UKIPT Manchester: Day 2 intro

ukiptthumb.JPGIn an age of young aggressive, yet ultimately mute, online players breaking through into the live arena Mark Warnock comes as a refreshing change. To say the Liverpudlian is lively is an understatement. Seated with PokerStars Team Pro and fellow big stack Vicky Coren on his left Warnock was more than happy to get involved in conversations - whether other players wanted to or not - and pots large and small alike. He showed the bluff with 5♠3♠ on a 9♣T♣9♦Q♠ after Coren folded to his second bullet, yet seemed to force other players to bluff-shove flops with Ace-high which he could snap call. Will Warnock be able to whether the day with his 228,800 stack? Well, he's in good shape to but today's field is noticeably tougher with few players making it this far without really deserving it.


A spread of players with big stacks going into the bubble skirmishes include former world heads up champion Jeff Kimber, Ash Hussain (2nd at the 2006 EPT Grand Final for €492,000) and Rupiender Bedi who is currently on a heater having won last week the £300 deep stack at Dusk til Dawn for £28,800. And you have to respect the heater.

The bubble will burst when the 73rd player falls and with 122 runners coming back today it won't take many levels for those 'Who are playing for the win? Who are playing to cash?' discussions begin. The payout structure has been confirmed and play is set to start.

Mark Warnock - 228,800
Rupinder Bedi - 179,400
Julian Hasse - 153,800
Andrew Peters - 149,200
Victoria Coren - 132,700
Christopher Brammer - 126,900
Justin Adams - 120,500
Marc Foggin - 116,800
Aaron Barry - 114,600
Dean Lyall - 114,400

Prize pool: £259,000
Places paid: 72

1: £63,200
2: £37,500
3: £23,500
4: £15,100
5: £12,100
6: £9100
7: £6500
8: £4800
9: £3650
10-12: £2850
13-15: £2200
16-18: £1950
19-27: £1650
28-36: £1400
37-45: £1200
46-54: £1000
55-63: £900
64-72: £800

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT