UKIPT Manchester: Day 2 level 17 (blinds 3000-6000, ante 500)

ukiptthumb.JPG9.42pm: OWSTEN SHOUT OUT!

Us bloggers are trying to cover as much action as possible and are trying to follow player requests where possible so... Dan Owston is on 165,000 and wants to send his thanks to all his supporters in Wales. He's just swiped 10 minutes of juice from my laptop for his iPhone so we're helping to keep you updated as much as possible!.

9.15pm: Monster 400,000 pot for Rupinder Bedi
A huge hand has just played out between Rupinder Bedi and Dean Lyall. Bedi called an under the gun 18,000 raise with T♠T♣ and was squeezed by Lyall from middle position for a 55,000 bet. The action eventually folded back round to Bedi who made the call after asking for a count ('About 400' was the answer). They had been a slight delay when Cory Desmond had gone long and deep into the tank before realising that the action was on him, which broke the tension for a short while at least.

Bedi check-called 61,000 on the K♣7♥4♣ flop and another 75,000 on the turn before both players checked down the 6♠ turn. Lyall turned over A♦Q♥ gifting the 400,000 pot to Bedi who looked more than a little relieved that his tens were good. 'I don't know what I would have done if he'd bet the river as well,' Bedi told us at the break. It would have been a very tough spot.

Bedi is chip leader with 750,000 and Brammer iusn't too far behind with 629,000.

9.15pm: 'Nice shove'
Cory Desmond kicked things off with a raise to 15,000 from under-the-gun. The next bit of action saw Lauri Pesonen three-bet to 41,500 from the small blind. Desmond then announced "All in" for another 133,500. Pesonen's face didn't flinch in typical Nordic style. He just thought about it and said "Yeah, I call."

He tabled J♥J♣ and was racing against Desmmond's K♣Q♣. The board came Q♥T♣A♣7♠8♠ to double Desmond up to 370,000. The Finn is down to less than 100,000 now. As the pot was being pushed the Brit's way Pesonen commented "Nice shove."

9.03pm: Gravitational forces taking effect
The gravitational effect of the growing stacks appears to be kicking in. Every time a table breaks its making big stacks fall into orbit with other 400k+ stacks. Warnock has appeared as a middle link between Chris Brammer and Julian Hasse (albeit with a couple of players including Coren sandwiched between them). Pesonen has squeezed in between Rupinded Bedi and Dean Llyall. Between the three of them they have in excess of a million chips.

Bedi is the first to draw blood as he fires at a low 3♦7♣5♣ flop forcing Pesonen to pass.

8.52pm: Coren's Queens pay off Hussain
Arshad Hussain hit a dream K♣4♥K♦ flop from the big blind with K♥5♥ after calling a raise from Vicky Coren in the hijack. The paired flop gave Coren enough doubt that her queens were beaten to get it in and Hussain claims the 90,000 pot.

8.45pm:'I played well. I can't grumble'
The PokerStars blog caught up with Will Fry at the payout desk which meant one thing: he's out in 42nd place for £1200.

He explained how he got it in good twice and lost both hands. The first hand saw him call an all-in shove with ace-queen. His opponent had king-jack and spiked a jack on the river. This left him with around 90,000 and soon after he raised with ace-jack and received a caller. The flop came jack high and his opponent check-raised all-in. Fry made a good call as his opponent had king-queen. Justice wasn't served though as the turn came a king to send Fry packing.

To sign off he said "I played well. I can't grumble."

8.30pm: Another three players take a dive
The initial floodgates appear to have been pushed but a steady stream of players are still being forced to cash out. The most recent runners to be blasted out of the tournament are:

40: Barry McNamara - £1200
41: Austin Quinn - £1200
42: Will Fry - £1200


Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT