UKIPT Manchester: Day 2 level 15 (blinds 2000-4000, ante 400)

ukiptthumb.JPG6.40pm: Steak dinner?
55 players remain and they are all off on a one hour dinner break. There is a free buffet on offer for them but now they're all in the money they may prefer a steak dinner.

6.35pm: Dominated Davidson
Action folded around to Robert Davidson on the button who raised to 12,000 before Jenyue Chiang three-bet to 40,000. Davidson quickly moved all-in leaving it 36,900 to call. Mathematically is seemed an easy call but it was for a large part of his stack. He did make the call though with K♥Q♣ and it was a good call too as Davidson opened K♠8♠. The board ran T♣3♦4♠T♠J♦ to eliminate Davidson.

6.24pm: Big bad Brammer builds a big stack
There are two things that you should know about Chris Brammer; he likes to three-bet and he's unlikely to fold to a small four-bet. John Donnelly has just found this out the hard way four-bet raising to 26,000 from the cut-off after Brammer's 13,000 button three-bet. Brammer, getting 3 to 1, makes the call. Both players check the draw heavy Q♠J♦4♠ flop before Donnelly leads 17,000 on the 6♥ turn, which is called, and then shoves the 8♠ river for around 80,000. Brammer can't call quick enough showing the nuts with 9♠T♥ for the queen-high straight.

6.05pm: What is it with this kid and aces?
It's just getting silly now the amount of times Richard Kellett has been involved in a hand where either himself or his opponent has had aces. In this particular hand it was Kellett who aces.

There was a raise that Kellett called before Richard Horton moved all-in from the big blind. The original raiser folded but Kallet snap-called. His hand held up to send Kellett up to 305,000.

5.55pm: Barry McNamara and the mysterious case of the under the gun raise
Julian Hasse raises under the gun to 10,500 and the action folds to McNamara in the small blind who asks the dealer if there has been any action and then raises the big blind. A slight bit of confusion between dealer and player means McNamara is forced to make a min raise to 17,000. Hasse moves all-in and is called with the players showing A♠K♣ and Q♣Q♥ respectively. The board runs out 7♠4♠9♦A♥ before a miracle Q♦ hit's the river to keep McNamara in the game with around 150,000.

5.55pm: Coren survives the post bubble rush
PokerStars Team Pro Vicky Coren just survived an all-in with 9♠9♥ against Chris Brammer's A♠J♦ pushing her back up to a less anaemic looking 66,000.

5.41pm: Kimber's aces cracked to make him bubble boy
It took only three hands of hand-to-hand play to get us in to the money and the unfortunate player to bubble is pro Jeff Kimber. Table chip leader Julian Hasse opened before Kimber moved all-in for 32,000. It was 20,900 more for the German to call and he did. There was another all-in on a separate table but the pot was chopped with both players holding pocket queens.

Kimber tabled A♦A♠ to Hasse's 4♣[5h} and the board ran K♦5♦4♠8♣6♣. Two-pair good for the German to bust the unlucky Kimber.


Jeff Kimber(foreground) loses out to Julian Hasse(background)

5.30pm:We're at the bubble
The elimination of the unlucky Audun Otterhals in 74th place means we're on the bubble. Desmond got the last of his chips with ace-king but ran into the pocket rockets of one Cory Desmond. Desmond flying on 276,000.

5.20pm: The bubble approaches and causes possibly the worst fold of the tournament
The action folds to Darren Naylor who moves all-in from the button for 37,000. The small blind folds and the big blind, Craig Sayers, has a huge dwell up. He has somewhere approaching 90,000 and eventually folds A♠Q♥ face up to the muted astonisment of the table. Naylor flashes A♥T♥ for a lucky escape.

Also, Philip Conneller is out after shoving from the small blind for 55,000 with A♠7♠... only to run into aces. Bye bye, Mr Bluff editor. 3 left until the bubble.


Conneller ran into aces

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT