UKIPT Manchester: Day 2 level 18 (blinds 4000-8000, ante 500)

ukiptthumb.JPG10.45pm: Colour-up
The players are on a break while the 500 denomination chips are coloured up and taken out of play.

10.40pm: Brammer's back
It didn't take long for Brammer to get those chips back. He raised from the button and was called by Mark Warnock in the big blind. Warnock then check-called every street as Brammer emptied the clip. The bets were 22,500, 44,000 and 100,000 and the board ended as 8♦3♠9♥2♣K♣.

Warnock opened A♣3♣ for fourth pair but he was way behind to Brammer's top two-pair. Warnock down to 260,000, Brammer up to 530,000.

10.25pm: Hill gaining momemtum
The successful bluff against Rupinder Bedi appears to have given Michael Hill a confidence boost as he's now up to some 650,000 and Chris Brammer is somewhat suspiciously down to 200,000 a couple of seats to his right. Chip leader swings have been going back and forth and with level 19 approaching the action isn't likely to slow any time soon.

10.25pm: Bedi bluffed
Michael Hill raised to 18,000 from under-the-gun and received four callers including the two blinds. All five players checked the 2♣A♣6♣ flop to take us to the 6♠ turn. It was checked to Rupinder Bedi who bet 56,000. All folded back around to the original aggressor Hill who quickly added another 100,000 to the bet. This sent Bedi into the tank and he came out three or four minutes later with a fold. Hill then tabled pocket fives and this caused Bedi to slam the table in frustration and walk away for a breather. He came back and congratulated his opponent for a good bet.

10.10pm: The hurricane runs out of wind
Ash Hussain was riding a what could have been a rush of a lifetime when he got it all-in (again) against Julian Hasse for a 200,000 pot, just a few hands after being down to 16,000. Hussain's 2♣2♦ lost out to Hasse's T♣A♠. It would have been a ridiculous comeback, quite frankly!

And for supporters of Dan Owston; your man just picked up another little pot by 3-betting from the small blind. The Welsh flag is still flying!


Ash Hussain: A man that can rip trees out by their roots and toss trailers across American parking lots

10.10pm: Hurricane Hussain
Ash Hussain was down to 2 big blinds two hands ago (16,000) and was forced to get it all-in with K7 against J2. Cue a double up to 30,000. The next hand he shoved with 4♣4♦ only to have Chris Hooper move in behind him with 8♦8♠. Chris Brammer made the call with K♥T♥ which was enough to win the sidepot on the 5♦4♥T♣5♣A♣ board. Hussain is up to 100,000 from near death in a matter of minutes.

10pm: Pesonen shove no good
Lauri Pesonen has just shoved 96,000 from the button with K7 but been caught by Marius Lietuvnikas' AJ. The Finn departs the table looking understandably dissappointed but takes home £1,400 for his troubles.

9.46: Players are back from break
34 players return for level 18. We need to loose 24 more players before we're done for the night.

Here's the last few players who busted:

36: Michael Janot - £1400
37: Milorad Bobrijevi - £1200
38: Mark Suddes - £1200
39: Conrad Schorma - £1200
40: Barry McManara - £1200
41: Austin Quinn - £1200


Chip leader Rupinder Bedi on 750,000

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT