UKIPT Manchester: Day 2 level 12 (blinds 1000/2000, ante 200)

ukiptthumb.JPGFirst level of the day is done

3pm: Kellet right back in contention
Richard Kellett had to really grind throughout the last few levels of yesterday after getting his aces cracked. Near the end he managed to double up twice with the pocket rockets to safely book his passage through to today. Now he may well have taken the chip lead after scooping a pot worth 190,000.

He opened from under-the-gun and then moved all-in after Allan Mclean three-bet from the big blind. Mclean called with 9♥9♣ but was dominated by Kellet's Q♥Q♠. The board ran 2♥5♠4♥3♥2♦. Mclean down to 52,000.

2.52pm: It's a walk off
Kyriacos Dionysius has had a throw down walk-off after getting it all-in with Paul McCann and losing a 165,000 pot. McCann raised to 5200 with A♣4♣ from the hijack and was called by Jonathan Alley on the button and Dionysius (7♦9♣)in the big blind. The flop hit both players with combo draws. McCann c-bet for 11,000 and was check-raised by Dionysius to 30,000. McCann tanked and then moved all-in for another 45,000 - just about covering Dionysius who made the call. McCann didn't look too unhappy about his 42% equity, especially when the 3♣ hit the river.

12.41pm: Will a leak turn in to a torrent?
The flop read J♣7♥4♣ and there was already around 35,000 in the middle when Nick Mazur moved all in from the big blind for 45,000. His opponent in the hand was chip leader Mark Warnock and after asking for a count he said "Go on then" and made the call.

Mazur: K♥K♦
Warnock: Q♦J♦

The board ran out A♥ and 9♥ to double Mazur up. Warnock down to 166,000 now.

12.31pm: Seat open here, seat open there
"Seat open" is being heard shouted out every minute or so from all corners of the card room as players fail to double up and bust out. Those who have fallen in the first level include:

• Andre Andrad
• Robert Fay
• Jonathan Greenfield
• Rhys Jones
• Paul McCann
• Jason Herbert
• Paul Butler
• Galimov Rustomovich
• Aaron Barry
• Aaron Christos
• Johnny Johansen
• Anwar Kanj

2.21pm: Squeezing cheese
Martin Cheese raises to 6000 from early position and is instantly shoved on by Rhys Jones for around 25,000. John Donnelly moved in behind him putting Cheese in a difficult spot with his pocket Jacks. Cheese folds his hand face up, leaving himself with 30,000, while the other two go to the races with 8♣8♠ and A♥A♣. The flop runs out J♠5♠4♥2♥K♦. Cheese tries to console himself that it was a good fold but it's obvious that he wishes he'd just chucked it in. Donnelly has around 100,000. Players are tumbling.

Shuffle up and deal
Players are in their seats and ready as the tournament director makes the famous announcement "Shuffle and deal". We have a lot of short stacks so we expect the early action to be frantic with a lot of bust-outs. We have 122 players returning and only 72 get paid so it's way too early to be thinking about hanging on for the money.

There are a few interesting table draws but one table stands out head and shoulders above the rest. On table 2, Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren has formidable opponent's in the shape of Jeff KImber and Arshad Hussain and Julian Hasse. Table of death anyone?


Can Mr Warnock hang on to the chip lead?

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT