 400-800, ante 100)

ukiptthumb.JPG1.01am: Accidently maintaining stack
Mark Warnock's stack is around the 135,000 mark right now. It dropped a bit below this but he managed to get it back up after he got involved in a pot where he didn't really mean to. He meant to raise alright but to 1,600 and not the 5,600 he threw in the middle. Vicky Coren pointed out the mistake as she folded (eights she later said) but it was too late for Warnock now and things became more tricky as an opponent moved all-in from late position for 17,300.

Warnock said "I can't fold now can I?" And called with 6♠7♠.

His opponent opened A♠9♦ and the board ran 8♦6♥9♣T♠K♠ to make the straight for Warnock, busting his opponent in the meantime. We didn't catch the eliminated player's name as he rushed odd rather briskly.

On a separate note, Vicky Coren escaped another action flop that could've ended in her exit. Destiny anyone?

12.49am: Hunter becomes the hunted
Lewis Hunter raises to 2000 from the button and is called in the small blind before Sadan Turker drops the hammer putting him all-in for another 20,000. Hunter thinks for a short while and then shrugs before calling with J♦Q♦. Turker showed A♣5♦ and it was off to the races for a 40,000 pot. Turker hit his ace and it was enough to take the pot down. Hunter is out.

12.46am: YES! The singer has left the building
It's a slight respite for those players navigating a short stack through these tricky blinds - the club singer has sung his little heart out and has left the stage taking his cuban heels with him.

12.35am: Power poker
Mark Foggin is up to 125,000 after busting Sander Aalders. Foggin was already very deep and leading up to the showdown pot he was raising almost every hand he could open, using his stack to great effect to steal all available chips. This style of play helps to cultivate a certain image and eventually someone will play back and if you have a big hand you'll get a lot more value from it. Aalders was the first in this period to play back and Foggin got maximum value as he took the lot of Aalders' chips.

Aalders opened with a raise to 2,100 from under-the-gun before Foggin three-bet to 8,600 from mid-position. It was folded back around to Aalders who moved all-in for around 40,000 with 9♣9♦. Foggin called with A♦K♣ and hit on the J♠6♦7♦K♠6♣ board.

12.20am: News is filtering through of a monster pot
We haven't got the winner of this mammoth pot through yet but we do have the unlucky so-and-so that lost it. Richard King raised to 1,500 at the end of level 8 with pocket Kings with around 44,000 behind. The as of yet unknown protagonist then shipped it all-in for 60,000, which may be considered by some to be a 'slight' overbet, with ace-king. King dallied for a short while but inevitably made the call only to see an Ace drop to lose the 90,000 pot. Ouch is not the word.
[It turned out to be Neil Hughes]

12.05am: Colouring up and still the singer bleats on
There are high pressure situations and then there are high pressure situations with a club singer booming out Stevie Wonder and Tom Jones hits. The first can savoured while the second leave you with a jangling in the brain and an irritation in the back of your throat. Will someone please turn that microphone off?


Coren is on around 55,000 and is set for a smash up with Mark Warnock

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT