UKIPT Manchester: Day 2 level 16 (blinds 2500-5000, ante 500)

8.05pm: Pesonen the hatchet man
It turns out that Lauri Pesonen has been taking out some of the smaller stacks of table 4 and is up to 260,000. Both Tony Martin and Darren Naylor fell to him - in consecutive hands! It's the end of level 16.

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8.05pm: New table same Warnock
Mark Warnock's table recently broke and he was moved in to the seat to the left of Rupinder Bedi. He wasted no time in taking a big chunk of his neighbor's chips too. The turn was out and the board read 9♠J♦2♣8♦ and there a large pile of chips already in the middle. Warnock was first to act and led for 67,000. Bedi counted out the call, thought for a while and folded with a reluctant look upon his face.

Warnock up to 400,000 now with Bedi down to 298,000.

7.50pm: It's a massacre, a bloody massacre
Players are getting shot down every couple of hands since the dinner break. Realising the pay jumps aren't that large short and medium stacks have been willing to get it all-in with any pair, any ace and often less than that. The roll call of the glorious dead includes:

43: James Morgan - £1200
44: Tony Martin - £1200
45: Darren Naylor - £1200
46: Gerald David - £1000
47: Martin Cheese - £1000
48: Anthony Woolley - £1000
49: Will Romaine - £1000
50: David Hindson - £1000
51: Alexander Yakim - £1000
52: Theodoros Sawidis - £1000
53: Daniel Morgan - £1000
54: Jamie Chang - £1000
55: Nicolas Bowyer - £900

7.35pm: Big bad Brammer builds a big stack
We're back from the dinner break with 62 players left. The gentle pay jumps shouldn't cause too many issues beyond the hand itself until a few more players have been bumped with 72nd being paid £800 and 46th getting £1,000. Up to date chip counts have been collected by tournament staff during the break and will be spread before you like a banquet for you to devour at your leisure.


Chris Brammer is looking to go further than the 11th place he managed at the UKIPT Galway

Top 5 chip counts
Christopher Brammer - 480,500
Dean Lyall - 448,000
Richard Kellett - 321,000
Rupinder Bedi - 313,000
Julian Hasse - 284,500

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT