UKIPT Manchester: Day 2 level 13 (blinds 1200/1400, ante 300)

ukiptthumb.JPG4pm: BREAK TIME! BREAK TIME!
The players are on a 15-minute break giving players time for a moment repose before the bubble dynamics truly kick in. Shorter stacks are in that horrible dilemma of wanting to double up, but not wanting to risk elimination.

3.53pm: Coren caught at it
Vicky Coren raises from the hijack to 6000 and is called by Julian Hasse in the big blind who leads the 7♠9♠A♥ flop for 7500. Coren swiftly raises to 25,000 and is called by Hasse. Both players check the A♣ turn and the river. Coren considers bluffing for a short while before showing the K♦. Hasse shows A♦4♠ and rakes in another 60,000 pot to add to his stack.

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3.21pm: No final table for Bulless
Trevor Bulless has failed in his attempt to make back to back UKIPT final tables. Bulless shoved for 24,000 under the gun with AK and ran into Cory Desmond's Kings. No ace on the flop, turn or river sent Bulless packing and Desmond up to 170,000.


Bulless is another of the early Day 2 fallers

Nothing you can do
Leon Campbell was last seen walking past the lovely Dena bemoaning but also being philosophical about the way he busted. "I got it in with a set of sixes and he made his straight on the turn."

His demeanor was that of a person who was sad to be out but happy to have got his chips in good. Always the sign of a good player when they're not result orientated.

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT