UKIPT Manchester: Day 2 level 20 (blinds 6000-12000, ante 1000)

ukiptthumb.JPG1:20am: Day 2 is Ooooover
From the depths appeared a man (who wasn't American despite a colleague's erstwhile protests) who took his stack from a middling 300,000 to well over a million in the last couple of levels... but more about him in the wrap.
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Jack Ellwood is not American shocker
Slight confusion as the days and nights draw on - we stated that Ellwood is American. Of course, he's not, he simply looks like he should be in One Tree Hill.


Jack Ellwood: Very much British but has a future in American teen dramas if the poker thing doesn't work out

12.31am: Chiang hits the nuts and still loses
Jenyue Chiang has just been Brammered. Brammer opened the pot to 28,000 and was called by Chiang on the button with K♥J♥. Brammer bet 70,000 on the Q♣T♠8♠ flop, which Chiang called before both players checked the A♦ turn giving Chiang the nuts. Unfortunately for him a second Q on the river gave Brammer a full house and all the chips went in giving Brammer another 500,000 pot.

Dean Lyall shortly after knocked out Jonathan Alley whose pair of sixes couldn't catch up after Lyall flopped trip aces.

12.31am: Queens cracked
Tim Brown shoves all-in from the button for 100,000 and is called in the small blind by Chris Brammer. Fellow big stack Dean Lyall then moves all-in from the big blind causing Brammer to groan in disgust and fols. Lyall shows Q♠Q♥ and Brown shows Q♣T♥ and consequently rivers a straight. Of course. Must be nice.


Your queens are now good here, pal

12.15am: Action from the outset
It's back from the break and players are jostling for their final table positions already. Cory Desmond raises under the gun and feel forced to call Gurdev Mullen's 150,000 A♠K♦ shove. Desmond shows A♣9♦ and fails to suck out. A couple of double ups later and he's knocked out by Joeri Zandvliet with A♥8♣ pairing against his 5♣T♦.


Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT