UKIPT Manchester: Day 3 level 21 (blinds 6000-12000, ante 2000)

ukiptthumb.JPG4.20pm: Brammer time
He lost one he won one.

The first hand saw him see a J♥3♦8♣ flop with Michael Hill. Brammer led for 45,000 only to be raised up to 110,000. Hill called to see a 9♠ flop where he led out for 140,000 but folded to a Hill shove.

The next hand Brammer raised from under-the-gun and then called a three-bet from Dan Owston in the next seat. Both checked the 2♣4♣3♣ flop before Brammer took the pot down with a 57,000 bet on the 9♣ turn.

That's the end of level 21. Roll on level 22.

4.12pm: Chop it
Big stacks Lyall and Ellwood have had their first tangle with Lyall having the better of it. Ellwood opened from early position to 37,000 and Lyall made a small reraise to 55,000. Ellwood check-called 42,000 on the 7♥J♦A♣ flop before both players checked the 6♥. Ellwood leapt on the weakness shown by Lyall on the turn and led for 96,000. Unfortunately it seems that he read him wrong as his river raise made Ellwood snap fold. Lyall has position on Ellwood and Brammer, which neither player is likely to be keen on.

4pm: All-in on the first hand but no callers
As play resumed Dean Lyall opened with a raise to 27,000 and was called by Mike Hill and Tim Brown. Flop came 9♦7♥3♥ and when it was checked to Brown he moved all in for around 400,000 chips. A slight over-bet but it worked as both his opponents folded.


SEAT 1 - MIKE HILL (671,000)
47 from Stockport
Mike has been a professional bookmaker for 20 years who's been making poker pay since attacking live events seriously since 2008. Today's cash will burst him through the $100,000 live tourament winnings mark (he's currently on $98,000).

SEAT 2 - TIM BROWN (448,000)
45 from Burton Wood
Our second bookmaker of the final table, Tim Brown's biggest result before today was for £3,125 so is looking to make a big score today.

21 from Utrecht, Netherlands
College student Joeri is a keen poker player with several tournament results to his name in his native Netherlands.

SEAT 4 - JACK ELLWOOD (1,467,00)
24 from Newcastle
Online name: 'jackellwood'
Plays poker for a living and as this is only his third live tournament Jack looks like he has a bright future ahead of him. The chip leader's largest win to date was $10,000 online.

SEAT 5 - CHRIS BRAMMER (1,196,00)
21 Professional poker player - Winchester
Online name: 'nigdawg'
Chris Brammer's aggressive style has taken him deep in both UKIPT events (11th at the UKIPT Galway). He has a WSOP main event cash and win Gala poker tour as his main achievements.

SEAT 6 - DAN OWSTON (394,000)
31 from Cardiff
Online name: 'cardiffbiker'
Dan Owston is a satellite god, from a small bankroll he has qualified for EPT Dortmund, the PCA, APPT Korea and APPT Sydney - not too bad!

SEAT 7 - JULIAN HASSE (812,000)
20 from Berlin
Online name: 'nigdawg'
Been pro player for one year.
Qualified for the $215 event because he hadn't been to the UK before. Seemed like a good way to visit.

SEAT 8 - DEAN LYALL (693,00)
22 from Scotland
Online name: 'deanosupremo'
Lyall bought directly into for the event. Won the Scottish Poker Championship for £27,500 in August '08, which is his biggest live cash.

SEAT 9 - TONY MILLAN (831,000)
37 from Leeds
Tony Millan ia a live cash player and likes the occasional deep stack tournament. Tony owns an event management company and record label in Leeds.

Ryan Lavery eliminated in 10th place(£2,850)
Two hands saw the demise of Ryan Lavery. Firstly he doubled-up Dan Owston when his pocket queens couldn't stay ahead of his opponent's king-queen. That left him very short and when he shoved from second position he was looked up by chip leader Jack Ellwood.

Lavery: Q♠9♥
Ellwood: A♠T♣

The board ran J♥K♠4♠5♥7♦.

With that we have reached our final table of nine players. We'll be on a short break now while the final table is set-up. When we come back we'll have the new table draw and updated chip counts for you.

2.58pm: Three- and four-betting de rigeur
Hasse four-bet shoves on Hill and Ellwood asks a big question of Zandvliet. Action is getting juicy.

2.48pm: Lietuvnikas out in 11th (£2,850)
Marius Lietuvnikas has just been eliminated in the classic Ace-King to Queens race. Millan held the pair and the board ran out 9♥4♣5♥6♦3♦ for a 600,000 pot. Millan is up to around 800,000.

We're down to ten.

2.45pm: Richard Kellet eliminated in 12th place (£2850)
The short-stacked Richard Kellet open shoved with king-jack and was called by Christopher Brammer with Ace-Ten. Brammer flopped two aces and it looked to be over but Kellet picked up a flush draw on the turn. The river bricked though and the talented youngster leaves us in 12th spot.


12th spot for Richard Kellett

2.40pm:First bust-out of the day
The action folded around to Dean Lyall on the button who made a standard raise and was called by Jeffry van Norel in the big blind to see a 7♦J♣2♣ flop. The Dutchman check-called a 35,000 bet before check-rasing all-in on the 9♠ turn. Lyall snap-called with 7♥2♦ and was in good shape against his opponent's 9♦T♥. The river came 4♦ and we have our fist elimination of the day.


Jeffry van Norel: Unlucky for some

2.35pm: Brown doubles up
Tim Brown shoves from the button with A♣Q♣ and doubles through Dean Lyall A♦3♣. The board brings a natural Jack-high straight but Brown's Queen tops it for the 400,000 pot.

2.27pm: Chop it
Owston and Millan have just got it all-in both tabling with AK. A couple of clubs on the flop gave Owston a backdoor flush draw but the pot ended up split.

2.22pm: First all-in, first double-up
We had an all-in and a call on the first hand played on table 1. The pot opened with a raise from Joeir Zandvliet in the cut-off that was called by Ryan Lavery in the next seat and Tony Millan in the big blind. The flop came 4♥2♣3♦ and it was Lavery who bet when it was checked around to him. His 69,000 bet was met with an all-in push from Millan though for another 152,000. He made a quick call with A♣Q♠ and needed to hit as Millan tabled K♠4♣.

The turn came 4♠ and river Q♠ to send the pot Millan's way with trip fours. He's up to 560,000 now.

2.20pm: Playing down to the final table
Players have comeback refreshed and reinvigorated to play down from the last 13 to the final 9. A couple of the players have had a word with us; Tony Millan correcting his name from Mullen (apologies for that we were going on information supplied to us from the casino) and Tim Brown asking why his chip stack hadn't been update regulalry yesterday. A quick note on logistics from the bloggers, while we endeavour to keep things as fresh as possible there's always going to be lags as everything's manual here - we've all been spoilt by online poker's tournament lobbies!

The action has just kicked off. Blinds have been rolled back one level to allow for more play. So this level is frozen at 6,000/12,000(100 ante)

Table 1
Seat 1 - Marius Lietuvnikas 328,000
Seat 2 - Tony Millan 250,000
Seat 3 - Richard Kellet 218,000
Seat 4 - Dan Owston 214,000
Seat 5 - Jack Ellwood 1,282,000
Seat 6 - Joeir Zandvliet 939,000
Seat 7 - Ryan Lavery 525,000

Table 2
Seat 1 - Dean Lyall 897,00
Seat 2 - Michael Hill 664,000
Seat 3 - Jeffry van Norel 346,000
Seat 4 - Julian Hasse 664,000
Seat 5 - Tim Brown 220,000
Seat 6 - Chris Brammer 812,000


Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT