UKIPT Manchester: Day 2 level 14 (blinds 1500/3000, ante 300)

ukiptthumb.JPG5.05pm: 'YES' No mate, you're out
Roy Backhouse only had 16,600 chips and couldn't wait for the bubble to burst to make his move. They all went in from mid-position when folded around to him. Richard Lis then flat called from the button before Rupinder Bedi moved his big stack all in from the big blind. Lis insta-called all-in to leave a triple showdown:

Backhouse: A♦3♥
Lis: K♦K♥
Bedi: A♥Q♣

The board ran T♣7♥4♣7♣6♣.

Lis leapt out of his chair and yelled "YES". His table mates then informed him of the unfortunate news that Bedi had made a runner-runner flush to eliminate both himself and Backhouse. Bedi up to 240,000 as a result.

4.53pm: Otterhals meltdown
There are few people that have looked as pained as Audun Otterhals. He'd called an 8000 under the gun raise from Chris McCormack and then was put to a decision for all his chips when McCormack moved all-in on a K♣2♣4♣ flop. Otterhals passed J♣J♥ face up and looked a little distressed while glancing at the players left section of the tournament clock.

Michelle Orpe is out just a few places before the money after shoving blind from the button with 8♠3♣ and getting called by Cory Desmond with Ace-Queen.

4.48pm: Tournament Stotts here
Action folded around to Mark Stott in the cut-off who moved all-in for 34,300. Arkadiusz Liszewski was at in the big blind and snap-called with J♦J♣. Stott opened A♠3♥ and the board ran 4♦2♣Q♠Q♥8♣. This left him with just 1,400 chips.

These all went in the next hand enabling to triple-up. The newly acquired chips went in the next hand and it was Liszewski again who gave him a spin with A♦4♥. Stott tabled K♠7♣6♣5♦8♥ and Stott was finally eliminated.

4.38pm: Multi-way action on the table of death
Table 2 has Vicky Coren, Jeff Kimber, Julian Hasse and Arshad Hussain all battling for chips and all fairly deep. Hasse opened under the gun for 7200 which was called by Jonathan Alley and Hussain in early position, Coren in the cut-off and Paul McCann in the big blind. McCann and opening-raiser Hasse both checked the 3♥7♦2♦ in front of Alley who led for 15,000. Hussain called and bet 15,000 himself when Alley checked the K♠, who then check-shoved all-in scooping the 100,000 pot.

2.15pm: Cards back in the air
Players are back from their 15 minute break. This level will be crucial as we near the bubble.

Some more players who have failed to make it this far include:

• Ricky Smith
• Trevor Bulless
• Anthony Mackay
• Reyaaz Mulla
• Catherine O'Neal
• Kenneth Bowe
• Pawel Majewski
• Olabode Ayegun
• Tomas Burgers
• James Gray
• Hannibal Higgins


Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT