UKIPT Manchester: Day 2 end of play wrap

ukiptthumb.JPGThere were 122 players that came back today at 2pm, removed their chips and stacked them nicely in front of them. All through this process a two-stage plan will have been on a lot of the player's minds. The first stage was all about number 72. Why? That's the magic finishing place where the last two days of toil actually have a tangible result; a minimum of £800 to show for all the tough decisions, bad beats, nut hands and suck-outs. And when stage was out of the way attention could turn to stage two; accumulate enough chips to make it to the final table.


Mark Warnock will not be forgotten in a while

Chip leader coming into today was the ever effervescent Mark Warnock. He continued where he left off yesterday by splashing his chips around in a lot of pot resulting in a day with as many ups and downs as he had yesterday. Early on he lost a third of his stack running top pair into an opponent's over pair but that didn't alter his style and he duly sailed into the money with a stack near the upper steps of the chip ladder.

Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren had a tough starting table with Jeff Kimber and Arshad Hussain for company and she soon found life tough going when she was caught bluffing. It was back to the grind for Ms Coren to ensure she made the money, which she duly did and then doubled-up with pocket nines soon after to aid her attempt at a deep run.

As is normally the case at this stage of a poker tournament, the early flurry of exits was followed by play slowing as we approached the bubble. Hand-for-hand play was introduced with 73 players remaining and at this stage one of two things need to happen for a swift progress. Either two big hands had to clash with the shorter stack losing out or a short stacked player needed to find a monster with a large stacked opponent willing to take a shot. On the third hand of hand-for-hand play the latter occurred. The player with the short stack and monster hand (aces) was Jeff Kimber and the large stacked player willing to take a shot was Julian Hasser. The German held 4-5 and managed to find one of each on the flop to end it in harsh circumstances for the pro.


The unlucky bubble boy Jeff Kimber

With the pressure released for all the other players, stacks were being moved over the line with more regularity than Mark Warnock could string sentences together and if you were here you'd know that takes some doing. Along with all the bust outs we also saw the emergence of players who would maneuver themselves into position to make a really deep run.

Mark Warnock was a bit of a hobo today bouncing from table to table but soon found his way to Vicki Coren's table to continue the blossoming friendship they started to build on day 1b. They were even eliminated in places next to each other, Warnock finishing in 24th to Coren 25th place finish. Other players who lived up to their reputation but fell short were Arshad Hussain, Will Fry and Rupinder Bedi who fell in 28th, 42nd and 22nd place respectively. With some of the bigger personalities busted it was up to others to take over the mantle.


Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren

We already knew all about Richard Kellett, Julian Hasse and Christopher Brammer who continued using aggressive play to great effect, securing their place at the start of tomorrow's play. Dean Lyall was always hovering above average and moved up through the gears late on to secure himself 897,000 chips at the end of day for third position. The player who made the most headlines late on is Jack Ellwood. He won two huge pots to crack through the 1 million mark and end the day as chip leader on 1,282,000. Firstly he found aces on the button when Irina Liepina had kings in the big blind. The inevitable happened for a 600,000 pot. Shortly after he was involved in another 600,000 pot with Aaron Barry where his ace-queen came from behind to beat his opponent's ace-king. Oh yeah, we also mistakedly reported he was American for a short time. We don't know how it happened. The days have been long.


'Aces on the button, you say? That would be most desirable, thank you kindly'

The end of play for today came with the conclusion of level 20. 13 players will return at 2pm(GMT) tomorrow where we will play down to a ₤63,200 winner and the UKIPT Manchester title. Join us then to find out who comes out on top.

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